Five Warning Signs That Your Cat Needs To Visit a Veterinarian

Having a cat is one of the adorable responsibilities. A feline friend will help you to relieve your stress while you will play with them. The bond between a cat owner and a cat is beautiful. But along with all the care and love you give to your cat, it is necessary for you to consider their health as well.

No matter how well you keep them, there will be times a cat may exhibit some symptoms. These can lead to serious health conditions.


If you are concerned about your cat’s health, here are the top symptoms that you shouldn’t ignore.

Any Obvious Distress

Cats are adorable, and they show their love and attention when they feel good. But they are also stoic and hide what they are feeling. If you discover your cat is in distress and find it howling, crying, hiding, or sleeping more than normal, you should be alert as there is something that can be serious.

Delaying and ignoring these symptoms only worsen the cat’s health. So, the best thing is to take them to the veterinarian on time.

Repeated Vomiting

Cats usually vomit food or hair. But if you find your cat vomiting more than normal, it will indicate that there is something wrong with the health. You should contact the veterinarian for the check-ups.

If the cat continues eating and drinking more and uses the litter box, it is a sign to be concerned too. On the contrary, if you find your car eating and drinking nothing for a day –it can be an emergency.

A Lump or Unusual Growth 

Lumps or bumps may look harmless, but if you haven’t examined them, there is nothing good you can tell about them. If you examine some physical change in your cat and find it a discomfort for them, it is effective to contact the veterinarian with the mobile CT scan for cat services so you will not have to travel.

Regular examination of your cat can prevent them from developing any stressful health condition.

Any Trauma of Fighting

Pets get stuck in cars or get tangled with other animals. Cats do the same as well and feel traumatized. If you find your cat experiencing anything like that, it is a sign to take them to the veterinarian.

They may not be externally hurt, but there are chances of some internal injuries or bleeding. Only a veterinarian can identify and help in the healing.

Taking your cat to the veterinarian will reduce the risk of any infection. Your cat will start to feel better and healthy.

Abnormal Litter Box Behavior

The change in the behavior of the litter box, especially in male cats, can indicate a serious health condition. If you find your cat peeing outside the litter box or crying after peeing a little, it can be a sign of urinary obstruction. Whether you are a new cat owner or an experienced one, these signs will help you.

It is better to contact the veterinarian as early as you can to prevent any worst health condition of your cat.

Luna Tran

My name is Luna and I am a great cat lover and a cat owner of three lovely cats. I have owned many cats till now and have dedicated many years to nurturing and caring cats. Through this blog, I am here to share my knowledge and experience about cats.