Is Castor Oil For Cats The Right Choice?

Castor oil for cats may not seem that great an idea but it’s not like it cannot be a possible beneficial thing for the feline at all. Castor oil and cats don’t go together smoothly and there are a lot of things you will need to be careful about while giving this oil to your cat. Read on to know that ‘is castor oil safe for cats’.


The goodness of castor oil

castor oil for cats

The name of castor oil echoes loud in the health world for the vast health benefits it has for humans. It is known to be good for:

  • Medicinal use
  • Cosmetic treatment
  • Kitchen uses
  • Many other miscellaneous purposes

Even if the idea of using castor oil for pets seems weird, it is one that is possible. If you ask us that ‘is castor oil safe for cats’, then we would say yes, only when it is used in a highly regulated manner, both for external as well as internal use.

It can have laxative benefits for digestive issues in cats but can prove very harmful if used wrongly. We are going to help you with that by telling you all the possible ways in which you can use castor oil for your pet cat and how to go about it rightly.

Treating cat constipation with castor oil

The most common use of castor oil for cats is known to be made for the treatment of constipation. This is probably the only condition for which the oil is allowed for internal use in felines. Constipation in the cats can be a really unsettling issue and you must treat it with castor oil only after proper diagnosis and recommendation by the vet.

If you see that the cat is roaming around the litter box more than usual then you must get the cat checked for constipation. You may also see these symptoms:

  • Abdominal discomfort
  • Straining
  • Lethargic behavior
  • Appetite loss
  • Vomiting
  • Irregular stool movement
  • Mucus or blood in the stool

Constipation has to be caused by hairball, dehydration, and other similar factors to become valid for the castor oil treatment. Take the cat to the vet surely if constipation continues for days.

For constipation, castor oil for cats acts as a stimulant laxative that is a common drug remedy for the issue. Let us tell you the method of going about the castor oil remedy for cats. Gather these items:

  • Castor oil (in the quantity prescribed by the vet)
  • Wet cat food, one can
  • A food dish
  • Water in a large bowl

Take the food dish and put the castor oil in it. Strictly take the prescribed quantity of the oil. Now take the wet food box and add half of it to the castor oil dish.

Mix both the ingredients with a fork well. Give this mixture to your cat along with the water bowl. Make sure that the cat finishes the entire dish.

Note: You can also try using olive oil in place of castor oil in this remedy.

If your cat is much prone to constipation, here are some tips you can try to control it.

  • Ask your vet for any preventive cure.
  • Keep the trash cans clean and fresh so that the cat doesn’t have to step into unhygienic conditions that they are not aware of.
  • Keep the cat well-groomed to avoid any hairball situation.
  • Always keep a freshwater supply ready for the cat. Adequate moisture improves the cat’s health.
  • Use wet cat food instead of dry as the moisture helps easy ingestion and digestion of the food. It also improves the stool movement.
  • Give a fiber-rich diet to the cat as it has the same benefits for them as for us. Butternut squash and pumpkins are great for cats.

General recommendation: Don’t do the castor oil constipation treatment just like that!

We mean that don’t take the matter in your hands when it comes to using this oil for curing cat constipation. The relationship between castor oil and cats isn’t very amiable and you must try to go with the alternatives first always. Castor oil isn’t a natural cure for felines at all and they would not prefer consuming it by themselves ever.

Treating skin issues in cats with castor oil

Just like it helps humans with several skin issues, castor oil has also been suggested as a good natural treatment for some of the skin issues in pets, both dogs and felines. If you fear the side effects of medication taking a toll on your pet, then this might be the treatment you would like to trust upon. However, if don’t wrongly, it can prove harmful too; so follow caution!

One of the allowed and safe uses of castor oil for cats is the treatment of minor wounds. You can take a few drops of castor oil and dab it on the cut or wound on the cat’s skin with the help of a cotton swab. This oil will cast its anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial effects on the wound and help fast recovery.

In case the cat licks the treated wound, there is not much to worry but you may see loose stool passage if your cat has a sensitive stomach. In that case, we suggest you use other natural oils like olive oil and coconut oil that might be slow in effect but are completely free of side-effects.

Common rough patches or puncture wounds on the skin of cats can also be treated effectively with castor oil. You may want to consult the vet before doing this but in the hindsight, it is relatively safer to go with. Make sure to take very little quantity of the oil and not pouring the amounts.

Regular massage of oil over the wound can help to remove all the infections. If its mucus wound, then also push out all the liquid out of the wound by gently pressing around the infected area. Also, if the wound seems severe, leave it to the hands of a clinical expert.

The super high viscosity of the oil allows it to penetrate deep into the pet’s skin and cure the dry patches effectively. This also cleans the skin of all the bacteria and toxins so that there is no chance of re-infection.

So here are the benefits in castor oil and cats relationship when applied rightly and cautiously:

  • Treats skin issues like fungal infections and dry patches
  • Treat skin allergies to cure irritation
  • Give anti-inflammatory benefits
  • Boost circulation

A big no to castor plant!

Anything with the term ‘castor’ in it can’t work for the felines or other pets and this is why we caution you against using the castor plant for any feline issue. This plant is highly toxic to the furry pets and can even prove fatal in some cases of high ingestion. A compound called Ricin is present in this plant and that is majorly responsible for the lethal effects of this plant on the pets.


Now you must be aware that castor oil for cats must only be given with full caution and proper recommendation by the vet. Don’t think of giving this oil to the pet according to your wisdom unless you are an expert. Go for the alternatives first or take help from expert tips.

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