Is it Safe to Add CBD Oil to Cat Treats and Other Pets?

From being creatures of the wild to becoming part of families, animals have come a long way throughout the years. Since time immemorial, animals have been part of people’s lives; alleviating human work, serving as companions, providing several services, and many more. Perhaps the most important role of animals in human life is being sources of food, clothing, and medicine, which are a human’s most basic needs.


It cannot be denied that humans need animals more than animals need humans. Animals simply doing what’s innate to them provides a lot of benefits to humans. To know more about how animals are essential to the lives of people, visit this link.

Humans have learned to domesticate wild animals over time. This can be manifested by the presence of pets in peoples’ homes. Pets have become part of families. They play an integral role in every home. Apart from companionship, they provide a lot of intangibles to people. They affect people socially, mentally, emotionally, even spiritually.

Pets are very empathetic. They know when people are not feeling alright. They will always stay by your side if they sense that you are going through a hard time. The emotional support you can get from pets could even be more than that of humans. Moreover, you can get a lot of health benefits from owning a pet.

Pets bring so much to people’s lives. In return, people should be responsible owners. They should ensure that their pets get everything that they need. Pets need a balanced diet, regular exercise, proper hygiene, comfortable shelter, regular socialization, proper training, and most importantly love and affection. Click here to know more about a pet’s need.

Owning a pet also requires regular trips to the veterinarian. It is very important for pets to get necessary vaccinations and to undergo regular check-ups which ensures that their health condition is fine. Going to the vet regularly can help treat and prevent diseases too. Your pet’s health can affect your health so ensuring their health and welfare is one of the main responsibilities in owning a pet.

cbd oil for cat treats

Going on trips to the vet can be very hassle. On top of that, animal healthcare is comparatively expensive. Consequently, owners have looked for alternative treatments. The most popular treatment that people have turned to is using CBD oil for cat treats.

CBD Oil For Cat Treats: CBD Or Cannabidiol

It is one of marijuana’s main components. It is one of the active compounds in cannabis. Unlike Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), marijuana’s most active compound, it does not render psychoactive effects to users. It can’t cause people to get high. In humans, CBD has successfully treated seizures, anxiety, inflammation, sleeping problems, stress, and many other health problems. The success in treating human conditions has inspired people to use it on animals. Many veterinarians and pet owners are already using CBD to treat conditions in animals. 

The effectiveness of CBD on animals is yet to be confirmed. There is still no conclusive study that proves that the effects of it on humans are the same on animals. However, there are reports that it has been effective in treating and preventing various health conditions in animals.

Many veterinarians have turned to it to address seizures, inflammation, and anxiety not just with cats but also with dogs. Petcbdcommunity cats information contains discourse on how CBD affects cats. No serious side effects have been reported from CBD but experts claim that over or under dosage thereof can cause gastrointestinal problems and sedation. Such effects can be treated by simply discontinuing the usage of CBD.

The use of this oil on animals has become so popular that even in pet treats it is incorporated. Many pet owners have added this oil to their pets’ treats. There is no guarantee that the nutrients of CBD will remain if added to treats because cooking can degrade CBD components, but many pet owners do it nevertheless.

Should you decide on administering CBD to your pets, it is very important that you know more about it before doing so. There have been no reported adverse effects to it so far but still, exercise caution to avoid something bad from happening to your pets. Bear in mind that a scientific study about it has not been made.

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