How To Get Mats Out Of Cat Fur? Is It Dangerous For Your Kitty?

How to get mats out of cat fur? If you are suffering from this problem because your cat seems to be attracting mats in its fur, then you are just like many of the other cat owners today. This is a problem that is as insufferable for you, as it is for your cat.


how to get mats out of cat fur
how to get mats out of cat fur

What are mats?

Mats are large clumps of hair that become entangled and knotted on the body of your cat over time. As these mats get thicker they become much rougher and can cause a lot of problems for your cat.

Why are mats bad?

These mats can cause uncomfortable itching and even pain to your cat. And that is the reason why your cat might even behave much moodier and angrily because of these mats. As they can even cause skin infection and irritation do your poor kitty.

What causes mats?

Mats are caused by the growth of your cat’s fur. And as they move and go about their daily activity, the fur gets entangled with the things and vigorous body movement of your cats. And this causes the knots and entanglement inside them to happen.

How To Get Mats Out of Cat Fur

But fortunately, I have written this article to help people just like you, so that you can easily learn how to get these nasty mats out of your cat. We don’t want your lovely cat to be uncomfortable for long, and without further ado, here is all you need to know how to get mats out of cat fur:

The first thing that you should know before doing something about these mats is that you should never bathe your cat. You might start smelling a weird odor from your cat over time because of the mats, and you might think about giving her a little bath. But that will only make the matters worse. So, simply follow the points below if you want to get rid of these mats.

how to get mats out of cat fur

Keeping it dry

The first thing that you need to do is to keep your cat as dry as possible. So, this renders any kind of bath out of the way. This is because adding water will only cause your cat’s hair to thicken up and make it even worse.

Alternatively, if your cat is suffering badly, and you can see that her irritation has only gotten worse. Then, you should get yourself a good anti-static spray. But, if you think you still have time before your cat reaches such a condition, then you should wait. You should use specialized talc made for cats and not talcum powder for humans. This is because products made for humans might contain some materials that are toxic for your cat.

Try combing them out

If you have not done it yet, then you should use a cat comb and try brushing your cat regularly. This practice is not just recommended for your cat’s coat’s optimal health, but it also helps to remove mats on its own.

how to get mats out of cat fur

You will be able to untangle and clear out the knots in your cat’s coats with combing. But if you find places where the mats are thicker, then you should use a cat brush with teeth. You should remember to hold the fur that is close to your cat’s skin with your fingers before brushing out the mats. This will help prevent any pain that might be caused due to your brushing.

This brushing will also soothe your cat and will help you learn how to remove mats from cats.

Cut it out

how to get mats out of cat fur

If the mats in your cat’s fur are much thicker than to be removed by combing, then you should opt to cut them out. You can cut the mats out with the help of a special mat comb; this comb contains special razors that cut the mat that you comb with it.

But while using this comb, please make sure that you are very careful not to pierce your cat’s skin with it. Hold onto the skin nearest to the mats with your fingers, and then comb through the mats and watch them being sliced and falling off your cat.

When to seek professional help?

But it is recommended that you should call onto a breeder to do this job. That is because it is possible that your novice hands might screw it a bit. But if you have no other choice, and you would like to learn this yourself, then you should first learn it yourself. You can learn it through books or watch videos as this.

It is not recommended to use scissors to cut out mats from your cat. This is because cats can get a bit intimidated while you cut their fur and can get jumpy and anxious.

How to prevent mats?

You can prevent mats from growing so excruciating by doing the following:

  • Giving your cat routine combing to straighten out its fur and not let the mats to form.
  • Cleaning your cat by giving it a bath weekly so that things like feces and dirt does not get stuck in its fur.


If you would like to understand how to get mats out of cat fur then you should keep a few points in your mind. Try your best to keep your cat dried as water can make the mats become even fluffier. Secondly, you should try to comb these mats out. And thirdly, if that does not work then you should try to cut them out. Finally, you should also keep your cat clean to prevent mats. We hope this information has helped you learn how to take mats out of your cat.

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