Best Cat Food for Smelly Poop: Reviews & Buying Guide 2020

Cats are in nature, clean beings that do not develop any disagreeable smells, despite infrequent bath times. Alas, the same cannot be said on the subject of cat litter. A high-quality cat litter box can contain the excrements of your cat in addition to a good cat litter mat, which may also reduce the tracking; yet neither can truly aid in getting relieved of the bad odor emanating from the poop.

Did you know that your cat’s food can have a huge effect on the excrement produce? If you are beginning to suffocate from all the hideous smells, which surround the litter box of your cat, then you ought to begin learning the best cat food for smelly poop.


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Why does my cat have smelly poop?

best cat food for smelly poop

If you are facing a real concern over what comes out of your cat, then it is prudent to put some more effort into checking and inspecting the reason behind it. In my cat, Kitt’s case, he had produced a ghastly odor, attributable to his dietary case. Check out the other grounds, for which, your cat may be producing smelly poop:

1) Diet:

At times, an element elimination in meals by avoiding one single ingredient at a time can help you narrow down the real cause. Many cats tend to hunt their prey, like rodents, bugs small reptiles, etc., which can lead to foul stools.

Also, vitamin supplements tend to produce smelly poop. Most cat parents are perhaps causing more troubles by feeding their kitty with supplements.

2) Bacteria:

Sometimes, infectious enteritis can allow bacteria like E.coli or Salmonella to set up home in your kitty. Such organisms, together with some virus, can affect the inflammation and cause foul smell from diarrhea and gas.

3) Parasites:

Some intestinal parasites particular to cats can cause diarrhea and gas. Particularly, Giardia parasite can produce chronic and foul smelling excretes with or without the diarrhea presence.

Coccidia and Trichomonas parasites are also causes of diarrhea, intestinal inflammation, and odors.

4) Digestive disorders

Mal-digestion and mal-absorption conditions often cause bad smelling poop. This can be caused by unabsorbed and undigested starch and fat.

5) Drugs and Hormonal changes

Sometimes, for anesthesia and pain management, the drugs and the hormonal level changes used, can affect the chemical equilibrium of the kitty’s body, leading to bad smelling excretes.

6) Anal Sac Infection

The final region to inspect into is a likely anal sac infection. Although it is more common in older cats, it is seen amid the small kitties as well.

Here are some more information and tips on the reasons why does cat have smelly poop, which you can make use of for your further knowledge.

By way of some little care and love, food upgrading, and extra bit of to-do from the doctor, your stinker friend can quickly recover and come back to its old self at home.

Review of 5 best cat food for smelly poop products

Take a quick glance through the following cat foods, which I have suggested for your usable application.

Rachael Ray is the Editor’s Pick and the finest product among the sea of other available products in the market. This is mainly owing to its natural ingredients and high-grade textures.

It is a remarkable cat food product, which you may want to try when you’re facing issues with your kitty’s smelly poop. Its main ingredient is real chicken. Chicken tends to help kitty’ to develop lean muscles and can supply their requirements for protein.

Apart from the high-quality chicken, it also has brown rice that is a great carbohydrate source, along with fiber and vitamin B. It also has beet pulp in it, which is an excellent source of probiotics. You can also go for some additional flavors of this product, like the salmon flavor, which is particularly like by felines.


  • Reduces vomiting in a few cats
  • Improves the overall well being of many cats
  • Shedding is minimized
  • Most cats develop shinier coats after transition


  • Some cats are thin-skinned to corn gluten meals
  • A few cats may not warm up to it

Purina ONE Grain Free Classic Formula is the Alternative Pick of the editor, owing to its superior quality in ingredients. In case the Rachael Ray Dry Cat Food is not good enough for you in terms of cost, size, or type of dry wet cat food, you can otherwise opt for this package instead.

It has real beef ingredients that would give your cat the best taste. Its pate texture is enjoyable to their palate and every tender bite holds first-class ingredients for supporting balanced nutrition, alongside having high-protein formulas to help support the cat’s muscles.

In addition, there are also other flavors that you can avail, such as Beef, Ocean Whitefish, and Turkey. These are all favorites that are favored by cats in general.

This excellent premium wet cat foodstuff can be used from the kitten days to the adult years, to give him or her complete nutritional value. The product comes in a package of 24 cans with each can having 3 oz.


  • 100% balanced nutrition for a cat’s immune system
  • Contains high protein to help support muscles
  • It is veterinarian-recommended
  • Zero fillers
  • Contains omega-6 fatty acids for healthy coat and skin
  • Has antioxidants


  • Smell can be too strong for some people
  • A few cats may not warm up to it

NUTRO MAX Indoor Cat Adult Dry Cat Food has been selected as the editor’s Budget Pick, for the reason of its good quality and limited budget.

The product comes in a 6 lbs package made out of select ingredients. The incorporated minerals and vitamins are much needed by your cat for wellness and health.

It contains L-carnitine, E taurine, vitamin C, along with pomace, tomatoes, blueberries and cranberries for helping your cat burn body fat, maintaining ideal weight and providing antioxidants for a strong immune system. With the flavor of genuine chicken, your kitty will find this meal irresistible!

