Why Is My Cat Suddenly Pooping Outside The Litter Box? Keep Your Feline Healthy!

Why is your cat suddenly pooping outside the litter box? Take a look at what causes her pooping habits and how to fight these problems.

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Are you facing troubles with your cat’s pooping habits? Is your cat pooping outside the litter box? If you are one of those people who are trying to fight these problems, then here you can be rescued.

Generally, a cat poops at least once a day. It does not seem a big issue at first, but when your cat starts pooping outside the box every day, you get a bit worried. You may start wondering and ask questions like why is my cat suddenly pooping outside the litter box?

There can be many reasons behind this. Your cat is just like your family member, which should certainly make your worry about her changing pooping habits. It may be because she is unwell. Moreover, when your cat poops everywhere other than the litter box, it is also a hygiene issue. And, what more, you have to bear the horrible stink too.


why is my cat suddenly pooping outside the litter box

However, let me tell you, this is pretty normal and a lot of people who own felines struggle with this problem at one point in time. I also have faced this issue and while I surfed through the net and consulted some vets, I found out quite a few reasons behind this that actually turned out to be true with my furry pet.

This is why I have put together this blog so that you can be informed as to what’s wrong with your adorable cat. So, without further ado, let us get started and figure out together the reasons behind the peculiar behavior of your feline.

Why Is My Cat Suddenly Pooping Outside The Litter Box?

why is my cat suddenly pooping outside the litter box

You cat may poop everywhere except the litter box, such as near the back door, the front door, on the floor, etc. There can be two main things behind why your cat is pooping outside the litter box. Quite simply, either there is something wrong with your cat or something is wrong with your cat’s litter box.

Nonetheless, assay the situation and work out the issue accordingly. Have a look at the reasons as to why your cat is pooping everywhere and what is amiss in your litter box.

What Is Wrong With Your Cat?

Owing to some medical or other issues, your cat might be pooping outside the box. Check out if your cat is having any of these problems.

1. Medical issues

why is my cat suddenly pooping outside the litter box

Many medical problems can make your cat uneasy about pooping inside the litter box. For instance, your kitty might be experiencing constipation, in which case the box may seem to be a sign of pain to her and thus she may poop somewhere else.

Additionally, your cat might be experiencing bowel problems, such as inflammatory bowel disease, impacted anal glands, diarrhea, etc. In such a case, your cat would have to bear cramps and discomfort, which in turn can cause her to release her solids anywhere she is present at that time. She might not have the strength to reach the box. Moreover, if your cat is quite old and suffering from arthritis, then it might be hard for her to sit on the litter substrate to release solids.

2. Behavioral Changes

Other than medical issues, your cat might be undergoing some behavioral changes as well: 

Stress and anxiety is a common issue with cats these days, just as we humans have it. These changes might be triggered by very simple events, such as seeing a new cat outside your home. This may stress out your cat and thus she might poop outside the box just to demonstrate the new cat that this is her property.

why is my cat suddenly pooping outside the litter box

A change in your everyday routine or a recent traumatic event might also trigger a change of conduct in your feline:

For instance, if one of your family members has died recently, your cat may act up to reveal her distress. Or, you might have changed the setting of the room where her litter box was placed. Thus, you must consider the commotions in your house that might disturb your cat and take action as soon as you can.

Even though I did not see any behavioral alterations in my cat, I still took her to a veterinarian and luckily she was all fine. Thus, if you notice some changes in the behavior of your cat, then you must get your cat examined. Take your cat to a veterinarian as soon as possible. This way you can know about any underlying medical problem.

Anti-Icky Poo


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Furthermore, to ensure that your feline does not visit the same pooping place again, you can use an enzymatic cleaner like Anti-icky poo or Petastic. This will remove any whiff that might be present at that place, which will not entice your cat to further perform the objectionable act at the same place. You can also use other methods to keep your cat away from that place, such as closing off the room, placing a tin foil, placing the carpet upside-down, spraying a cat repellent, etc.

