Why Does My Cat Pee On My Clothes? Is This A Way Of Showing Her Affection?

"Why does my cat pee on my clothes?" might be the question that is popping in your head. In the past few weeks, you have noticed that your cat has been peeing outside its litter box. Sometimes you have noticed that your cat pees on the clothes, or towels, or sofas, or even on the carpet. And this is a behavior that is not going down well with you and is starting to worry you for a lot of reasons.

And so you find yourself asking the question as to why do cats pee on clothes? And the answer for this might be because of a couple of reasons which we will talk about in this article. So let’s us find out all about them.


Why Does My Cat Pee On My Clothes?

As mentioned earlier, there are quite a few reasons as to why your cat might be peeing on your clothes and any place where there might be a clothed covering. And it is happening due to the following reasons:


1. Your cat is a bit confused

why does my cat pee on my clothes

If your cat is not properly trained to use its own specific litter box then it can have a bit of confusion as to where it is supposed to urinate. All your cat wants is a comfortable and accessible place where it can urinate. So it might urinate on your bed or your sofa, both of which are quite comfortable places to pee if it is not trained.

Alternatively, if your cat really is trained, then it might be possible that it can confuse your laundry basket of clean or unclean clothes as a litter box. This is because laundry baskets look a lot similar to litter boxes. So, what you need to do is to train your cat properly to only pee in its own litter box and nowhere else.

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2. Your cat may have health problems

Now, this is one of the most common reasons as to why your cat may be peeing on your clothes. The disease called urinary tract infection causes your cat to lose track of its urination control. Any cat suffering from UTI may not be able to anticipate its pee and might urinate wherever it was at the time being.

Then it would not matter if it is your bed, your laundry basket or even your cupboard because it just will not be able to control itself. So, you should get your cat checked up and if it really is suffering from a disease such as UTI, then you will have to get the right treatment done.


3. Your cat might be trying to communicate

why does my cat pee on my clothes

Cats cannot speak but that is nowhere an indication that cats are not smart. In fact, they have different ways to communicate to you. And one of which is to pee on your clothes and possessions to make sure that you know that she is a bit pissed at you. Some of the reasons for this anger might be because cats do not like changes.

And if you have recently moved to a new house, adopted another pet, or have had a baby; then your cat is showing its displeasure to you by peeing in the places it knows you would not appreciate. What you can do in such a situation is to be a bit more affectionate towards your cat.

It has to know that the recent change is nowhere going to undermine your relationship with your cat. And sooner or later, if everything stays the same, your cat will adjust to the change. And you will know that it did, once it stops peeing on your clothes.


4. Your cat might not have a better option

Cats do not like peeing on flat and cold surfaces. They understand the mess it makes when they pee on the floor or any surface that is not absorbent enough. The litter box that they use to relieve themselves might be losing its ability to absorb their pee and might be causing problems for the cat to urinate itself.

And so, your cat just chooses the right place with a good fabric, where it knows its pee is not going to make a mess and will be absorbed. And hence it chooses to pee on your clothes, in your laundry, or your sofa.

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What you can do to solve this is by keeping your cat’s litter box regularly clean. And also, you should change the fabric inside it if you can see that it is not making your cat feel comfortable. This will help your cat pee in the litter box again. Or try this litter box for the best results.


5. Your cat might be a little extra affectionate

One of the strangest reasons as to why your cat might be peeing on your clothes or your towels is because it is feeling a little bit extra affectionate. Your clothes, laundry, and sofas all smell like you and this smell makes the cat feel more affectionate and comfortable. And so it pees in those places to mark its smell on your things to prove to you that she loves you.

When something like this happens, it becomes increasingly difficult as to how you should approach this situation. The best thing that you can do is to address the pee, whenever you find it and make sure to express your discontent towards it. Alternatively, you can also call a cat trainer, who can help your cat understand which the place it should pee is. And until then you can use this.

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How To Stop Cats From Peeing From On Clothes?

After talking about all the reasons why your cat might be peeing on your clothes, you may now be worried about what you should do to stop it from doing this. And because of that very reason, here are a few ways through which you can make your cat stop peeing in places where you do not want it to.

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    Regularly clean the litter box: To be as clean as a cat, you would have to bathe eight times a day. And because of this cleanliness nature, cats need a clean place to relieve themselves. And if their litter box is not regularly clean, they will seek out other places to pee. To make sure, it does not come to that, you should clean your cat’s litter box daily. And give it a deep wash every single week. In fact, you should always have at least one extra box for the number of cats you have so that they always have a spare. If you have a dog, cleaning the litter box is essential to keep your dog away from cat litter boxes.
why does my cat pee on my clothes
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    Connect with your cat: If your cat is refusing to pee in its litter box, despite of there clearly being a clean litter box. Then it is possible that your cat is either displeasured with you or is simply stressed and is trying to send you the signal. So, instead of screaming and showing anger towards you cat, you should increase your affection and communication with it. Try your bets to give a specific time of your day just to play with your cat so that it does not feel neglected.
why does my cat pee on my clothes
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    Take your cat to the doctor: As mentioned earlier in the article, it is possible that the reason why your cat is peeing everywhere in your house is because it is suffering from urinary tract infection. One way to find out this would be the odor of the pee, as it will be much stronger than it normally would be if your cat was healthy. So, if you find your cat peeing everywhere and the smell of the pee is unfamiliar and strong, then you should take your cat to the doctor to get a proper treatment done.
why does my cat pee on my clothes


It is my earnest hope that this information has helped you enlighten a few reasons as to why your cat is peeing on your clothes and all around your possessions. You should check them all to see if one of them fits your situation. And afterward, follow the solutions I have provided to help solve this problem.

Cats are some of the most intelligent creatures on our planet. And they can easily be communicated and interacted with. They are moody and cunning, but they love you with all their heart. So, if their peeing is making you uncomfortable, then they will not do something like that without a valid reason.

If you like this article, then please share it with your friends and family. Feel free to leave your comments below, if you have any queries. Also, you can tell me which solution worked for you. I would love to hear from you.

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