Why Does Cat Poop Smell So Bad? The Apt Ways To Deal With Bad Odor From Your Cat

Is your cat exhibiting the worst imaginable odor? This may be a pretty surprising behavior for the cat owners as they may be used to a more finicky nature coming from their furry friends.

In my own case, this death-like odor used to emanate from my cat Oliver, who had exhibited a very grave odor around the house, which was later diagnosed and found out as a dietary cause. There are, in fact, ample reasons for why does cat poop smell so bad, which we are going to find reasons for and solve in the segments below.


Why Does Cat Poop Smell So Bad?

1. Diet

Why does cat poop smell so bad?

As people often show a discrepancy in their kitty’s diet, it is difficult sometimes to determine what food component is the offending cause. At times, an elimination of an element by avoiding a single ingredient for a while could assist you in narrowing down your cause. Several cats are inclined toward hunting and their prey, like rodents, small reptiles, bugs, etc. can cause foul stools.

Astonishingly, vitamin supplements are also liable for producing smelly poop. There are exceedingly few rationales for using mineral and vitamin supplementation for cats and present cat foods are balanced already. Hence, cat parents are possibly causing more predicaments by providing their cat with supplements. Also, it is recommended to consult a vet before doing so.

2. Bacteria            3. Parasites

Why does cat poop smell so bad.

Infectious enteritis could let bacteria like Salmonella or E.coli to setup house in your cat. These organisms, along with some viruses, can affect inflammation and cause gas and diarrhea, which can be extremely foul smelling.

Some cat-particular intestinal parasites cause gas and diarrhea. Specifically, the Giardia parasite can generate foul smelling, chronic poop with or without the presence of diarrhea.

Also, Trichomonas and Coccidia are parasites, which can result in diarrhea, odor, and intestinal inflammation.

4. Digestive disorders

Some conditions like mal-absorption and mal-digestion often give rise to rancid smelling poop. This can be related to unabsorbed and undigested starch and fat.

5. Hormonal changes and drugs

In some occasions, the hormonal level alterations and the drugs made use of, for pain management and anesthesia can disturb the chemical equilibrium of your cat’s body, which can lead to the much reeking odor of poop and pee around your home.

6. Anal Sac Infection

Why does cat poop smell so bad?

The last region to check in your cat’s body when you deem that your cat’s excretes smells terrible is a probable anal sac infection. Even though this is more commonly occurring in older kitties, this issue is at times it is seen among the small ones as well.

This can be simply treated by means of a consultation to the vet’s office. On the vet’s table the infection can be drawn out from the cat’s anal sacs and he or she can be prescribes the requisite antibiotics. By way of a little love and care, diet upgrading, and additional to-do from the vet, your furry stinker friend can recover and be its usual self around your house.

In cats, foul poop odors are frequently related to the introduction of new foods or through parasite inflammation. On the whole, any poop irregularity in a grown cat, if not obviously attributable to dietary problems, is likely to be associated directly with its gastrointestinal tract and is often the consequence of an infectious, inflammatory disease or even cancer. A veterinarian can aid you in finding the grounds so that proper treatments can be undertaken. This is a very helpful video, for your reference in this case.

The Smelly Cat Poop Solutions

  • 1) Proper Diet maintenance
  • 2) Making use of Probiotics
  • 3) Food Additives in cat’s water

When you start detecting a reeking cat poop odor around your home, you can look into your cat’s specific diet changes and feeding routines. On the outset, we can recommend you to call the vet and make a special consultation.

He or she may have a quantity of insight on the cat’s health or may give some digestive supplements, which can otherwise help in getting out the bacteria inside the body, and in minimizing the odor. Other than this, you may have to give way to a different type of food brand, or maybe a diet with limited ingredients. This may just help in calming down its grumpy guts. You should read more the best cat food for smelly poop here for further knowledge.

Top 3 Best Cat Food for Smelly Poop

Below, you'll find the comparison table of top 3 best cat food for smelly poop which gives you the best choice for your cats easily and quickly:

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How To Get Rid Of Cat Feces Odor?

1) The litter box

A litter box can be the major cause of cat stench around the home and hence it is dire to turn your consideration here first. You must tend to the daily scooping of the litter boxes and get such litter waste away from home. You can look around for apt litter products suitable for your cat’s needs.

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Also, make use of unscented litter products, which would mask the smell of your cat’s poop or pee. A lot of cats dislike scented litters and can select a different area for bathroom uses, which will unquestionably make the house, stink. You can sprinkle some baking soda on the floor of the litter box. A lot of people have vouched for this method to minimize the unwanted odors.

Experts recommend that it is direly important to change the litter regularly, at least a few times in a month, and scrub down the litter box with water and mild soap. In addition, do not forget replacing the boxes from the top to bottom manually. Regardless of the washing thoroughness, with time, plastic litter boxes can catch bacteria and emit a foul smell.

2)   Vacuuming

Thorough and regular vacuuming can make a great variation in the stench around the house. You must vacuum all throw rugs, carpets, chairs, couches, and draperies at least every week for capturing the dander and hair of your cat(s).

This customary attention would also help out in quickly discovering forbidden areas where your cat may have peed. Also, baking soda can work wonders as a carpet deodorizer. Sprinkle a tad on your carpet, hang around for an hour, and then vacuum it all up.

3) Grooming

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A regular grooming of your cat can also help in eliminating pet odors around the house. Grooming does away with dander and hair of your cat(s), thus making it convenient for the cat to clean-up. In case of long-haired cats, trimming around the cat’s delicate regions can assist in preventing parts of reeking poop from clinging to its fur.

4. Air purifiers

There are a horde people who count on air purifiers for helping them to reduce air allergens and eliminate stenches. You can buy a big one for bigger areas or even the smaller ones, which are made for tinier, especially smelly vicinities like inside the cat litter box.

5)  Furnace filters

It must be made a point to regularly replace or clean the furnace filters. Such filters tend to trap the dander and fur, as clogged filters produce smell all over the home. A spotless filter denotes an efficient system around the house and hence it is prudent in doing this for numerous reasons. A few experts suggest once for every season.

6) Cat beds and blankets

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You must make it a custom to regularly wash your cat’s bed and blankets. There may not be an evident smell as such but dirt, cat fur, and paws, which have previously been inside the cat litter box, may all add to smelly cat bedding.

7)  Water and food area

Do not leave out food for extended periods of time and clean the eating spot between meals. Though you may not understand it, your cat’s water bowls are liable to be an apt bacteria breeding ground. Hence, change the cat water bowl at least once in a day and clean it using water and soap for keeping smelly bacteria particles from budding in the still water.


All in all, your cat might just be suffering from a change in the environment. You can check your kitty thoroughly for viable sources of the origin of this stinking behavior or just visit the vet for further clarifications. If you have more doubts for us, please do not hesitate to pose a question below at any time. And, also, feel free to share this helpful guide on your social networking accounts for the other cat parents out there.

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