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Ten best chew toys for cats- Benefits of cat chew toys

There is no one reason for getting chew toys for cats because there are multiple important ways that chew toys prove to be helpful to both the adult cats as well as kittens. As their name itself suggests, these toys are meant to help with the well being of your cat when it comes to multiple oral issues and other stimulation needs. You will understand more about the benefits of these toys as we are going to list the best cat chew toys that you can consider buying for the purpose.

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Why does a cat open mouth? – Understanding a cat with mouth open

Many times, you must have wondered that why does your cat open mouth at weird times. The opened mouth is accompanied by strange facial expressions including a wrinkled nose and back curled lips. As adorable as the cat’s face might look, you would be intrigued to know that there exist many scientific reasons behind your cat making that face, and it not a usual thing that they do despite being natural.

A cat with mouth open can only be seen when it’s drinking, eating, or making any sound. However, for all the other times that they open their mouth, there can be more than one reason for it. It is to make you aware of all of them that we write this article where we would be telling you all the causes and what to do in those cases.

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Why are Siamese cats so vocal? – Excessive vocalization in Siamese cats explained

If you think that why are Siamese cats so vocal, it’s because extreme vocalization is a part of their natural behavior itself. They are high maintenance cats who demand a lot of attention and when they don’t get their demands fulfilled, they start meowing to the extreme. You will understand all about the excessive Siamese cats meowing as you will continue to read.

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What does a nose boop mean when exchanged between cats and humans?

Just like communication is the key between humans, it is also very important between pets and humans. So what if the pets can’t talk to you, they use other different methods to communicate and the nose boop is one of them. You might have observed your cat boop her nose anywhere, mostly face, leading you to think what it means anyway.

This is because cross-species communication is not that easy and there is always room for confusion. However, if you want to understand your feline friend better, you might want to know more about why cats boop your nose and we are going to help you with that.

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The sounds only cats can hear- Relation of cats with different sounds

The secret behind all the sounds only cats can hear lies in their super-sensitive hearing capacity that is remarkably interesting to know about. The cats can hear a wider variety of sounds than any other mammal and this also includes their preferred and hated sounds. We will be exploring all about the relation between different sounds and cats below as you continue to read.

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Know how to keep cats off the counters with these top methods!

The thought of how to keep cats off the counters must have crossed your mind many times upon seeing your cat jumping over literally every high point of your house and ending up damaging stuff. However natural this jumping flex might be for the cats, it’s a bad behavior and should be discouraged. Love for exploration and anatomical support allows the cat to jump and they utilize it fully.

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Why do cats lay in the sun? – All about cat sunbathing.

Out of all the mysteriously funny things that cats do to leave you all perplexed, the thought of why do cats lay in the sun might have also bugged you many times. As unnatural it may seem from the surface as the scorching sun is generally avoided by everyone, even the animals, there are certain reasons behind it. It is to reveal those reasons to you that we are here with some interesting information on why do cats like the sun.

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Why do cats sigh? – Understanding cat sighing and sounds

Out all of the noises and sounds that they can make, why do cats sigh? If that is a major question that pops up in your head time and again every time your cat looks at you and sighs, then you should just calm down. We know that you love your cat too much and are observant of everything it does, but believe it too, cat sighing is just as normal as all other positive vibes these felines can give.

For some, a cat sigh can be a very strange sound as it is usually held to be a very humanly sign. Well, there can be many meanings to look for whenever you think that why does my cat sigh.

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