Help On Male And Female Cats Living Together

Do you own two cats who do not get along very well? How to help on male and female cats living together? If so, there can be various reasons why they fight with each other. In order to help them in living together in harmony, you have to look at why it is happening before solving the problem. Here, you will know about some reasons why your cats do not get along with one another and will also provide some solutions to help them living together. So, let’s begin without further ado!


Reasons Why Your Cats Fight With Each Other

There could be various reasons why your cats are not getting along with each other. Here, we have listed some of the common reasons why they fight. Have a look at these reasons below!

male and female cats living together

1. Ranking competition

If your cats have just met for a few months, then they must be in the get-to-know each other phase. In that case, they must be playing fights for the alpha rank position in their house. It usually happens when two cats meet each other. They get along with one another after some time.

2. Introducing a new feline friend

If you bring a new cat to your household, then the current ones become upset. It is best to slowly introduce the new member.

3. Territorial behavior

If a cat starts feeling territorial regarding the litter box, lounging spot, or food bowl, it causes fights. After noticing fights, you have to separate the cats from each other. Keep their things separately for a while.

4. Illness

A cat becomes short-tempered and starts fighting with others when they are ill. So, look for illness signs like changing in drinking or eating habits, energy level, etc.

5. Stress

When something modifies in the household, cats feel stressed. In that scenario, they fight with other feline members. One can reduce the stress level by maintaining a normal schedule or routine. Some common reasons why they stress out are travel, changing their home, new pets or persons, and returning back from boarding.

6. Personality conflicts

Some cats do not get along for some reason. They tend to have distinct personalities. Some feline members are bold and aggressive, while others are carefree, laid-back, and timid. It is best to offer them their own space as much as possible if they do not get along.

Is It Possible That Male and Female Cats Living Together?

It is obvious to spot various behavioral differences among male vs female cats who are non-neutered or non-spayed cats. This is so because the behavioral changes are generally associated with the sex drive of cats. For instance, male cats tend to become more violent. They spray urine while trying to escape their house when the sexually mature stage hits them. On the other hand, female cats become more caring and loving. They rub against everything while becoming very vocal.

Although lots of non-spayed or non-neutered cats show distinctive behaviors, it isn’t true that all cats act in the same manner. Some male felines become more affectionate in heat, whereas some female felines spray. That’s the reason most adoption societies strongly encourage cat lovers to neuter and spay their cats. Also, the environment in which a cat is being raised and even the pet parent’s personality could influence their behavior more than their genetics.

Things To Do For Getting Your Cats Love Each Other

male and female cats living together
  • Do not give the catnip to cats as it increases aggression in various cats.
  • Ensure each cat gets her/his own space, where you have to put their water bowls, food bowls, beds, and litter boxes in different areas.
  • For distracting them from fights, keep their favorite toys around them.
  • Ensure that your cats spend some time together pleasantly. Encourage some fun activities like giving them treats or playing.
  • Take a large cardboard box and open the both ends. Put the box on the ground so that your cats can crawl in.
  • It is important on your part to provide them individual attention.
  • Do not ever leave your feline friends alone together at home while you go somewhere until you become sure that they won’t get into a fight.
  • Keep Feliway handy, where Feliway is an item that calms your cats during fighting or stress. This product comes in the form of an electric diffuser or spray. One can buy it online or from pet stores.
  • In case, your cats are not neutered or spayed, they tend to show more aggressive behavior. If you do not breed cats, it is best to have them neutered or spayed.

How Much Time Does It Take Cats For Getting Used To One Another?

Generally, cats take about eight months or a year for developing friendships with each other as per the ASPCA report. Some cats begin loving other feline friends, but not all cats live together happily. In case, the friendship does not evolve between them, cats start to ignore each other. They will even break out fights and persist until one gets removed from the house.

Final Thoughts

So, gender does matter to some extent. However, it is possible that a pair of male and female cats living together if you introduce them to each other at a very young age. It is possible to form friendships with adult cats, but it is more difficult. For introducing adult cats, you have to make sure they belong to the same age group and are of the same size in order to prevent bullying.

It is also possible that a few cats might never get along. If you follow the above-mentioned ideas, it will gradually learn to do so. It is definitely going to take some time but you will start seeing improvements soon. So, you have to carry out some efforts that can resolve conflicts to a certain point. In this way, cats will begin tolerating one another without getting into serious fights. Hopefully, these tips will help you and your cats to learn to enjoy one another’s company. Do share this article with other feline lovers and comment below if you are still struggling with anything related to this topic!

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