Tips for Leaving The Cat Home While Away

Sometimes going away can be more full of stress than fun. This is even more true when going away means that we have to leave our cat home alone. A small percentage of cats that are super adventurous might enjoy a few days away but your average cat will be happier staying home in its usual environment. Each cat is different, but here are a few tips for leaving the cat home while away.


First, Ask Yourself: Should You Be Leaving Your Cat Home Alone?

Cats are capable of taking care of themselves for the most part but you still shouldn’t leave them alone for more than a day or 2. If you will be gone longer than that, someone should visit your cats every day or stay overnight with them. Our cats have gotten used to seeing us more often since we’ve been spending more time at home during COVID. Covid has affected the pet industry in many ways. 

leaving the cat home while away

Make Sure Your Home Is Clean Before Leaving

Even when going out for just one day, your home is your safe space for your cat and must be tidy. Make sure that shopping bags and loose items are put away and unplug anything that you used. All windows should be safely shut and don’t leave any human food out. If your home is safe, your cat should be safe roaming the house while you are gone.

Put Out Extra Food And Water

Put out dry food for each day you will be gone. It can’t hurt to leave out more than enough food! You should also keep food away from the cat’s water so that no water can get in the dry food and get it all wet. Separating the cat’s food into two separate spots is another way to ensure that at least some food is edible if something happens to one. You can also try getting an automatic feeder if you are worried your cat will eat too much. Another really great item you can purchase is a water fountain for your cat. This is an especially great idea for when you are gone but it also encourages your cat to drink extra water every day.

Cat’s Need Stimulation

Having a few cats is an awesome way to offer your cats entertainment when you’re gone. Many people have been adopting more pets and pet adoptions have increased during COVID. Even if you have multiple cats, your cats should also have their cat furniture accessible when you’re not there. Do your cats like to watch the birds? Leave some blinds open when possible. Also,make sure to leave out toys but only if they are safe and don’t require supervision. 

Check In On Your Cat With A Pet Camera

All pet moms worry about their pets when they’re away. Adding a pet camera to your home is a simple way to check in on your pet so you don’t worry so much while away. Place the camera somewhere that you can see the food and water so you can make sure they don’t run out.

Make Sure Internal Doors Can’t Shut

Internal doors should be kept from closing if your cat will be able to access multiple rooms. Adding a simple doorstop is a quick way to keep doors from shutting. You won’t have to worry about your cats locking themselves in another room where their water, litter box, or food is not available. It’s always smart to take precautions and be prepared even if this has never happened.

Clean The Litter Box

This one should be obvious, but the cat’s litter box should be cleaned any time you are going away. Otherwise, you may come home to some accidents and an unhappy cat. If this is your first cat, check out everything you need to know about the cat litter box.

Have Extra House Keys Available

When you go away, you should make sure someone trustworthy can get in your house if ever needed. You don’t have to have someone check up on your cat when you’re only away for a day or two. It is still a great idea to give someone close by a spare key in case of an emergency though. If you’re not sure who will be around, leave a key hidden somewhere outside your house. Just make sure to have people in mind beforehand that you can count on if needed.

With These Tips, You Should Feel Good Leaving Your Cat Home While Away

All cat parents hate leaving their cats home by themselves but sometimes it has to be done. Letting your cats stay home where they are the most comfortable is the best thing to do for your cat. Follow these tips for leaving the cat home while away to feel confident that your cat is safe.

Luna Tran

My name is Luna and I am a great cat lover and a cat owner of three lovely cats. I have owned many cats till now and have dedicated many years to nurturing and caring cats. Through this blog, I am here to share my knowledge and experience about cats.