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Taking A Look At The Katzenkratzbaum And Its Successful Test

Do you know about Katzenkratzbaum? Something as simple as sitting on the sofa in the afternoon sun as its rays cascade in through the window and highlight all the best parts of the living room, steaming hot cup of tea in your hands, feet wrapped in a cozy throw, and your kitten is in its world playing, jumping and enjoying life with its ‘obstacle course’ equipment.

Life could not be more serene and if our pets had any inclination of how busy it can all get, they might not be as carefree as they are, hence all the power to them. It looks like they have everything they need, and if you think about it they do, but adding to their lives in any way that you can for the better is always a plus in my book.

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Why Cats Love Heated Sleeping Spots And Beds

Do you know why cats love heated sleeping spots and beds? A kitty is not fond of the fresh, cold temperatures instead seeking out sunspots or areas that are heated. Not only do they seek out warmer places for napping, but your cat is going to be in the mood for more attention from you. Cuddling and affection is your furry feline’s way of staying comfortable in the winter months.

Noting cats descend from ancient desert animals, a significant effort for a domestic breed to thrive in anything but a climate that is on the toasty side needs extending. They boast a body temperature of over 100 degrees Fahrenheit (ca. 38 °C), meaning that these temperature-sensitive creatures who inhabit colder regions need to find ways to compensate to keep themselves from being cold. Some species tout fluffy, thick coats, but for the most part, kitties rely on heating sources, including their owners, to keep up to temperature. Follow this to learn how to make your cat cozy at home.

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10 Health Tips To Make Your Pet Happy

Parenting a pet is a full time job! Pets, be it feathered, furry or scaled are the most important part of any pet parent's life. Being a pet parent is ensuring to do what is best for your pets. You need to know some health tips to make your pet happy. Pets at any age group, be it senior or junior pets, require a great amount of care for them to live a healthy and happy life.

From proper nutrition and preventative medications to pet grooming and mental stimulation there is a lot that is required to ensure that the pet is leading a healthy life. 

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Top 8 Big Cat Tree House Reviews of 2020

We believe that every cat deserves not just a home, but a home for itself within a warm, caring home. In that respect, we strive to find you the very best home for your cat in the form of a tree, a condo, or a house. That's why we are talking about the big cat tree house.

No matter how many cats you have, it’s impossible to resist the urge to spoil them rotten and cater to their absolute every need, isn’t it? So even if you only have one cat or a house-full, here are the biggest and absolutely most luxurious cat tree houses under the sun because after all – every cat deserves a castle!

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4 Things You’re Probably Doing That Veterinarians Wouldn’t

Caring for a pet is not easy - everyone knows that it's almost as caring for a child. Even if you love your pet more than anything, you can make mistakes. There are some things you're probably doing that veterinarians wouldn't, and that's okay. After all, you're not a vet that spend several years in school learning the dos and don'ts of taking care of an animal. The important part is to recognize that you are making a mistake and fix it.

To make it a little easier for you, here are some of the things that you might be doing wrong.

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Help On Male And Female Cats Living Together

Do you own two cats who do not get along very well? How to help on male and female cats living together? If so, there can be various reasons why they fight with each other. In order to help them in living together in harmony, you have to look at why it is happening before solving the problem. Here, you will know about some reasons why your cats do not get along with one another and will also provide some solutions to help them living together. So, let’s begin without further ado!

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10 Tips On How To Stop Cat Litter Tracking

Do you experience cat litters all over your home? Have you been thinking of the best way on how to stop cat litter tracking everywhere in your home?

If this is you, then you're not alone. In this complete guide, we'll show you how to stop your cat from kicking litters everywhere. You'll discover different cat litter tracking hacks that will stop litters all over your homes. With that in mind, let’s dive right into it.

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Best Litter For Cats With Asthma of 2020 – Why Is It Really Important For Your Cat?

Many people might not know this fact that cats also suffer from chronic diseases such as asthma, just like us. This disease causes a chronic inflammation in the air passage of cats’ lungs. During an asthma attack, this passage contracts to an extent making it difficult to breathe in a cat. The condition can worsen over a period of time.

I know all this because my cat Shirley has asthma. I found about her illness recently when I took her to a vet for a regular checkup. I told him that Shirley is coughing hard from a while and then, he diagnosed her with asthma after a complete evaluation. I could not believe this my three-year kid is suffering from such a chronic disease. Then, I researched thoroughly for Do’s and Don’ts for asthmatic cats. Here, I am writing this blog to tell you all about the best litter for cats with asthma.

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Best Litter For Declawed Cats of 2020 – 7 Things To Consider

Are you looking for a litter for your declawed cats? If so, read further below to know about the best litter for declawed cats. Most of the times, declawing is not a personal choice of cat owners but an utmost necessity for them. Cats who are suffering from cancers have to undergo this surgery in order to lessen the threat to their limbs or lives. In certain orthopedic injuries where a foot of the cat cannot be repaired by any means, then amputation is the only option for doctors.

Due to declawing, cats have to face many problems and some people renounce their declawed cats. I am saying this because my friend has found an abandoned declawed cat a while ago. He found this cat, Toasty in a parking lot all alone and could not find the owner anywhere after searching for a while. Since then, Toasty is with him and they both are living happily together. He faced some problems in the beginning but it is so much easier now. He has thoroughly searched for things what might be the best one for Toasty and choosing a right litter is one out of them. I am writing this blog to tell you all about the best litter for declawed cats through my friend’s experience.

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