How Much Do Siamese Cats Cost? Siamese Cat For Sale

Have you ever known about Siamese cats? How much do Siamese cats cost? How many Siamese cat types? Or some other questions about Siamese cat lifespan, personality. A breed that has a lineage going back to the royalties of Thailand, the Siamese cats are known for their pointed markings, large ears, long legs, and beauty in Siamese cat personality that made them popular all over the world.

References that are found in the olden Thai literature believe that this breed is from a line of cats found at the temples of Siam (modern day Thailand). After being given as gifts to the Western countries in the name of diplomacy, such breed has become famous for their talkative and friendly behaviors.

The breed has, since then, become an ideal pet for cat parents from just about everywhere.


How Much Do Siamese Cats Cost?

How much do Siamese cats cost

You can purchase a Siamese in a couple of ways. One is through a reputable breeder near you, while the other is getting one from rescue groups or shelters – both of which have varying prices.

When getting your Siamese cat from a breeder, expect Siamese cat price range to pay around $695 to as much as $1,400. Remember that each breeder would price each cat differently.

The prices can vary depending on the quality, color, and age. Some factors that could also influence this part of the Siamese cats cost is when the purchase comes along with basic vaccinations, travel crates, toys, a warranty, etc.

Most breeders would also include a certification stating that the cat has been tested negative for feline leukemia and many other diseases. This is a guarantee that your cat is in the pink of health.

Plus, purchasing from breeders would also come along with a warranty stating that you can return the cat should there be any undisclosed diseases.

When getting your Siamese from a breeder seems too expensive, you may also be interested in purchasing a retired breeder cat. Senior cats are usually those that are about 2 to 6 years old and are being sold by breeders once in a while.

These Siamese cats are not as expensive as they would only cost you about $500. With this amount, expect that they have already been spayed or neutered, vaccinated, and even microchipped.

When getting your Siamese cat from a breeder, prepare a non-refundable deposit that can amount to about $300 to as much as $400 depending on the breeder. It is thus critical that you are really sure of getting the Siamese before sending over your hard-earned cash.

If you want to get it cheaper, Siamese cats are also sometimes available for adoption at shelters and rescue groups. These cats are the most in need of your love as they have been rescued from the streets or may have been given up by people who no longer want them.

Siamese cats from shelters or rescue groups can amount to about $100 to $175. As required, cats from these facilities are already neutered or spayed.

Most of the time, cats have already been vaccinated at shelters and rescue groups. AdoptAPet is one of those websites where you can easily search for a shelter near you.

Cost of Transportation

siamese cat for sale

No matter where you get your Siamese cat – be it from a breeder or a shelter – there is always the cost of transporting your cat from point A to point B. Lucky you if the breeder or shelter is just within the neighborhood. But if in case it is a few hours away by car or plane, consider these transportation costs that you might incur.

Mode of transport number 1 is through shipping. There is quite a number of companies that can do this for you; with each one quoting you a different price depending on the destination.

Uship, for example, would cost you $1.54 per mile of shipping costs for distances of less than 10 miles. For destinations of more than 100 but less than 1000 miles, it is $0.42 per mile.

Flying is another option of transporting your pet from one destination to another. The price for this mode of transport would depend on the destination, the airline, and the mode by which you want to fly your Siamese cat.

Expect to pay about $75 to $200 per way for plane tickets. Frontier Airlines, for example, charges $75 for pets to fly in the cabin. Delta Airlines charges $125 one way when flying inside the cabin, while flying through cargo costs you $200.

A few things to remember, however, when flying your Siamese are the following:

First of all, airlines can only fly a specific number of pets per flight. It is thus important that you are able to book a flight immediately to reserve a slot.

The second thing to remember is that not all pets can fly inside the cabin. There are size specifications and these are the details you need to familiarize with prior to the flight.

In cases when your Siamese gets too big for the cabin size specified, it can travel as checked baggage or as cargo. Aside from this, pets flying should also be contained in a pet carrier which will cost you about $25 to $170 or more. The brand, size, and quality of the carrier affect the price.


Most cats from breeders and shelters would already come with basic vaccines. But in case they do not, expect to pay about $15 to $17 per vaccine per shot.

You should also know that not all vaccinations are required. Vaccines for cats and dogs are segregated into the core and non-core groups.

