9 Cat Photography Tips to Help You Get the Best Photos

Do you love cats? Are you a photography enthusiast? If so, then you will want to take the best photos of your cats. Cat photography is interesting since you are photographing a subject that is playful and very curious.

However, getting the best photos calls for time and patience. If you want to click great cat photos, we have some tips for you. Follow these tips, and you can take perfect photos of your cat that will make cat lovers go wow!


The Best Cat Photography tips

1) Have patience

Patience is the key when it comes to cat photography. You will find cats are not as cooperative as dogs when it comes to photography. Your own cat may refuse to sit still when you try to take a photo. If you want to photograph stray cats, you may find them running away from you. This calls for a lot of patience. Be patient and take time for the cat to get adjusted to your camera. You will then be able to take great photos.

2) Avoid using a flash

There is always a temptation to use a flash to get a clear picture. But cats do not like light flashes and may run away from the camera. Once they associate the camera with the flash, they will never cooperate with you. Using a flash can be risky for kittens. Their eyes are sensitive and may get damaged. Try to avoid using flash while taking cat photos.

3) Be ready at all times

With cats, you never know when you will get the best photo. Cats are playful animals and can suddenly do something that becomes a great photo opportunity. So, be prepared with your camera ready to shoot. Make all the settings and adjustments beforehand and be ready with the camera in your hand. This will help you get the perfect shot.

cat photography tips

4) Go close to your subject

The best cat photos are taken at close-up or at medium distances. You need to get close to the cat, so you can capture it in the best possible way. Avoid zoom options as they don’t give you the desired result. You need to slowly approach the cat and then take its photo. Avoid sudden movements as they can make your cat run away.

5) Use their curiosity to your advantage

It is a known fact that cats are curious. Use this trait to your advantage. Wait for your cat to get into the curious mode. This will help you get the best photos. You can take advantage by doing some tricks to make them look at the camera. For example, make a noise or wave an object above your head. This will make them look up, and you can take a pic. Some cats will get attracted to the camera allowing you to take great close-up shots.

6) Focus on the eyes

When you take close-up shots of your cat, the focus should be on the eyes. Cats have attractive eyes that are wide open and look mysterious. When the eyes of the cat are in focus, they help you get a great photo. The eyes would convey curiosity and other emotions, allowing you to get the best photo.

7) Keep shooting

You cannot be satisfied with one photo, so keep shooting. Keep the camera in continuous shooting mode or burst mode. This will allow you to take photos rapidly one after the other. Doing so will help you get a series of photos. You can then later review the photos and choose the best ones. The chance of getting the best photo increases when you keep clicking photos one after the other.

cat photography tips

8) Try Different Angles

Try to shoot the cat from different angles. Photo from eye level down and the high angle photos you get will look good. Cats love to climb objects. This will allow you to get photos from below. You can also get photos at eye level. Experiment with different angles to get the best photo.

9) Know the settings

Here are some settings that will help you get great cat photos. Choose a shutter speed that does not go below 1/125 or 1/250 seconds. A higher shutter speed is useful when you want to capture the cat playing. Since using flash is an issue, try to get natural light while shooting your cat. If you are familiar with your camera use the manual mode, so you can choose the settings yourself to get the best photo.

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