Why Do Cats Lay On Paper? An Intriguing Habit Of Cats

Do you know why your cat likes paper so much? Are you worried why does your cat sits on a piece of paper so often? Is your cat showing an inclination towards paper? If the answer to these questions is a yes, then this blog post about why do cats lay on paper is certainly for you.


Why Do Cats Lay On Paper?

There are several reasons to why do cats like to lay on paper. These reasons are listed below


Cats are attention seekers. They love being around their owners all the time. They feel very secure whenever they lie down in front of their human parents.This is why your kitty sits on the paper so that she can get your special attention. She knows that there has to be something fascinating in the paper due to which you are not paying attention to her.

why do cats lay on paper

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Some cats like to paw your arm whenever you lie down. Therefore, all cat parents should make a schedule of the time they spend with their cat(s). This time would especially be dedicated to the kitty to play, pat, and cuddle with her so that the kitty can get the attention she is seeking. Other than this, she likes to sit on my lap whenever I am reading a magazine or a newspaper.


It gives enormous happiness to a kitty whenever it lies on newspapers. Cats love to play with paper so that they can feel your warmth. It is a moment of joy and comfort for the kitty. The newspaper gives the feline a warm surface to sit on, apart from a warming mat.

Recycled newspaper material gives protection to the kitty from various elements. Moreover, kitties love to sit on warm spots as they give them a lot of pleasure. Cats, particularly, look for warm spots where they can snuggle.

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Another reason as to why do cats like to lay on paper is that they have a scent gland on their face, which is used by them in marking their territory. Kitties have a habit of depositing scents whenever they sit on paper.

Paper absorbs scent quickly as it is made up of wood. Your feline friend’s own scent and your scent combined together providing a lot of comfort to cats. That is why they like to sit on the paper, which retains that smell.

why do cats lay on paper

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Earlier, toxic inks were used in the printing of the newspaper but today they are made with soy-based inks. This ink is very safe as it cannot harm your kitty whenever she lies on the newspaper. Especially, during the time when she is rolling over the newspaper print.

You should keep in mind that your feline likes to shred the newspaper by using its claws whenever it sits on the paper. Plus, cats also have a habit of chewing the newspaper whenever they feel bored. It is not safe to allow your kitty to eat paper whenever she is engaged in playing games, instead give her balls filled with food.


A cat is a naturally curious creature. It always checks things around him or her, particularly any new elements such as furniture or litter boxes in their surroundings.

why do cats lay on paper

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A cat knows every corner in your house. So, when you bring in a new thing in your house, it may attract her such as a newspaper or magazine.


Cats are extremely territorial by nature. They tend to mark out small claims on objects and areas they enjoy or like. Lying or sitting on an object is equivalent to making it more as their own. They also feel comfortable sitting on it.


Your cat’s peculiar habit of preferring to lie on paper may be perceived as something to do with how they were treated and trained at a young age. In most households with domestic cats, cat owners initially start to introduce their kitten’s excrete training with bits of paper on which they were taught to finish their business.

why do cats lay on paper

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This paper training is made use of in place of actual cat litter. This can play as a memory trigger in their minds and whenever they see a piece of paper, it serves as a comforting memory of their childhood.

Purring with pleasure

It is a common knowledge for cat parents that if there is paper present anywhere in a cat’s vicinity, their furry friend is bound to be intrigued by it. You can try and check this by laying a bit of paper on the floor and see if your cat will sit down on it rather than sitting on a carpet or mat near it.

As the piece of paper crunches beneath your cat’s small paws, you will mostly hear your furry friend purring in pleasure. An additional tip, to remember is when you supply your kitty with newspaper pages to sit and purr on, you must also remember to alter the paper pages regularly, to retain the crunch.


As in the case of people, your kitty can have his or her preferences as well. It may probably be that your furry friend just prefers the paper piece to lay on over anything else. Among my own cats, my favorite one, named Kuki also loves to lay and relax on paper. However, the other one never tends to prefer paper at all. It is for the reason that he is bored and is searching for an object to play with.

Your cats are just like little children. Different sounds tend to attract them and so do some particular textures for a varied number of causes. Though the sound of my cat pulling at paper pieces makes me crazy, but she since apparently likes it I have become habituated.

why do cats lay on paper

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More often than not, a cat tends to lie on paper for the sole reason of playfulness and curiosity. Paper being a soft texture often serves as a good reminder of their childhood comfort and also as a good material to lie on and keep warm.

In my personal opinion derived from my own brood of cats, I would deem that cats generally have a leniency to lie on paper, due to the very reason of warmth and crunchiness that the texture of paper provides. It is the most commonly available item in any given household, and as such, comes up as the first at-hand option to derive warmth for a kitty.

Sometimes your cat jumps up to sit on the newspaper you are reading to attract the attention of its owner. Check out this cool video to see it:


Now, you can have a better idea of why do cats lay on paper. Sitting on and playing on paper gives enormous happiness to felines. They like to crumple and eat the paper as it makes them very happy. So, if you want to keep your kitty happy, then the paper is what you need to give them.

why do cats lay on paper

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