Only the core vaccines like the rabies vaccines are required. The non-core vaccines can be administered to your Siamese cat depending on the lifestyle and environment.

You may discuss your options with your vet prior to deciding on which of the non-core vaccines should be given to your feline friend.

For the core vaccines, whether your Siamese already got them or not, also remember that a booster shot is needed. Some vets require booster shots every year while there are some that require it every three years.

Microchip Cost

Siamese cats cost

No matter how much we keep an eye on our pets, things always happen. Microchips make sure you get your Siamese back when it wanders away.

For a microchip to be implanted by your vet to your Siamese, it could cost you about $15 to $45 or more. This is a one-time payment and already includes the registration of your pet in an online database.

If in case your pet gets lost, the microchip will help those who find your Siamese find its way back to you.

Note that most cats from shelters already come with a microchip and so this may be something you would have to tick off from your list of potential costs.

Cat Food

There are a couple of types of cat food – the wet and the dry. Also, know that Siamese kittens have a different set of food as compared to adult cats.

Just like all other breeds, Siamese cats need a huge amount of protein and fat in their diet. There should also be a balance of wet and dry food for the Siamese to remain in good health.

The cost of food for your kitten can be for about $12 to as much as $25 for a bag of dry food. Wet food can cost you $23. The amount, of course, would depend on the brand as well as on the size of the bag/can.

A 16-lb bag of dry cat food suited for adult cats can cost about $14 while a case of 24 cans of wet cat food costs around $12.

Senior cats, as they grow older, are no longer as active as when they were younger. This is the reason why there is less protein in their diet as compared to that of a kitten or an adult cat. A 16-lb bag of dry cat food for senior cats can cost you about $23.

Grooming Expenses

Dental health is one of those that are being ignored by cat parents. Siamese cats, just like other breeds, may also suffer from periodontal diseases including gingivitis, tooth abscesses, and broken teeth, among others.

It is such an important feat to maintain oral health among cats. You can purchase a toothbrush and a toothpaste specific for cats at $13.

Other grooming expenses would include a bottle of shampoo specific for cats. While Siamese cats love cleaning and grooming themselves, some human intervention is still needed to completely get rid of ticks and fleas – hence, the shampoo.

A bottle of shampoo, depending on the brand, can cost about $7.

Also, remember that cats have sensitive skin. Please avoid using shampoos intended for humans or dogs to cats as it can result in rashes, allergies, and injury.

Just like humans, Siamese cats also need some pampering once in a while. You can peg your costs at about $35 to $60 or even higher when bringing your Siamese to a grooming salon.

Services at pet salons would include a haircut, a bath, nail trimming, ear cleaning, etc. The rates, of course, would depend on the condition when your Siamese was brought in.

Factors that determine total cost include the length and condition of cat hair, nails, and the size of your pet.

Medical Costs

Owning a Siamese cat would also mean annual vet visits. A single vet visit for a wellness exam can cost about $35 or more.

Take note of the “or more” part of the statement. Depending on your cat’s condition during the visit, the cost can be more.

During the wellness exam, the vet may find some irregularities in your Siamese cat’s health and may recommend further tests which entail additional costs.

Other Factors that Affect Siamese Cat Costs

As mentioned earlier, a Siamese cat from a breeder would cost you more as compared to when you adopt from a shelter or from a rescue group.

When getting from a breeder, a retired Siamese cat, usually those that are about 2 to 6 years old, are less expensive.

A Siamese cat from a breeder can sometimes come with a warranty. This ensures that should there be undisclosed health issues, the breeder is bound to take the Siamese back.

Cats that come with warranties cost more. This is the same for cats that are complete with core vaccines.

Additional Tips When Buying Siamese Cat For Sale 

When getting a Siamese cat, make sure that you have enough time to care for it. Siamese cats are known to demand for your time and attention and so if you are the type to stay long hours at work without anyone at home taking care of your pet, the Siamese is not for you.

They are also sociable. They tend to be very vocal and love to get involved in many of your activities.

They also have a meow that is quite different from other cats. Aside from that, they’re louder and so if you prefer a quiet pet, this is not for you.

But if you are the type that can attend to your cat’s needs for attention, love, and a lengthy conversation, getting a Siamese is the best decision you will ever have.

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