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Learn Everything You Need To Know About A Hyper Cat

Is your cat a hyper cat? It does not matter what breed your cat is, all cats have these moments when they meow like crazy, run across a room, and act like they are on a racetrack. They dart faster, look all across the place and then, stop suddenly in their racetracks.

Sometimes, this wild cat behavior is called the midnight crazies when happened at night. Hyper cats may entertain themselves with wild activities or jump on beds to paw at your elbows, feet, face, or hair, asking you to join them. Now, why is your cat so hyper? There could be various reasons why your cat behaves like this. Learn everything you need to know about a hyperactive cat here!

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Are Foxes Cats Or Dogs – Know The Answer Here

Foxes have something in common with both dogs and cats. Thus, it is not so simple to answer, “Are foxes cats or dogs?’ Many people wonder whether foxes are dogs or cats when they come across one. This is quite fair to wonder because a fox looks and acts a lot like they would fit well into either family.

So, are foxes actually a part of the canine family or the feline family? Why do they look similar to dogs and cats when biologically they belong to one of these? Now, let’s find out what’s the truth!

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Why Do Siamese Cats Have Blue Eyes?

The striking ocean deep eyes of Siamese cats can easily make anyone wonder why do Siamese cats have blue eyes. Everyone wants to know the mystery behind Siamese cat blue eyes as they add charms to the already refined elegance and exceptional style of these cats. With the emerging hybrid breeds of the Siamese cats, it also can get one thinking that do all Siamese cats have blue eyes.

If you are also looking for answers to such questions, continue reading as we are going to shed light on every mechanism and aspect related to the blue eyes of Siamese cats.

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What Color Eyes Do Tabby Cats Have?

The most captivating thing about a tabby cat is their eyes. Just like their furs, their eyes also come in a range of incredible colors. Their eye colors make them look beautiful but also it tells a great deal about the cat’s uniqueness. So, what color eyes do tabby cats have?

Some common eye colors for a tabby cat are green, blue, hazel, yellow, orange, copper, and red. Usually, vertical pupils are black. Eye colors are defined by melanocytes in the iris and even, coat color. In a few cases, cats have two diverse eye colors.When it comes to understanding the eye colors of tabby cats, there is a lot you need to know, including how various factors like melanin, coat color, and breed play an important role there. Here, we are going to share some fascinating facts about the eye colors of cats that cat owners should be aware of!

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Understanding The Tabby Cat Personality- Perfect Mix Of Charm And Cattitude

Tabby cats are not only one of the oldest surviving domestic cats on the earth but in the present time, they are one of the most favorite choices of the pet owners across the world due to their trademark tabby cat personality. These cats don’t makeup to be any specific breed but belong to multiple breeds and thus, you get to choose between any combination of looks and temperament in these cats that comes from their parent breeds. In the following article, we are going to shed light on the personality of some of the popular tabbies.

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Learn The Difference Between Tabby Cats Vs Tiger Cats

If you have ever come across a tabby cat breed, you probably know how unique can be their coat patterns. Domestic tabby kittens come in various colors, design patterns, and shapes. Also, you may have heard of tiger cats. So, let’s find out the tabby cats vs tiger cats comparison here! However, the difference between the two is not actually what you may expect.

Now, what is the difference between a tabby cats vs tiger cats? The ‘tiger cat’ term refers to a nickname of a tabby cat. Tabby cats are tiger cats, which feature a specific striped coat design. These narrow dark stripes can run across the head, legs, and the whole body of a cat. Sometimes, a tiger cat is even referred to as the Mackerel tabby cat.

It is significant to note that a tabby cat is a blend of mixed-breed and purebred cats. Due to this, coat designs like a tiger cat could appear on a domestic cat. Now, let’s see why this coat pattern is so unique!

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Know the Difference Between Ragdoll and Siamese Cats

Most people get confused between a Ragdoll cat and a Siamese cat due to their similar color patterns and coats. However, these two could not be more different. One can probably conclude from their breed name, a Ragdoll cat is more relaxed as compared to the Siamese breed. Siamese cats prosper of fondness and really need it. So, what’s the difference between Ragdoll and Siamese cats?

The real difference between a Ragdoll cat and a Siamese cat is that the former one is more independent as compared to the latter who need a great deal of attention. Siamese cats are vulnerable to depression when you do not give them enough attention. Ragdolls are more independent and yet cuddly.

If you’re confused about whether to have a Siamese or a Ragdoll, then read the differences between a Ragdoll cat vs Siamese to decide better!

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Exploring the world of long-haired tabby cats

Long haired tabby cats can be the dream pets of many for the tabby cats and long hair cats are both individually very popular among the pet owners all over the world. While the tabby pattern can occur in various long hair cat breeds, it makes it more difficult to choose as all of these cats look immensely adorable. So if you wonder that do tabby cats have long hair, read on as we explore important aspects of these adorable cats.

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Different Types of Siamese Cats: Know Your Cat

Siamese cats are an awesome breed of cats, which originated in the early kingdom of Siam. Now, this kingdom is called Thailand. These cats have emerged into diverse kinds, based on their body composition, size, and color.In total, there are nine types of Siamese cats.

These types can be broadly classified into major groups that further split into small variations. So, the two broad categories are the Modern Siamese and Traditional Siamese. The small subcategories are conformed by standards and distinguishing coloration by the Cat Fancier’s Association (CFA).

If you have a Siamese cat or are thinking of adopting one, you should have an idea which kind ofplayful and brilliant feline is great for you. Here, we are going to discuss each of these variations and understand the main difference in all of them. After reading this, you will be an expert on Siamese cat types!

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