Carpet Fleas Elimination: Top Methods to Keep Your Pet Safe

Many people don't know how difficult it is to eliminate fleas. Everyone is accustomed to thinking that these insects live only on pets, and the problem can be solved with a regular spray. Nevertheless, pests can easily settle in the house and bite your family, thereby transmitting various diseases. Among the most serious ones, it is worth noting hepatitis B and C, as well as encephalitis and various types of allergies. In this article, you will find effective anti-flea methods like sprays, powders, and other flea bombs that work.


Ways Fleas Enter the House

There are several ways these pests can enter your home. The most common is through your pets. Dogs or cats, who walk freely outside, can carry fleas on their fur. These insects quickly move to your furniture and carpets and get used to living this way. To prevent the pests from entering this route, wear flea collars on your pets.

You can also bring fleas in the dirt on the soles of your shoes and clothes. If your neighbors have carpet fleas, they are more likely to get over to you. If you live in a house or on the ground floor of an apartment building, fleas can be brought by mice and rats living in basements. Besides, a strong gust of wind can also bring these insects into your room. And given how high fleas jump, they can easily leap into the window.

It is not difficult to notice the appearance of these pests. The determining factor is the behavior of pets. You will see that your cat or dog has started to itch more than usual. There are several reasons for it, but the main one is skin irritation from flea bites. If you don't have pets, you may see bug feces on furniture and carpets that look like tiny black or dark brown specks. Also, red itchy dots that mean flea bites may appear on your skin.

How to Get Rid of Insects

These pests multiply very quickly, so as soon as you spot the first signs of infestation, you need to take drastic measures. Fortunately, the current market offers many effective methods and products to control these insects.

carpet fleas elimination

Chemical products

When choosing chemical methods for dealing with fleas, keep in mind that they should be pet-friendly first of all. Many modern sprays are safe for cats and dogs and do not damage surfaces. You can use them on carpets, furniture, floors, wall cracks, and pet rugs. When buying, the main thing is to calculate the required volume correctly, as to get rid of fleas, you will literally have to process the whole house. Because the pests lay eggs that are usually resistant to some chemicals, you’d better choose a long-lasting agent. Therefore, when young species hatch, they will also die from the active components of a spray.

Another method, which has proven to be effective, is the use of foggers. Their principle of action is much like sprays, but they are more suitable for rooms with a lot of small furniture and hard-to-reach places. The main thing is to make sure during processing that all the windows and doors are tightly closed; otherwise, the draft will quickly blow out the fogger. You can also use powder insecticides to control fleas in your carpet. It penetrates deeply into textiles and upholstery and retains its effect for a long time. At the same time, it is safe for pets and humans, so you can not be afraid of direct contact.

When choosing an indoor product, be sure also to buy special flea treatments for your cat or dog. If the pet is infected, it will negate all your attempts to eradicate the pests in the house. If possible, put your four-legged friend "in quarantine" in a separate room.

DIY methods

Clean floors, carpets, and furniture are one of the main methods for controlling insects. It is important to thoroughly vacuum even hard-to-reach areas to remove adult fleas and prevent them from further multiplying. A vacuum cleaner bag's contents should be immediately taken to a trash can and not kept in the house. The use of a steam generator has also proven its effectiveness. Steam furniture and carpets and vacuum them further. You can take all the soft items out into the fresh air and leave them under the scorching sun in the warm season.

"Freezing" also copes well with pests. If you are trying to get fleas out in winter, you can open all the windows and leave the house for a while. These insects cannot live at low temperatures and die rather quickly. If possible, take the rugs and cushions outside and keep them there for a few days. It should kill the flea eggs.

Diatomaceous earth or insecticides based on it are safe for pets and humans. It is effective against all insects that have a durable exoskeleton. It is a non-chemical product with a physical effect on flea bodies. Using Diatomaceous earth is considered a "dirty" method, as you will have to sprinkle it on the carpet and furniture, leave the house for a while, and then vacuum it thoroughly. A mixture of baking soda and table salt has a similar effect.

Prevent Re-infestation

Now that you know how to deal with fleas let's talk about how to prevent re-infestation. Unfortunately, there is always the possibility that these pests will come back to you again. The main way to avoid it is to keep your backyard and the inside of the house clean. Trim your grass regularly, do not feed stray dogs or cats, and spray your lawn and floor periodically with mild insecticides.

Since pets are the primary way of how fleas enter your home, provide them with adequate hygiene. You can talk with your veterinarian about choosing the best shampoo or other flea products such as nutritional supplements. Brush your cat’s or dog's fur regularly with fine-bristled hair removers. They remove dead hairs and will help you quickly identify any pest infestation.

Additionally, you can discuss the problem with your neighbors. If you get rid of the insects, but they remain in the next apartment, they are likely to return soon. It is also recommended to inspect basements and treat them with powerful insecticides. For the destruction of pests, you should use several methods, which have different effects, at once. Only a holistic approach will help you completely get rid of carpet fleas in your home.

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