The Neva Masquerade Cat- You will fall in love with them!

Isn’t the name of the Neva Masquerade cat mysterious enough to instill thrill in anyone’s mind? It becomes even more delightful to get a sight of this snowy cat, every single feature of which is stunning. The Neva Masquerade is the closest relative of the Siberian cat and we would like to take you on board for a journey into the world of these beautiful cats.


The basic profile of the Neva Masquerade breed

Neva Masquerade cat

The cats belonging to this breed are a member of the Siberian cat family and their point coloration is the major differentiating factor. Another very interesting and unique thing to note about this breed is that this coloration changes over time. The kittens are usually born with a very light color coat which darkens as they grow.

Some of their common physical characteristics are:

  • Blue eyes that are round and protruding
  • Doubly thick coat
  • Body wrapping undercoat
  • Large and broadhead
  • Fuller body that appears round
  • Thick bones and muscles
  • Strong athletic built
  • Darker shades on the feet, legs, ears, and mask
  • A lot of shedding
  • Hypoallergenic breed
  • An average life span of 15-20 years

A short historical intro of the breed

The naming of the Neva Masquerade Siberian cat was done after the Neva River which flows through North-West Russia along with the term masquerade being attached to it that refers to their mask-like faces. Russia was the first place to have recorded the existence of this breed that was a unique sub-breed of the Siberian cat group. It became an extremely popular domestic cat in Russia in no time due to their superior rodent hunting capabilities and is their national cat today.

It was only after 1987 that this breed was recognized by different registries and it also grew popular in Europe thereby. The Siberian cat was granted recognition as late as 1992 by the World Cat Federation and then by FIFe in 1997.

The uniqueness of the point coloration

The coloration in the Neva Masquerade cat is the result of a genetic mutation that stops the production of melanin in these cats. Also, there are points on their body that display a darker color and it is due to the cooler temperature of that particular body portion.

You can even find a huge range of colors in these cats and here is the list:

  • Seal-point: Darker base and darker points
  • Blue-point: Diluted seal coloration
  • Torti-point: Black and red points
  • Red-point: Orange points
  • Cream-point: Light base and diluted red points
  • Chocolate-point: Light brown base and darker brown points
  • Cinnamon-point: Red base visible only under the points
  • Fawn-point: Dilute version of cinnamon coloration
  • Lilac-point: Diluted chocolate coloration
  • Lynx-point: Stripy points like the tabbies

It is also said that the pointed color Neva Masquerade cat was bred with planning and the breeds like Himalayan, Siamese, and Balinese were introduced for that. These cats also thereby share litters with the Siberian cats due to the common presence of the CP gene.

Personality traits of the Neva Masquerade cats

Since this is a specific breed of the Siberian cats, you can expect to see some common behavioral aspects in them. Here is what makes them amazing:

  • Their most unique trait is the possession of an exceptional library that contains different types of chirps, purrs, chortles, and twirls.
  • They keep mumbling all over the day but in a soft voice. These cats are very vocal.
  • These cats love to have fun and very active adventure enthusiasts.
  • This is a breed of cats with high intelligence, independence, and attitude. They are very open about their choices too.
  • Neva Masquerade Siberian cats love both attention and interaction which makes them a great household pet.
  • They exhibit a very energetic and passionate attitude towards any company like children, dogs, and other cats, etc.
  • They have good hunting skills and turn out to be very active during prey search.
  • These cats are quick learners and have a fun time learning different tricks and taking runs.
  • They love water and swimming is one of their favorite activities.
  • They also want their personal space in which they can enjoy different activities like climbing, jumping, wandering around, etc.
  • Outdoors is their most favorite place to be due to their adventurous nature.

Health issue with the breed

These cats usually remain healthy through their lives due to race purity unless they got any disease from their parent breed. Some of the diseases that can occur in the Neva Masquerade cat are:

  • Obesity
  • Hip dysplasia
  • Heart diseases like Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy
  • Polycystic kidney diseases

Taking care of the Neva Masquerade cats

Neva Masquerade cat

The active personality of these cats speaks volumes about their natural strength and good health. However, they may get prone to adversities if not given the basic care that is anyway the right of every kitten. Here are some things you need to take care of when it comes to the Neva Masquerade Siberian cats.


The fur of these cats is their TRP and you must focus on its maintenance primarily. The thick and triple layer coat may get prone to matting, excessive shedding, or dead hair. They might also swallow the fur during self-grooming that can lead to hairball situations.

You must groom these cats as per a fixed schedule. Use special brushes and brush the coat frequently to avoid tangles and dead hair. Clean their eyes with wet gauze too.


The Neva Masquerade cat needs an animal protein-rich diet and high-quality cat food. Balanced meals are not meant for them as they are allergic to it. They must be given constant access to clean water and their feeder. Also, give them digestion boosters like cat grass or malt paste for promoting natural hair discharge from the abdomen.


These cats are highly active ones and you must dedicate time for play sessions with them. You can have fun training them with a lot of interactive toys like stuffed animals, balls, rope, etc. Take them for walks outdoors to let them play and run freely.

Medical help

Their special genes imparted them generally good health but they might still get some minor diseases like cold, etc. or major genetic ones. In any case, take them to the vet immediately and interfere least from your end.


We are sure that all this info about the Neva Masquerade cat has convinced you enough into bringing one for yourself super soon. Make sure to check for the health status for both the cat and its genetic parents. Although you might have to slash your pockets a bit more to get the Neva Masquerade Siberian cat, it would surely be worthy.

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