The 5 Best Pet Hair Removers of 2020

Are you hunting for the best pet hair remover tools? Do you need help with picking ideal equipment for removing dog hair or cat hair? If yes, you should be surprised to know that many pet owners look for such tools. To tap the presence of so many buyers, various brands offer a range of tools. You may get overwhelmed with this wide variety.

However, not all products are worth considering. In such a situation, it's advised to assess a few highly-rated tools to pick the best one matching your specifics.


The 5 Best Pet Hair Removers

Essentially, it’s a tool meant to get rid of pet hair that gets scattered all over the place. Many people use a broom to clean dog hair. However, a broom can’t get to all areas. Also, cat hair can get stuck on the floor or carpet. As such, removing them with a broom isn't possible.

You need a device that will pick up stuck hair. That’s what a pet hair remover does. An ideal removing tool picks up dry as well as wet pet hair from all surfaces. The device works just like home cleaning equipment. However, it's unique in that it's specifically meant for ensuring a fur-free home.

Today, many such devices are available on the market. You've to act meticulously to choose the right one. Here are some of the popular models.

1. ChomChom Roller

If the idea of scattered pet hair makes you cringe, then the ChomChom roller ought to be on your watch-list. Many people endorse this roller on numerous sites. A quick scan should give you a fair overview of the product. The device works effectively to your fullest satisfaction.

Unlike a conventional lint roller. ChomChom doesn't use any adhesive or sticky tape. Rather, it uses a fine-bristled roller to collect fur and secures it in a pet hair chamber. Once the chamber gets filled, you may empty it as you like. The tool works on all surfaces such as carpets, beds, and sofas. Although the roller is a bit pricey, the benefits you derive outweigh the cost on all points. 

2. Gonzo pet hair lifter

This small piece of equipment may look nothing. However, it can do wonders when it comes to removing fur from floors and other surfaces. It resembles an ordinary sponge, but it delivers fruitful results. The sponge does double-duty lifting fur from all surface areas of your house.

Gonzo is used dry and helps to remove hair from bedding, clothing, curtains, and couches. It's the most cost-effective alternative to a sticky roller as you could use this handy tool over and over with no issues. Gonzo is about 6 inches long and 3 inches wide, making it easy for you to tuck it in a cabinet or drawer when not in use.

3. Mudeela pet hair remover brush

Ask a female pet owner, and she'll tell you that she always carries a lint roller in her purse. While many hand-held devices deliver results, the Mudeela pet hair remover is a tiny, powerful tool that you may accompany in your briefcase or purse. Although small, the brush works effectively to remove stuck fur from many surfaces when you're on a vacation or tour.

Essentially, it's a brush with tiny bristles for collecting fur and removing it from clothes. When you sweep, the fur gets collected in a tray that you could empty as per your convenience. The device folds itself, making it easier to carry in a small bag. This powerful removing tool makes a great choice for pet owners who've to pick pet hair all day.

4. FURemover broom

Do you’ve a hardwood floor that collects pet fur all day? If yes, switch to a better broom - FU Remover broom. A traditional broom is just okay for cleaning typical messes. However, when it boils down to cat hair or dog hair. you need something unique. The rubber bristles of FU Remover are exactly that you want for getting rid of fur from your floor.

The device works just like an over-sized lint roller that pulls fur for easy removal. The best thing about this innovative broom is you can use it for regular floor cleaning too. In simple terms, the FU Remover does a fantastic job of cleaning messes as well as pet hair from your floor and other surfaces. 

5. Vacuums

Although rollers, brooms, and sponges are commonly used for fur cleaning, vacuuming devices are much better per hair remover tools. As well as tucking hair and fur from surfaces, vacuums available at let you collect fur from corners and hard-to-reach areas. Some of the popular vacuums are mentioned below.

Dyson's upright vacuum

When you've multiple pets at your home, the importance of a stellar vacuum becomes evident for a fur-free home. In addition to clearing the clutter, the device makes your guests pleased as they take a look at your well-cleaned floors and walls. Although a bit pricey, the vacuum works effectively and delivers promising results.

Plus, the device comes with a 5-year warranty, making it a safer investment. It could collect even the lightest pet fur. The self-adjusting head can switch from hardwood to carpet for ease of operation. On the other hand, the HEPA filtration system works perfectly for those who suffer from asthma or allergies.

Bissell cordless hand vacuum

If you dwell in a small room and are short of space, consider investing in this cordless vacuum. Although small, it's powerful enough to collect fur and hair from all areas of your place. The high-powered suction lets you do the job effectively.

As the device is cordless, you may clean even the remotest areas of your home. The tool also features an upholstery and crevice tool, making it perfect for cleaning every cranny and nook. Choose this mini vacuum, and you're sure to enjoy a fur-free home within no time.

Bottom line

Picking the best pet hair remover tools can be a cumbersome chore, thanks to numerous products out there. Also, many parameters need your consideration to pick the right device. That can eat plenty of time and legwork on your end. However, you could get through this challenging chore through patience and product comparison. Just assess highly-rated tools detailed above in line with your requirements and budget. With a thorough assessment, you could easily make an ideal choice.

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