The Maine Coon Price and Where to Find Them

If you are a cat lover, then you are likely going to be familiar with some of the popular breeds of cats. For Maine Coon moms and pops, we can't deny that our furry friends are some of the lovable creatures on planet earth. Their affectionate character is not the only thing that distinguishes them from their fellow feline counterparts.

There are other features about coons that make them a highly attractive cat breed. If you are looking to adopt a new cat, or interested in finding a Maine Coon price, then you want to read on till the end of the article.

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Long Hair Cat Care: How To Take Care Of Furry Cats

Cats love their coats, and they lick themselves clean as often as they can, but as pet lovers, we still have huge roles to play when it comes to our pets. Cats sometimes need some additional assistance for long hair cat care from their owners. Brushing, washing, and inspecting your cats regularly will decrease fur balls and keep their skin and hair complete healthy, bright, and free of tangles.

Although short-haired cats have the same issue as long-haired cats, long-haired cats are especially prone to fur balls. Therefore, limiting the quantity of hair that they may swallow by brushing them regularly. 

Another prevalent issue with long-haired cats is the knots in their hair that get twisted.

If you are a first-time cat owner, don’t worry; this article will put you through. Taking proper care of your cat is pretty easy and fun; although there are times when we are exhausted from the hard work we put in to make a great cat lover.

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The 5 Best Pet Hair Removers of 2020

Are you hunting for the best pet hair remover tools? Do you need help with picking ideal equipment for removing dog hair or cat hair? If yes, you should be surprised to know that many pet owners look for such tools. To tap the presence of so many buyers, various brands offer a range of tools. You may get overwhelmed with this wide variety.

However, not all products are worth considering. In such a situation, it's advised to assess a few highly-rated tools to pick the best one matching your specifics.

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5 Care Tips for New Cat Owners That You Need To Know

Being a cat owner is a lot more different than being a dog owner. While the latter requires more maintenance cats are rather easy to deal with. But that does not mean they do not need special treatment or care. If you want to raise a loveable and healthy cat, you will need to take good care of it. You need to know care tips for new cat owners. You can take help from someone to get you started. From food to grooming, you will have to make sure that you are fulfilling all its needs. In this article, we have mentioned a few tips that can help a cat owner take better care of their cat. So, if you are a new cat owner, then here is how you can get started.

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Why Cats Love Heated Sleeping Spots And Beds

Do you know why cats love heated sleeping spots and beds? A kitty is not fond of the fresh, cold temperatures instead seeking out sunspots or areas that are heated. Not only do they seek out warmer places for napping, but your cat is going to be in the mood for more attention from you. Cuddling and affection is your furry feline’s way of staying comfortable in the winter months.

Noting cats descend from ancient desert animals, a significant effort for a domestic breed to thrive in anything but a climate that is on the toasty side needs extending. They boast a body temperature of over 100 degrees Fahrenheit (ca. 38 °C), meaning that these temperature-sensitive creatures who inhabit colder regions need to find ways to compensate to keep themselves from being cold. Some species tout fluffy, thick coats, but for the most part, kitties rely on heating sources, including their owners, to keep up to temperature. Follow to learn how to make your cat cozy at home.

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10 Health Tips To Make Your Pet Happy

Parenting a pet is a full time job! Pets, be it feathered, furry or scaled are the most important part of any pet parent's life. Being a pet parent is ensuring to do what is best for your pets. You need to know some health tips to make your pet happy. Pets at any age group, be it senior or junior pets, require a great amount of care for them to live a healthy and happy life.

From proper nutrition and preventative medications to pet grooming and mental stimulation there is a lot that is required to ensure that the pet is leading a healthy life. 

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Top 8 Big Cat Tree House Reviews of 2020

We believe that every cat deserves not just a home, but a home for itself within a warm, caring home. In that respect, we strive to find you the very best home for your cat in the form of a tree, a condo, or a house. That's why we are talking about the big cat tree house.

No matter how many cats you have, it’s impossible to resist the urge to spoil them rotten and cater to their absolute every need, isn’t it? So even if you only have one cat or a house-full, here are the biggest and absolutely most luxurious cat tree houses under the sun because after all – every cat deserves a castle!

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CBD Cat Treats: Adding CBD to Your Pet’s Treats

With the rise of various diseases among pets and the continuing increase in veterinary treatments, pet parents have looked for alternative treatment methods that are more natural and relatively cheap. They want more natural treatments for their babies because they come with fewer side effects. One of those treatment methods is CBD cat treats.

Pet parents, of course, look for cheaper treatments for obvious reasons. Who wouldn’t want to pay less for the same results and be able to save money? As natural products for treating health conditions for humans become more and more popular, likely, using them for pets will eventually be a trend. With the success of such kind of products in treating humans, it only makes sense to try it on pets.

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4 Things You’re Probably Doing That Veterinarians Wouldn’t

Caring for a pet is not easy - everyone knows that it's almost as caring for a child. Even if you love your pet more than anything, you can make mistakes. There are some things you're probably doing that veterinarians wouldn't, and that's okay. After all, you're not a vet that spend several years in school learning the dos and don'ts of taking care of an animal. The important part is to recognize that you are making a mistake and fix it.

To make it a little easier for you, here are some of the things that you might be doing wrong.

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