How To Get Rid Of Pet Hair – 5 Ways To Solve Pet Hair Problems

Pets are cute loving animals, but seeing pet hair everywhere in your house is quite frustrating especially when you have no clue how to get rid of pet hair. Cats and dogs leave hair everywhere and even if you do regular cleaning or dusting, some new tumbleweeds of hair rolling on the floor will always be there. To solve pet hair problems you need something reliable and promising.

Many pet owners complain that they find it challenging to deal with pet hair in cars, home and on their clothes. The problem of fur is a regular problem of their lives. You wish even you could have a magic solution. Well, to solve pet hair concerns, you should have an effective solution. 


How To Get Rid Of Pet Hair

how to get rid of pet hair

Pet hair on carpet, floor and furniture is a constant problem because they shed more than 85 percent of hair all the time with no seasonality. So what is the best way to deal with pet hair? Vacuuming and brushing your pets regularly is an efficient way to solve pet hair issues. If you have the right vacuum cleaner and appropriate pet brush, then you can do it all by yourself. Some users also use tape rollers on their furniture and clothes to get rid of pet hair easily. Next, we will talk about how to solve the pet hair problems.

5 Ways To Solve Pet Hair Problems

Below we will share 5 ways that how you can solve the pet hair problem completely:

1. Get the right vacuum for home

how to get rid of pet hair

If you have hardwood or tile then choose a vacuum cleaner which is ideal for the type of floor you have. If you have carpets as well then choose the best quality pet vacuum to clean pet hairs. Rubber brooms and squeegee help to scrape the cat or dog hair off the carpet. Then you can use the vacuum cleaner to take of the remaining hair. You need to search for the best vacuums for pet hair and look for the features that match your need.

2. Buy a vacuum with HEPA filtration 

how to get rid of pet hair

Buy a vacuum that has HEPA filtration and it will not just trap the pollutants, but also keep you free of allergies, dander, etc. HEPA means high efficiency particulate hair and this filter forces the air through a fine mesh which traps harmful particles like dander, pollen, dust mites, smokes, tobacco, etc. HEPA ensures air filters are able to remove at least 99.7 percent of pet hair effectively.

3. Air filters should be changed regularly

how to get rid of pet hair

To clean your home, you need the right pet vaccuum cleaner and also change the air filters frequently. If you want the vacuum to operate in the best manner then changing the air filters regularly is a must.

4. Keep your beds and pets clean

how to get rid of pet hair

You should also clean your bedding once a week. Pets should have their own bed as well. If pets sleep with you then it is better to change the bed sheet every day. You should also keep your pets clean. You must keep the pets well groomed. It will minimize the amount of pet hair from being scattered.

how to get rid of pet hair

Bathe your pet regularly and dry them properly. This will also remove pet odors in the house. Get your homes professionally cleaned by the best cleaning companies, twice a month.

5. Your pet’s diet is important

how to get rid of pet hair

If the diet of your pet is not good, then it will definitely shed hair because shedding is a part of your pet’s life, and diet impacts this hair shedding process. Your dog should eat only what is easily digestible. If your pet is not able to digest food, then it will shed hair and it will shed a lot of hair once it grows old. Add raw flaxseed oil to your pet’s diet for best results. A high quality diet will help improve shedding problem in your pets so much.


how to get rid of pet hair

These are some tips on how to get rid of pet hair. To solve the hair problems of the pet, you must invest in the right vacuum as well. It will keep your space neat and clean. Take care of your pet’s hygiene as well. Groom your pet regularly and take care of what your dog or cat eats. Good diet will ensure your pet is not shedding a lot of hair. 

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