How Much Should I Feed My Cat?

As humans' closest companions, cats depend on us for their survival and protection. As such, we need to take care of them and ensure they have comfortable lives. You need to know when your cat is hungry, ill, or distressed and take the necessary action. Most importantly, you need to know when and how much food you should feed your cat.


What is the appropriate amount of food for a cat

The appropriate amount of food you need to feed your cat depends on a host of various factors, including the size, age, metabolic rate, environment, and fitness level of your cat. Additionally, the type, amount of calories, and the number of nutrients in your cat's food also contribute to a cat's health. It is vital that you pay attention to feeding your cat to avoid becoming overweight or underweight.

A healthy cat requires about 25-30 calories per pound to get the necessary energy they require. Hence a normal cat weighing 8-10 pounds requires on average about 250-300 calories a day to maintain a healthy and energetic body.

The most essential vitamins for a cat include proteins, calcium, vitamins, arginine, and taurine. If you are doubtful about the amount of food or nutrients your cat needs, a veterinary can provide an assessment and a recommendation. Unlike ancient cats that were more active, modern cats are relatively inactive, which predisposes them to numerous health conditions such as obesity, metabolic syndrome, and urinary tract issues if their diet is not adequately regulated.

Remember, cats are naturally carnivores which means they need to eat meat to survive due to their evolution. Thus, every cat owner must provide meat and animal meals that contain essential nutrients like taurine for their cats. Similarly, vegetable intake for cats should be reduced as it might lead to digestive and heart diseases that could cause death.

Additionally, cat food needs to be balanced to ensure most required nutrients are available. Your local grocery store, veterinary shop, pet store, or even online pet stores have good information on what foods could suit your cat. In addition to vegan foods, avoid giving cats milk as they do not possess the right mechanisms to break down lactose.

The difference between wet and dry food

Most domestic cats don’t like drinking water, thus, it is necessary to often provide them with wet foods to ensure they are sufficiently hydrated. Dry foods are acceptable for kitties, but they leave them thirsty, so they must be quenched. Canned foods are often wet, making them an excellent choice for cat food since they fulfil the thirst-quenching requirement but are more expensive.

On the other hand, dry food is cheaper but requires you to keep track of the cat's hydration requirements. However, even if you treat your furry friends with healthy canned or cat wet food, experts call for availing clean water to cats so that they can satisfy their thirst anytime they need to. Flavouring water with catnip can help make cats drink water.

When should you feed your cat

It would be best if you fed your cat preferably in the morning hours and the evening. However, due to the varied energy requirements of cats, you might need to feed it more on days when it is too cold or when it is too active. Watch out for signs of hunger such as crying, signalling for the food bowl, or trying to eat your food. A contented cat will happily play with you and allow you to pet it without any qualms.

How often should you feed your cat

Feeding cats thrice a day has become the norm as more people fancy cherish their furry pets. Typically, cats should be fed twice or even once a day, provided that they are given all the calories and nutrients they need for the entire day. Excess feeding might bring in digestive problems, obesity, and other related issues. It is essential to create a routine and a menu that ensures you remember to feed your cat the correct amount of food it needs daily.

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Cats depend upon us for nourishment and protection, and in turn, they console us and give us company. A healthy diet is important for your cat to be energetic and avoid health issues resulting from an inappropriate diet. A healthy diet makes your relationship with your cat much more enjoyable.

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