Apart from the rich chicken chunk flavors, you can also avail for the salmon flavored product. This is one of the favorite ingredients for cats.


  • This cat food is time and again, sold at discounts
  • Several cats love the ingredients
  • It is the first choice for even the picky eaters


  • Could cause allergic effects in some felines
  • A few cats may not warm up to it
  • ​​​​​Is not viable as a weight loss diet for cats

Cats in the Kitchen Grain-Free Wet Cat Food by Weruva is our Upgrade Pick, with the highest quality produce having a high cost. It has a range of tasty flavors to entice the picky eaters with deboned real meat in luscious gravy.

The product contains pleasant white breast meat cuts of duck and chicken breast, in delicate gravies, with pumpkin for a healthy digestion. Additionally, it also has loins from tuna, mackerel, salmon, along with lean beef cuts. The cans hold like ingredients, along with novel proteins like turkey, lamb and dark chicken meat.

Some formulas also combine the fish and chicken. Recipe contains genetically modified food ingredients, and is potato-free, starch-free, carrageenan-free, gluten-free, grain-free, and GMO-free, (for stabilizing, gelling, and thickening, properties)


  • Prepared in human food facilities with quality control and better safety standards
  • Holds taurine and added minerals and vitamins to guard the heart
  • Helps felines stay hydrated properly
  • Good for allergy-prone cats


  • Some packages contain big sharp bones in the middle of the fatty outer layer.
  • Some finicky cats may not warm up to it

Royal Canin Dry Cat Food is also great, with the ability to reduce odor by improving digestibility of the food in your feline's gastrointestinal tract that helps cats to produce smaller and less foul-smelling poop.

The product contains the specific nutrients which can help to trap calcium in the cat's mouth and prevent the formation of tartar.

Its formula also helps to manage hairballs by combining different types of fibers that promotes intestinal transit and helps to facilitate the removal of the hair your cat swallows every day.

This product is recommended for mixed feeding with Royal Canin Feline Health Nutrition Adult Instinctive Thin Slice In Gravy canned cat food that will help the optimal nutritional balance of proteins, fats and carbohydrates that adult cats prefer.


  • Recommended by the dedicated vets as a healthy, well-balanced cat food choice.
  • Helps prevent a lot of smells.
  • It is loved by many cats owners


  • It is quite expensive.
  • Some finicky cats may not like it much.

Factors to consider while choosing the best cat food for smelly poop

Following are the different factors of best cat food for smelly poop, which you can make use of for your further knowledge.

I. Size of the cat:

The smaller cats require other quality nutrition food type besides the high protein products. There are some foods that are high in protein but may lack other vitamins and minerals for the small cats to grow.

Most importantly, it is vital to feed your cat with some more nutritional value for proper growth. As for the matured cats, it can be very effortless to support them.

II. Feeding habits:

It is also important not to over-feed your cat with protein intakes, simply as you deem that they will not give way to bad odor. After consuming a lot of foodstuffs, your cat’s stomach tends to generate a big quantity of sulfur that can ultimately generate gas. Moreover, this is a cause for rancid poop.

III. Nutritional Value:

While you are buying cat food, you will have to opt for the one product that provides ideal nutritional value for your cat(s). Make certain that your cat food holds all the necessary vitamins, minerals, and further nutrient values from your selection of cat foodstuff. Do not just go for a cat foodstuff that only goes for improving your cat’s excreting quality. You ought to look for such an ideal product, which can aid your cat to grow up healthy as well.

IV. Preference of your cat

Regardless of the type of cat food quality or excellence, it can all go to waste in case your four-legged friend does not prefer it. You must make certain that your kitty likes its cat food and if the bought product is up to his or her standards. In this case, there is no good way for knowing the certainty of a product, unless you actually present the cat foodstuff to your cat. For this reason, take care to purchase a small sized package first.

V. Cost:

The budget is also an important thing to take into consideration. Even supposing you do come across the most excellent cat food for smelly excrete curing; it will be of no good purpose if you ultimately cannot afford the bag. Therefore, affordability is also vital.

This helpful odor controlling video can show you how to further do away with objectionable stenches around the house, along with different ways to keep your house disinfected.

Bottom Line

best cat food for smelly poop


All in all, these are the top adherents to keep in mind while on the lookout for the best cat food for smelly poop. If your cat’s poop is causing you and your family to run in the opposite direction and making your house smell unbearable, then it is high time that you start noticing the food intakes of your cat, which are causing the smell in the first place.

Among the entire list of the best cat food for smelly poop that we have enlisted above, the Rachael Ray Nutrish Natural Dry Cat Food product is the editor’s pick. It has been chosen as the best, thanks to its superiority in food quality. It is very effective and affordable for solving the rancid poop concern for your four-legged friends, provided that it is fed in the right quantities. Nevertheless, do not give your cat a very big quantity every time you prepare food for it. In addition, try to feed your cat with assorted flavors of foodstuff every time to keep up its palate.

If you have any more queries or valuable inputs, please feel free to write to us below. Your inputs are extremely valuable to us! Also, do not forget to share our article with your cat loving friends and family.

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