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The Neva Masquerade Cat- You will fall in love with them!

Isn’t the name of the Neva Masquerade cat mysterious enough to instill thrill in anyone’s mind? It becomes even more delightful to get a sight of this snowy cat, every single feature of which is stunning. The Neva Masquerade is the closest relative of the Siberian cat and we would like to take you on board for a journey into the world of these beautiful cats.

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Ten Most Fascinating Black And White Cat Breeds

The black and white cat breeds are mostly known for their white fur mixed with other colors, black in this case. They are known by various names like Bicolor, Tuxedo, Piebald, etc. If you have also fallen in love with their color and charm, let us help you meet ten adorable black and white cats from which you can choose to get one for yourself.

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Exploring the world of Tiger cat- know about Tiger cat breed

A lot of you must have been confusing a Tiger cat to be a chanced progeny of any Tiger specie. However, that is a big myth that needs to be busted and the truth is that they are nothing but a color pattern that commonly occurs in all types of cats. Astounded enough?

Read on as we spill out all the necessary information and facts about the Tiger cat breed. We will also be introducing the Tiger cats with popular color patterns.

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Curly Haired Cat breeds- The Special To Be Ignored Felines

People are going bananas over the curly haired cat breeds and this madness would seem worth once you will look at these adorable cats and know about them. The curly hair cat breeds became people’s favorite recently after their pictures started going viral. Also, a curly coated cat has unique genes that make it even more special a choice among the cat lovers who desire to own an extraordinary kitty.

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American Longhair Cat- Know This Long Hair Cat Specie

There are so many longhair cats that might confuse you into believing that all of them are different and typical species. However, that stands untrue for most of them but the American longhair cat is the exceptional one here as they have the true and unique genes. We write this article to bring more knowledge to you about this particular specie of long hair cat as you might be interested in getting one for your family.

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The Maine Coon Price and Where to Find Them

If you are a cat lover, then you are likely going to be familiar with some of the popular breeds of cats. For Maine Coon moms and pops, we can't deny that our furry friends are some of the lovable creatures on planet earth. Their affectionate character is not the only thing that distinguishes them from their fellow feline counterparts.

There are other features about coons that make them a highly attractive cat breed. If you are looking to adopt a new cat, or interested in finding a Maine Coon price, then you want to read on till the end of the article.

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How Much Do Siamese Cats Cost? Siamese Cat For Sale

Have you ever known about Siamese cats? How much do Siamese cats cost? How many Siamese cat types? Or some other questions about Siamese cat lifespan, personality. A breed that has a lineage going back to the royalties of Thailand, the Siamese cats are known for their pointed markings, large ears, long legs, and beauty in Siamese cat personality that made them popular all over the world.

References that are found in the olden Thai literature believe that this breed is from a line of cats found at the temples of Siam (modern day Thailand). After being given as gifts to the Western countries in the name of diplomacy, such breed has become famous for their talkative and friendly behaviors.

The breed has, since then, become an ideal pet for cat parents from just about everywhere.

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