3. A Furry Butt

Nobody likes long hair at unwanted parts of their body. So do cats. Your cat might be having long hair on their rear, which in turn may be creating a problem when they poop. Cats do not like the residue sticking to their fur. In order to solve this problem, they poop somewhere else rather than in the litter box.

To avoid this, trim your kitty’s fur around her bottom. I use this pair of pet grooming scissors for this purpose. You can watch this video for some help while you do this.

One of the reasons why your cat is leaving little landmines around your house is because of your litter box. Your furry friend might not like their litter box.

What Is Wrong With Your Litter Box?

  • Covered Litter Box

If your litter box is covered, your feline may feel cramped while pooping. You should better opt for an open litter box. If you do not want to buy an open box owing to hygiene issues or if you have kids, you can buy a big box that can be spacious for your pet.

Or else, you can remove the cover while your cat poops and put it on afterward. You can buy this cat litter box, which is not covered and is quite comfortable.

  • Small Box
why is my cat suddenly pooping outside the litter box

This is quite the same as a covered box. Your cat wants her own space, at least when she’s pooping! So, give her that. Ensure that your litter box is not too small for her. Since peeing and pooping are done in two different stances, which is why your cat might be able to pee in it, but not poop in it.

I have the Petmate Clean Step Litter Dome, which is quite large to fit in almost every cat size. Plus, it has a carbon filter to cut down the odor and make the box fragrant again.

  • A Dirty Litter Box
why is my cat suddenly pooping outside the litter box

When you like everything clean, why won’t your cat like it clean? Would you use an unclean toilet? Same is with cats. So, keep the litter box as much clean as possible, otherwise, your cat will poop everywhere else, save for the dirty litter box.

You should scoop the box at least twice a day and wash it out entirely at least once a month. Moreover, the litter box should be odor-free and attractive to the cat. For instance, you can spray the litter box with a nice fragrance that attracts your cat. Also keeping the litter box clean is the best way to prevent your dog from cat feces.

  • Location Of The Box
why is my cat suddenly pooping outside the litter box

Your cat’s litter box might not be placed at the right location. Try changing the location of the box. Ensure that the box is located at a place where your cat does not feel vulnerable, particularly if you have other cats at your home, which might intimidate the respective cat while she poops.

You should avoid places like a damp basement, near food, near household appliances that may scare the cat (like a washing machine), in a closet, etc. You can also place more than one box in different places within your home to provide your cat with more options or in case you have many cats.

Top 3 Best Cat Litter Boxes

Below, you'll find the comparison table of top 3 best cat litter boxes which gives you the best choice for your cats easily and quickly:

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The Litter Itself

Experiment with the type of litter you put in the litter box. See which one your cat likes and then use that litter. Your cat might not like a certain type of litter, which could be the reason why she might be shunning away from the cat litter boxes. This was the reason why my cat was pooping outside the box for many days.

why is my cat suddenly pooping outside the litter box

I changed by litter with Dr. Elsey’s litter, recommended to me by a friend. I found out my cat really liked this litter. Ohh! I’m so relieved now seeing my cat poop inside the box. You can also try different depths of the litter in order to see which depth suits your furry pet.

Top 3 Best Cat Litters

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Hope that you have got the answer to your question. Now, you do not have to seek answers to “why is my cat pooping outside the litter box?” Try these above methods and you’ll see that your cat will start pooping inside the litter box, rather than dirtying up your home.

And, don’t just wait for your cat to start pooping inside the box on its own. You are the parent of your cat, so it’s your responsibility to take action right away you notice some change in your cat’s pooping habits.

If you like this article, then please share it with your friends and family. Feel free to leave your comments below, if you have any queries. Also, you can tell me which solution worked for you. I will love to hear from you.

Luna Tran

My name is Luna and I am a great cat lover and a cat owner of three lovely cats. I have owned many cats till now and have dedicated many years to nurturing and caring cats. Through this blog, I am here to share my knowledge and experience about cats.

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