How Often Do Cats Poop? Is Thrice A Day Normal?

Although the question raised in the title is strange, but if you have a cat at your home, then you would understand how important is to know ‘ How often do cats poop ’?

If your cat is pooping too much or too less, then it might be a matter of concern. Your cat’s health is of prime importance, and pooping too much can also cause sanitary related issues which can lead to various diseases. If your cat is experiencing regular bowel movements, then it ensures that he/she is not suffering from any digestion related problem.

If you think that there is a simple answer to this, then you are mistaken. The frequency of your cat’s poop depends upon lots of factors which we have thoroughly discussed in this article. We have also described different ways by which you can make your cat poop on a daily basis.


What Are The Factors On Which Poop Depends?

Answering the question ‘How often should cats poop?’ is not simple. Body functioning of a cat is quite similar to human beings. Poop excreted by a cat is majorly dependent upon the food it eats. Apart from food, there are several other factors on which the frequency of poop depends. They are as follow:

1. Age Of Your Cat

How Often Should A Cat Poop

It is often noticed that kittens poop more than big cats. This is because of their weak and underdeveloped digestive system.

An adult cat poops thrice daily on an average whereas kittens can defecate as many as five to six times on a daily basis. More than six times can be a symptom of diarrhea, and in that case, you must rush to your veterinary doctor.

2. Your Cat’s Daily Activity

how often do cats poop

It is pure logic that a lazy cat will poop less frequently than a cat that is very active. If you feel like your cat is doing fewer bowel movements, then taking her on a walk and involving her in an activity which involves physical movement can help.

Apart from maintaining regular bowel movements, physical exercise is advised by many veterinary doctors for cats. This is because cats are more prone to heart-related diseases as compared to other pets. These diseases can be prevented by making your cat an active pet rather than a pet that lies in one spot for the whole day.

3. The Diet Of Your Cat

How Often Should A Cat Poop

             Diet plays a significant role in determining the frequency of poop in your cat.

If you are feeding low-quality food to your cat, then your cat will poop more frequently as most of the food is excreted out in the unused form. A similar thing happens when you feed your cat too much.

By reading this, if you are planning to change your cat’s diet from tomorrow onwards then we feel our duty to warn you that any sudden change in the diet of your cat can bring about drastic changes in his/her health.

It is advised that you must change your cat’s diet gradually by introducing a new food in less quantity on a daily basis. Abrupt changes in the diet plan can lead to increased bowel movements, which is a symptom of diarrhea.

4. Water Intake Of Your Cat

Water plays a paramount role in deciding the frequency of your cat’s poop. Feeding your cat dry food can result in less frequent defecate.

Also, feeding dry food and all-dry diet can lead to constipation and trouble in passing stool. You can consult with your veterinary doctor for switching to wet food diet which is healthy for your cat.

How Often Should A Cat Poop

5. The Medical Condition Of Your Cat

A lot depends upon the medical condition of your cat. If your cat is suffering from any disease such as arthritis, hairballs, parasites, blockage, hyperthyroidism and other similar diseases, then it will affect the frequency of your cat’s poop.

Other body conditions can also hamper the frequency of poop. For example, if your cat is obese then there are chances that she will poop less frequently as compared to other cats.

6. Medicine Intake Of Your Cat

If your cat is on certain kind of medication then she can alter the number of times she poops. You can consult your vet for possible side effects of the medication including the effects on bowel movements.

7. External Environment

Cats are shy and refrain socializing. If you ambush them while they are pooping, then it can induce social stress in them which can lead to constipation.

How Often Should A Cat Poop

Also, a dirty litter box will force them to change their frequency of bowel movements. Other environmental factors such as weather, season and surrounding can have an impact on the number of times your cat poops.

Always make sure that the litter box is clean and kept in its place to instill healthy bowel movements habit in your pet cat.

The factors mentioned above can drastically affect the number of times your cat defecates in a day. Ensure that your cat is happy with the surroundings and the food fed to her. Good cat parenting can help a lot in improving the health of your feline friend.

There is no specific answer to how long can a cat go without pooping, but it is normal for cats to poop once in two days.

