A Deeper Look At Kitty Problem: Why Does My Cat Sleep In The Litter Box?

Why does my cat sleep in the litter box? If you have asked the aforementioned question lately then you might be confused about this new weird behavior of your cat. This is because cats are usually some of the cleanest animals on Earth. They are known to spend a whole lot of time taking care of them and keeping them extensively clean.

But sometimes, due to special circumstances, this regular behavior may change and they might start sleeping inside their own filthy litter box. And it is a good thing that you have noticed this change and are asking the question of “why do cats lay in their litter box?” That is because an abnormal behavior from an animal that is as sophisticated as cats is usually a cause for concern.


And what might be happening to your cat as she is exhibiting this kind of behavior can be because of a bunch of reasons. And through the means of this article, I will tell you all there is to know about this special behavior of your cats, and why they might be doing it. And in the end, I will also detail in what you can do to put an end to this unhealthy behavior of your dear kitties. So, shall we begin?

Why Does My Cat Sleep In The Litter Box?

There are several reasons to why does my cat sleep in the litter box as below:

Your Cat Is A Soon-To-Be Mother

why does my cat sleep in the litter box

This is by far the most positive and happy reason why your cat might be sleeping inside the litter box. She might be pregnant and is soon expecting her own babies. And so, she will always look for a closed space where her kittens will be safe from all the harm that can happen to them outside. And the dark and confined litter box always fits that bill. Since people normally keep their cat’s litter boxes in places which are away from their homes’ ho-hum.

And the problem here is that, unless you provide your cat with a better option, she will give birth inside her filthy litter box and that can be quite unhealthy for her babies. So, the second you realize that your cat is pregnant by checking out other behavioral changes that match a cat’s pregnancy behavior, you have to get her a birthing box.

I would suggest you get a bigger version of the litter box, with sturdy boundaries and an interior that is soft and comfortable and will make sure that the kittens inside them are safe. Please check out this video for a more detailed discussion about how to make a good birthing box for your cat. The moment you will provide your cat with a birthing box such as that, she will quite swiftly leave the litter box and will always prefer the cleaner one.

why does my cat sleep in the litter box

She Is Quite Stressed

If you have looked at your cat in a scared position and wondered “Why is my cat laying in the litter box like that?” then it is possible that what you are witnessing is your cat showing signs of being stressed. Many experts have agreed that many cats, when suffering from stress and bullying, tend to hide and sleep in their litter boxes to deal with the stressful situations.


1. Security

This is because, for cats, litter boxes are some of the safest places in the house. This is especially noticed whenever you move to a new place and find your cat straight-away ducking inside their litter boxes because that is the only place that smells like them.

Your cat may as well be bullied by your other cats because of her timid nature. And she might feel as if the litter box is the only place where she can she can sleep comfortably. If there are children and other pets in your home that chase or threaten your cat, then he or she may take refuge in their litter box. This is also seen when the house is chaotic with kids and guests all over. At such times, the litter box guarantees privacy to the feline.

why does my cat sleep in the litter box

2. Territorial Guarding

Furthermore, cats generally mark their territory with their pee and its smell. This is at times makes an anxious cat serene. If there is any other pet in your house, particularly a cat, then your cat might sleep in her litter box in order to assert her space. Since cats are known to be very territorial creatures, if any other animal intimidates their room, they tend to act out to claim their dominance.

What you can do in such a situation is to help your cat feel better. The first thing you should do is to keep the litter box as clean as you can, use this for best results.

If you have a dog in your home, then you should keep the litter box out of his range and in such a way that your cat does not have to sneak past your dog every time it has to use the litter box.

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If you have several cats, then make sure that there is at least one litter box for each of your cats, some you can find here. Moreover, you should provide your feline with a place to sleep, which you can keep beside her litter box. And finally, you have to give more comfort and love to your cat especially if you are moving around.

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Your Cat Is Sick

why does my cat sleep in the litter box

The final reason that has made you ask “why does my cat sleep in the litter box?” might be because your cat is a bit sick. This is clearly showcased by her uncharacteristic behavior of sleeping in her own filth. As no cat would prefer to sleep in her litter box if she had a better option or she is in a condition too.

So, it is very much possible that she is suffering from diseases like Urinary Tract Disorder, Dysuria, or Arthritis. All of these diseases can make your cat lose control over its bowels. And since, cats do not like to make a mess while relieving themselves; they might choose to just stay inside their litter box to save themselves the embarrassment.

If nothing else fits the bill, then you have to take your cat to the doctor as fast as you can. Get her checked and let her be medicated if necessary. The life of your cat is in your hands and you have to take good care of her.

why does my cat sleep in the litter box


In the past few days, you have been witnessing that your cat is sleeping in her litter box. This is worrisome because cats do not usually show this kind of behavior as they hate filth. And she might be showing this behavior because she is pregnant, or stressed, or is suffering from a disease. In all of these cases, you have to take charge and help your cat as much as you can. Give her all of your love and support and do the things as I have listed for you too.

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Please especially keep the litter box clean by using these. And you will find your cat bouncing back to her old purry self in no time!

   I hope you have got the answer to the question ‘Why does my cat sleep in the litter box?’. Let me know if my experiences helped for you.

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