Pretty Litter Reviews: A Good Way To Know About Your Cat’s Health

It is only natural that as a doting cat parent, you would obviously be involved and concerned about your cat’s health. When your cute cat starts to display a sick behavior, it can get stressful for both you and your family members in your home.

In such a case, it would be pretty nice to be capable of detecting any initial condition yourself that your cat may be enduring before it starts to develop to a critical point. This is why we are offering an apt solution in the form of Pretty litter product, which serves to take out such guesswork out of your life.


pretty litter reviews


This subject is a personal experience in my case. My close friend has just recently lost his pet cat to a deadly kidney infection. This was very unfortunate; especially because his cat was too far ahead in the disease before we could even detect it in its initial phase. His cat was the cutest orange creature, who had fallen victim to such a minor disease because of late detection.

Cats are usually very adept at concealing their pains. This is why, even though illnesses can start out as small cases, they are capable of growing into larger issues before the cat can even start to display the indications of pain or illness. We are hence providing Pretty litter reviews for your handy reference in such a case.

Things To Consider While Buying A Health Monitoring Cat Litter

Things To Consider While Buying A Health Monitoring Cat Litter


Are you looking for a good litter product that can function as a pointer towards your cat’s health? In this section, we are going to talk about the various considerations to be deemed while buying an efficient health monitoring cat litter product.

1. Eco Friendly And Feline Safe Materials

Numerous different material types that are used to make health monitoring cat litter products. Many cat litter products even tend to combine several materials. With a diversity of choices, it is essential to comprehend the cons and pros of the assorted kinds of materials. More often than not, such health supervising cat products are usually formulated out of natural materials, such as water and silica sand.

Moreover, you must make certain that such a product is safe for felines and does not pose any health issues when ingested by a cat. It must be able to naturally pass through the cat’s body in case it is digested. Also, its sensory technology, known as the health indicators, must be made out of natural dyes, which can pose no danger to the surroundings or the cat’s health. All in all, it must be eco friendly and feline-safe.

2. Litter Smell

You will encounter a host of depictions regarding the smell of a good health monitoring cat litter, such as non-scented, natural scented, and the like. It is imperative that you look into the intensity of such non-odor litters. The litter must be free from dust and must not have any odor when poured out into a cat litter box.

A good cat litter must be able to trap the urine and the pee odor when in the vicinity of the feline waste. There is a range of natural products to choose from, which are wood-based and plant-based and give off a more agreeable natural scent. All you would need to work on is tossing the poop out and trap the following smell with the means of its silica properties. In a good health monitoring cat litter, you will not smell any unwanted odors, provided that you regularly toss out the cat’s poop.

3. Ability To Mix With Other Cat Litter Products

You must make sure that the perfect health monitoring cat litter that you finally choose must be able to mix well with other cat litter products. This is so as to firstly aid your furry friend in adjusting to a fresh type of cat litter.

4. Price

The cost is an important factor for buying any health monitoring cat litter. This is because cat litter will always be a must-have in any household cats as pets. Hence, you must make sure that you buy a cat litter product so that a single bag of litter can last a whole month for 1 cat at least in any medium sized cat litter tray.

5. Diagnosing Health Issues

Any health monitoring cat litter product must assist all cat parents in getting alert of certain initial health problems and getting more control of supervising their cat’s regular health. Cat parents should regularly continue to bring their cats to get consistent veterinary health visits. These products are in no way diagnostic but using such health monitoring cat litter products help in becoming aware of probable health issues in their early stage and hopefully save significant amount of money in emergency veterinary bills in the long run.

What Is Pretty Litter?

pretty litter reviews


  • The Pretty Litter product was innovated in 2015 by a U.S. based pet wellness firm established by Daniel Rotman that goes by the Pretty Litter name as well. The product was formulated and brought out after the demise of the company owner’s cat. The cat owner, then created the idea of a premature detection, health monitoring cat litter, which could alert cat parents of a probable medical problem before it gets to be a serious condition. This technology of the Pretty Litter product was created with an entire team of pet health scientists and veterinarians.
  • The biggest selling point of the Pretty Litter product is that it aids cat owners in detecting distinct urinary abnormalities prematurely by means of altering colors when this cat litter comes in contact with probable feline health conditions. This product can, thus, help you in detecting your cat’s condition before the vet does. Due to the brand’s uttermost concern for a pet’s health and safety, it makes substantial quality checks so as to make sure that its product standards are fulfilled.
  • This remarkable product is easy to apply as its absorbing crystal does not tend to clump on each other. It absorbs moisture effectively and makes certain that there is an odor-free environment. Due to its dryness, it doesn’t allow bacteria or other germ particles to cultivate and averts any prospect of getting the kitty sick.
  • Pretty Litter has a unique formula that makes more it durable; a sole 4-pound package will be sufficient to last a month. This product is formulated with natural elements only and doesn’t have any chemicals. It is eco-friendly and biodegradable. As it makes use of risk-free silica gel for assembling the poop, it is non-toxic even when ingested. If ingested, the product turns into a fine powder and comes out with the poop easily.
  • You can make use of this Pretty Litter to make certain that the well being of your kitty is up to the mark without any problems. No other cat litter can provide you with this kind of peace and ease in the way this litter does. Otherwise, it is pretty difficult to confirm if your kitty is enduring any problem. The color altering characteristic of Pretty Litter aids the cat parent as it monitors the pee and transforms the color accordingly on detection of any issue.

How Does Pretty Litter Work?