How Often Do Cats Poop: Rules Of Thumb

how often do cats poop

Considering the frequency of your cat’s poop, there are two thumb rules which should be followed:

General Rule Of Thumb

Your cat must poop at least once daily and the poop excreted must be somewhat solid, brownish in color and not with a foul smell. Also, make sure that your cat defecates comfortably.

Specific Rule Of Thumb

If you experience any change in the pooping pattern of your cat or if your cat doesn't poop for two days in a row then it is time to visit your veterinary doctor for a check up.

When Should You Be Worried?

Since your cat won't be able to describe if she is going through any difficulty with the digestive system, therefore, it falls upon your shoulders to keep a check on your cat’s poop timing, pattern, color, and smell to make sure that your cat is in healthy condition.

Much like human beings, cats also need to poop once a day to maintain a healthy digestive system. Color, texture, and odor of your cat can be indicative of her health.

Usually, a healthy cat’s poop is deep brown, has a distinctive yet bearable odor and is neither too solid nor too liquid.

How Often Should A Cat Poop

If you think that the poop of your cat is nothing like described above, then there are chances that there is something wrong with the bowel movements of your cat and you need to consult a veterinary doctor on an immediate basis.

Considering the question: How often should cats poop? There is no specific answer to this but as we have told you that it is perfectly normal for a cat to poop once in two days so as it mostly depends on the factors mentioned above.

As per Dr. Richard Goldstein who is a famous veterinary doctor, if your cat is pooping three times a day then there is nothing worry about, and the frequency of poop in cats depends largely upon the food eaten. More than that or less than that can be an issue.

You should be worried if you observe a change in the frequency of the number of times your cat goes for poop. If your cat hasn't pooped for a couple of days, then you should be worried. If you see your cat facing any difficulty while pooping, then it is a reason for getting worried.

You can get all your queries related to the pooping frequency of your cat solved by paying a visit to your veterinary doctor. He will guide you towards the right approach you must adopt to keep your cat in a healthy condition.

Pooping less can also mean that your cat is suffering from constipation and too much pooping can be a sign of diarrhea. Following are the symptoms of constipation and diarrhea which you must look out for:

Symptoms Of Constipation

How Often Should A Cat Poop

Constipation is mainly caused due to chronic diseases such as diabetes, hyperthyroidism, kidney diseases and improper diet. Its symptoms are as follows:

  • exclamation-triangle
  • exclamation-triangle
    Dry and rigid poop
  • exclamation-triangle
    Loss of appetite
  • exclamation-triangle

Symptoms Of Diarrhea

How Often Should A Cat Poop

Cats also suffer from diarrhea like a human. Abrupt changes in diet, stale food and allergies can lead to diarrhea. Some of the symptoms of diarrhea are:

  • exclamation-triangle
    Liquid stool
  • exclamation-triangle
    Frequent poops
  • exclamation-triangle
    Pain in stomach
  • exclamation-triangle

Few Important Points To Keep In Mind

How Often Should A Cat Poop
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    Never ignore blood in the stool of your cat. If you happen to notice blood in the poop of your cat then immediately rush to your veterinary doctor and get your cat examined.
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    Your cat can go up to a maximum of two days without pooping. If she hasn't pooped for more than two days, then there can be an issue with her digestive system.
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    Never try to give your cat an enema at home as it can be fatal for your cat. Phosphate containing enema can lead to a rectal tear and life threatening dehydration.
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    There can be a plenty of reasons why your cat is pooping too much, and it is better to take her to a doctor instead of trying a remedy at home.
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    Monitor the litter box of your cat and analyze the quality of poop by scooping, which is an effective way of determining the health of your pet cat.
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    Invent new ways to introduce water into your cat’s diet as cats usually don't like to drink water which is essential for regular bowel movements.

Reading the factors mentioned above must have given you an idea about ‘How often do cats poop'. These factors have an important role to play in the frequency of the poop.


You can inculcate the habit of defecation on a regular basis in your cat by involving her in physical activities and feeding more water to her. A high-fiber diet is also a good means to help keep your cat’s excretion controlled.

After reading this article, you must have realized that cats are more or less like human beings and you must have got the answer for the frequently asked question ‘Why does my cat poop too much’?

They need to poop once daily to keep their digestive system in good shape. Sometimes they can poop as much as thrice in a day which is completely normal. By keeping an eye on their pooping pattern, you can save your pet cat from a visit to the vet.

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