Can Cats Eat Potatoes? Is It Safe For Cats To Eat Potatoes?

Can cats eat potatoes? If you want to know the answer, keep on reading this blog. As you know, potatoes are a great source of proteins, fiber, and vitamins for human beings. But, what about cats?

Cats are carnivores as their nourishment mainly comes from meat and other meat by-products. However, there are some wet and dry cat foods that do not only offer meat but also ingredients based on plants like vegetables and oils. So, when your cats come to you pleading for some potato chips, how can you say no to your feline friend!


Nutritional Facts of Potatoes

Undoubtedly, potatoes have various nutritional values. For 100 grams of a boiled potato, there are:

  • 87 – Calories
  • 1.9 g – Protein
  • 0.9 g – Sugar
  • 77% - Water
  • 20.1 g – Carbohydrates
  • 0.1 g – Fat
  • 1.8 g – Fiber
  • 0.01 g – Omega 3
  • 0.03 g – Omega 6
  • 0.03 g – Saturated
  • 0.04 g – Polyunsaturated
  • 0 g – Monounsaturated
Nutritional Facts of Potatoes

Can Cats Eat Potatoes? 

The answer is both no and yes. It entirely depends on the potatoes type and their way of cooking. For instance, cats cannot tolerate sweet potatoes at all. On the other hand, French fries are a big NO as they harm the digestive system of cats. Also, raw potatoes are lethal to your feline friend.

So, let us review several kinds of potatoes along with what effects they have on cats. Whether these potatoes are good or bad, have a look right below!

1. Can cats eat raw potatoes?

Can cats eat raw potatoes

No, absolutely not. Raw potatoes are neither good for human beings nor for cats. Raw potatoes contain solanine, a highly toxic chemical. This chemical behaves defensive against the growing plant of potato. It is poisonous for all human beings and animals, including cats.

Solanine is also present on the green covering of raw potatoes. So, always keep raw potatoes out of reach when it comes to your furry friend's health. If not, you may have to make a visit to your vet.

2. Can cats eat sweet potatoes?

Can cats eat sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes do not contain any toxic chemicals, which makes them quite safe for cats to eat. However, sweet potatoes can cause health-related problems in cats. Cats find it extremely difficult to digest potatoes. Also, these potatoes are not beneficial to cats. You can give mashed sweet potatoes as a treat to cats one in a while. If offered too often, it will result in obesity, diarrhea, vomiting, or other health issues.

3. Can cats eat cooked potatoes?

Can cats eat cooked potatoes

Yes, you can offer cooked potatoes to cats. Baked or boiled potatoes are safe for cats to eat. There are some cat foods that contain potato. These cooked potatoes are quite safe as they do not have toxins in any kind. To feed cooked potatoes, you can add mashed potatoes to cat foods every now and then. However, it should be rid of spices, herbs, toppings, and artificial additives.

4. Can cats eat mashed potatoes?

Can cats eat mashed potatoes

Yes, you can give mashed potatoes to your cats. Mashed potatoes are safe for your cats to eat. As stated earlier, you can add some mashed potatoes to cat foods. Also, you can feed potatoes to felines by mixing them with cooked rice.

5. Can cats eat potato chips?

Yes, cats can eat chips if given moderately. You can give your furry friends potatoes chips occasionally. Avoid giving them too many of them. Also, avoid giving the salted potato chips.

Can cats eat potato chips

What Not To Give Your Cats Say Regarding Potatoes?

After reading on what cats can eat and what cannot, there are a few things that are absolutely not good for cats. These things include the following:

No Raw Potatoes: Raw potatoes are toxic to felines due to the presence of solanine. These potatoes are hard and tough. A single piece from these potatoes can stuck in the cats’ digestive system while causing intestinal or stomach blockage. A cat can even choke as it is really hard to swallow or chew these potatoes. Hence, avoid them altogether and keep these potatoes out of your cat’s reach.

No Potato Peels: Potato peels are also not good for cats as they comprise glycoalkaloid solanine. Potato peels are fully covered in dirt, pesticides, and bacteria. Definitely, you would not like to feed your cat these things. No one would do that consciously but curious cats can ingest peels, which makes it better to keep these peels away from them. So, avoid peels too.

Not too many potatoes: Just give potatoes as a treat to cats. If not, your cats can become obese due to the high carb content in potatoes. Just like a human body, a cat body will also use carbs for fast energy in place of stored body fat. So, feeding too many potatoes can promote weight gain and develop health-related issues. Not just that, but there can be drastic effects on their health including feline diabetes and joint problems. So, give potatoes to cats as a treat only.

When Is It Safe For Cats To Eat Potatoes?

Potatoes are safe when you cook them perfectly. Do not add any kind of spices when preparing potatoes for cats. Also, avoid using garlic, onions, and chives. On the other hand, you do not feed your cats potatoes if prepared with butter, oil, cheese, or gravy. If fed to cats, it can cause gastrointestinal symptoms such as vomiting or diarrhea.

Processed potatoes like hash browns, French fries, frozen tater tots, or potato chips are also not good for cats. These products are usually loaded with salts, sugars, and artificial preservatives. Hence, these products are a big NO for your furry friends.

What To Do When Cats Eat Potatoes?

Keep a check while giving your cats potatoes. If not, you need to contact your veterinarian in no time. Lots of potatoes can harm your cats’ health. Potatoes encourage weight in cats due to high amounts of carbohydrates. They also cause other health-related issues such as diarrhea, vomiting, etc. So, give your cats potatoes occasionally. Otherwise, you need to fix an appointment with your veterinarian.


Can cats eat potatoes? Now you are sure to know the answer to this question. So, cooked potatoes are fine for cats. Make sure you feed them to cats not too often. Cooked potatoes should be given as a treat only while raw potatoes are definitely not an option. Potatoes do not have any potential benefits on cats. Cats are carnivores and hence, meat-based foods could be of real help. Avoid giving human foods to cats in place of the main diet. Human foods can be harmful for cats instead of any good.

Meanwhile, cat owners can feed their cats with potatoes intermittently. It is best to grow potatoes on your own to keep a check on the quality. It is best for those who love gardening. Feed your cats with freshly cooked, baked, or boiled potatoes.

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