How Does Pretty Litter Work


You can pour Pretty Litter into your kitty’s litter box and make certain that it is at least 2 inches deep all the way through the whole box. It must be daily cleaned with poop being eradicated through a scooper. While cleaning your cat litter box, you will detect colored spaces signifying the area where your kitty has peed. This is how you can decode the varied colors of the Pretty Litter product:

  • Dark yellow or olive green: Standard urine
  • Blue: Elevated alkaline levels that can point to Struvite Crystal developments, FLUTD, or kidney problems
  • Green: Nonstandard acidity that can signify calcium oxalate crystals, kidney issues, FLUTD, or urinary obstruction in males
  • Orange: Existence of bilirubin
  • Red: Occurrence of blood that can point toward FLUTD or Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disorder, Interstitial Cystitis, or(Crystalluria) Crystals. In some exceptional cases, this can also denote an internal injury, bladder cancer, poison ingestion, or cases of heat if it is she cat above 4 months old.

Note that temporary color sometimes alters due to a fresh diet, temporary stresses, or alterations in the environment that can result in an elevation or drop in your kitty’s pH levels.

Who Should Use Pretty Litter?

Who Should Use Pretty Litter


Pretty Litter is like any other cat litter product. Other than holding the basic requirements of a cat litter product, this product has additional features as well. It can be made use of by any concerned cat parent who wishes to get a regular evaluation of their cat’s health. This product can detect changes in almost every aspect of a cat’s condition, range from its stress level, physical condition, environmental change, alteration in diet and many more of the kind.

This is an apt cat litter product that can help in eradicating any doubts regarding a cat’s health. As a cat parent, you can use this product as a means to evaluate the regular health of your cat.

Pros And Cons Of Pretty Litter

We have made a detailed list of the pros and cons of the Pretty Litter product:

Pros And Cons Of Pretty Litter



  • Makes your tasks much simpler as it goes away with the urine
  • Saves your money as it tends to last longer than the average cat litters
  • Biodegradable and chemical-free, hence it is safe for your feline even when ingested
  • Color coded so it can help in monitoring the well-being of your kitty
  • Odor control​​​​
  • Top notch absorption abilities
  • Nil cluttering and makes scooping easy
  • Not dusty and does not spread everywhere
  • Odorless​​​​
  • Environmental friendly


  • A few people prefer sand-based litters better than the silica-based.​​​​
  • Its odor neutralizer has more scope for improvement

Features Of Pretty Litter Reviews

The features of the Pretty Litter have been enumerated below for your handy information:

Safer and cleaner

This clumping cat litter makes use of a chemical agent for creating clump that can be scooped. Pretty Litter makes use of non-clumping crystals that are formed from natural minerals. This is harmless for felines, even on breathing or digesting it.

Good at odor control

The Pretty Litter product is scentless and odorless. On contact with pee, it tends to trap the smell and get rid of the moisture.

Extra features

  • The product alters its color in accordance with your cat’s health condition.
  • It is 80% lighter in comparison to other cat litters.​​​​ 
  • It is free from dust and hence there is lesser litter tracking.
  • Its four-pound package can last a whole month.​​​​
  • Pretty Litter is made with natural components, which are biodegradable and harmless to felines.
  • The product functions in a similar manner as any different cat litter. You simply have to pour it out in the cat litter box and let your kitty make use of it. Pretty Litter itself will transform its color with no interference on anyone’s part.

So, these are the various features of the Pretty Litter. If you want to know more about Pretty Litter, then watch this video.

Customer Reviews: Pretty Litter Reviews

Scrolling through the various reviews of the Pretty Litter product has provided a good idea of the various responses by users. There are a majority of cat parents who have deeply appreciated the product as a very helpful tool to spot various diseases in their cats. The product has also been given a wide applause on public platforms for its odorless and dustless properties. However, some reviewers say that the Pretty Litter has some scope of improvement in the odor neutralizing department.


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This product specifically helps cat parents detect if their cat is suffering from FLUTD. This is compatible with all kinds of litters, counting silica gel, wheat, clay, pine, corn, and paper.


  • Runs on all kinds of cat litters
  • Detects various urine abnormalities​​​​​​​​​​
  • Chemical-free
  • Strong pH indicates if your cat is unwell and needs medical help


  • The readings are less strong and do not show well
  • Color coding is hard to read
  • The crystals vanish under the cat litter after it digs
  • Dusts, which is perilous for both humans and cats

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This is the sole cat litter product allowing visual monitoring of a cat’s health and gives early warnings for FLUTD. It is ultra lightweight and has extra clumping properties.


  • Fine and soft texture for cat’s paws that can mimic clay
  • Can absorb four times the liquid amount as clay
  • Dust-free
  • Extra premium clumping strength
  • Environment-friendly and biodegradable


  • Easily tracked
  • Very expensive​​​​​​​
  • Cannot handle many liquids

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This product is known particularly for its hypo-allergenic non-plant proteins. It is an efficient tool for detecting the regular health of your cat. It offers a high level of smell management in contrast to others.


  • Dust-free
  • Natural
  • Hard clumping


  • Quite heavy​​​​​​​
  • Clumping and odor control not up to mark


All in all, Pretty Litter is quite a useful litter product. It is a must-have for the early and regular detection of diseases and disturbances in your cat. It is most necessary that your cat is regularly checked and taken care of so that he or she may live a long and healthy life. The Pretty Litter product is an extremely valued asset to have by any cat-loving owner. In order to check out this product, click here. If you have any further questions for us and warm inputs for other cat owners, you are most welcome to put your comments in the section below.

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