How I Used Vitakraft Cat Treats to Win a Cat’s Heart

Odin is a tabby my sister rescued from the Humane Society two years ago, when he was four months old. It was love at first sight between the two of them, honestly. But between Odin and me … not so much.

Look, I love animals—I have two dogs and I don’t ever plan to not have pets again. It’s just that the animals that love me back tend to be of the canine persuasion. Cats, for whatever reason, just aren’t really into me.


So I heard about these interesting cat treats from a brand called Vitakraft, that claims to know “what cats are really into” and I decided to put that to the test.

How I Used Vitakraft Cat Treats to Win a Cat’s Heart

Today, we’re reviewing Vitakraft’s Lick ‘n’ Lap Snacks, which I bought in both Chicken and Salmon flavors to see if Odin is “really into” these treats, and if they can get him to finally like me back. (Spoiler: it worked!)

Session 1

I came over, treats in tow, and Odin was being as evasive as ever, watching me from a distance without getting too close. I opened a chicken-flavored Lick ‘n’ Lap, sat down on the floor, and tried to gently lure him to me to no avail. That little man was not ready to trust me just because I had a treat in a pretty pink packet.

I gave the treat to my sister to try with him and he instantly went for it. He was absolutely loving it, so I decided to try to take the packet back and he kept licking the treat – albeit slightly more reluctantly. We also tried squeezing a little product onto my sister’s finger to see what Odin would think of that, and he happily licked it off, which my sister loved as an owner. I tried a little on my own finger, but we weren’t yet to that level of trust.

How I Used Vitakraft Cat Treats to Win a Cat’s Heart

Session 1 results: Odin loved the Lick ‘n’ Lap, but was careful about how he accepted it from me.

Session 2

I decided that for my second time testing the treats with Odin, I would come over when my sister wasn’t home so he couldn’t use her as a barrier between us. Unsurprisingly, he wasn’t too keen on hanging out with me at first, and his body language was slightly guarded, but once I came close with an open chicken Lick ‘n’ Lap packet, he started to warm up.

Soon, he relaxed and started to just enjoy the treat, so I tried to pet him, but he wasn’t having that – treats only! I also tried putting a tiny bit on my finger again, and again he wasn’t interested. Still, this was progress over the previous session, and I was motivated to come back soon.

How I Used Vitakraft Cat Treats to Win a Cat’s Heart

Session 2 results: Odin was more comfortable taking the Lick ‘n’ Lap from me, but the trust was still not quite there.

Session 3

I walked in the door and as soon as Odin saw me, he got adorably excited, pacing around my legs as I got the Lick ‘n’ Lap Snacks ready. As soon as I was ready – this time opting for the salmon flavor – he started excitedly licking the creamy treat off the end of the packet. He seemed more than happy to be accepting it from me this time, so I decided it was time to try a bit on the finger again.

He hesitated a bit, sniffing the snack and walking away a few times before reluctantly trying a bit from my finger. Apparently deciding I was safe, he quickly relaxed and started happily lapping up the treat. When I tell you my heart melted … It finally felt like Odin and I were becoming friends! Unfortunately, once the treat was gone he was over me, but no hard feelings. Progress is progress!


How I Used Vitakraft Cat Treats to Win a Cat’s Heart

Session 3 results: Odin licked the treat off my finger for the first time, but his attention ran out when the treat did.

Session 4

This time when I came over Odin was asleep, so I sat on the nearby couch. As soon as he realized I was there with the salmon Lick ‘n’ Lap, he perked right up and ran over to sit on the floor in front of me. If this wasn’t a cat that’s ready for a treat, I don’t know what is!

How I Used Vitakraft Cat Treats to Win a Cat’s Heart

I gave him the treat from the packet this time and he instantly went ham on it! He was so deeply in cat treat heaven, I even caught him cross-eyed and purring a few times. I moved the treat away for a second to try to get a cute picture, and he reached out for it to pull it closer to himself. This boy was in love! Once we finished the treat, he jumped up on the couch to sit with me – a first!

How I Used Vitakraft Cat Treats to Win a Cat’s Heart

Session 4 results: Odin’s entire demeanor changed when he saw the Lick ‘n’ Lap, and he was finally comfortable enough to sit with me, even when the treats ran out.

Session 5 (Final)

Once again, I took a slightly different approach this time, just to see how things went. I kept the packet of Lick ‘n’ Lap in my pocket and made no indication that treat time was coming. Still, Odin was happy to see me and came over to rub against my leg – a kitty ‘hello,’ I suppose. He hung out nearby for a while contentedly before I finally pulled out the bright pink packet. I know he knows the packet by how excited he became right away, even before I opened it.

How I Used Vitakraft Cat Treats to Win a Cat’s Heart

He closed-eyed licked the chicken-flavored treat from the packet and purred, snacking in complete bliss. I squeezed some on my finger again and he excitedly lapped it off and even gave my finger a tiny nibble, hoping for more creamy goodness. After we were finished with the treat and I was getting ready to leave, I caught him by the door rubbing his cheeks all over my sandals. I’m choosing to believe that was him officially picking me to be his new best friend. And I accept.

Session 5 results: Odin loves Lick ‘n’ Lap, but more importantly, Odin loves me!

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Final Thoughts

I must admit, whenever I see a claim like a pet treat claiming it will make your pet like you more, I’m always a bit skeptical. But Vitakraft made me a believer. I read that Lick ‘n’ Lap could be used to help cats warm up to you or even to help behavioral problems in shelter cats, and after testing just five packs with stubborn Odin, I’m absolutely sure the brand’s claim is true. Vitakraft does know “what cats are really into.” Visit this site to find out more!

Luna Tran

My name is Luna and I am a great cat lover and a cat owner of three lovely cats. I have owned many cats till now and have dedicated many years to nurturing and caring cats. Through this blog, I am here to share my knowledge and experience about cats.