Do Cats And Dogs Fart? How to Stop Cat and Dog Farting

Sometimes, you are just hanging with your pet at home and suddenly a foul and unusual smell fills up the room. When that strong fart smell didn't arrive from you, who's the culprit then! In that case, you surmise that your pet is the only source that must have produced the odor. Is it fair to say so? Do cats and dogs fart? Here, you can blame your pets legitimately as they do fart sometimes.


Do Cats Fart?

Yes, cats do fart as any cat owner will be able to tell you. It is quite normal in mammals to fart. For mammals, farting is an ordinary part of their lives. They eat and hence, they fart!

Just like human beings, cats fart as a consequence of digestion. Our guts' microbes break down meals and then, produce by-products like gas. The same phenomenon applies to cats. It smells stinky but that's a life fact.

There are several causes both dietary and environmental that generally cause flatulence in pets. Digestive issues are caused by fat- or fiber-rich food, diet change, and food allergies. Eating too quick or swallowing lots of air can cause cats to build up gas. That's the reason cats fart and fart.

Do Dogs Fart? 

Yes, dogs fart too. Here, some breeds are gassier as compared to other breeds. It is normal for dogs to do so. It happens due to various factors that include high-fat diets and swallowing much air. The sole culprit behind foul dog farts remains bacterial fermentation. This fermentation is a process that occurred due to the digestion of meals, which are not easy to digest.

The other reason behind this embarrassing condition is meals that are rich in fiber like soybeans, oats, or peas. Larger breeds produce more stinky smells than the smaller ones due to their large digestive tracts and thus, these dogs offer a larger space for bacterial fermentation to happen.

Can Pet Farts Be Controlled?

do cats and dogs fart

Yes, there are various things one can do to control the pet's lower intestine. The big step is to stop buying pet foods that comprise soy, corn, or wheat, which are hard to digest for pets. Another thing is to stop feeding your pet the same food that you eat. Human foods can cause bacterial fermentation in your lovely pets.

In order to control pet farting, you can add probiotic supplements to the diet of your pets. It helps to regulate the digestive tract of your pets.

How To Put An End To Dog And Cat Farting?

Pet ownership involves a lot of unpleasantries such as diarrhea, vomiting, anal gland expression, and others. Dog and cat farting is one of the gross parts of having a pet. So, how to stop flatulence in pets? Here, you will know what you need to do if your pet farts!

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Dog farting 

Dogs fart when gas accumulates in their colon and intestinal tract. It is quite a normal phenomenon that occurs when bacteria assists to digest several kinds of food. However, it may smell terrible but there is nothing to be worried.

If flatulence keeps on continuing even after switching up the diet of your pet, call your veterinarian. The main reason for flatulence is diet in dogs. It occurs when you feed your dog human food or low-quality food. In particular, dairy products or lactose gives your dogs gas.

On the other hand, allergies or food sensitivities can also be the causes behind dog farting. Your dog farts even when they ate really fast and swallowed air. Lastly, medical issues and medications even cause flatulence in dogs.

Since, gas persists due to food-related problems, feeding your dog a consistent and healthy diet is the perfect way to get rid of flatulence. So, let's take a look at some healthy eating habits for your canine friend!

  • Some dogs are intolerant or sensitive to lactose. So, avoid giving dairy products to dogs.
  • Do not give your dogs human food. Stick to the dog food for your farting dog. Frequently, dogs have allergies and sensitivities to human food.
  • Know what foods your dog is sensitive or allergic. Avoid giving them these foods. You should also consider adding the best dog food for sensitive stomachs to your dog's meal menu.
  • Look for nutritious, high-quality, and the best dog food to prevent gas. Learn more here.
  • If your pup swallows their meals quickly, divide their food in half. Try to serve smaller meals than the big one.

Cat farting

Do cats fart? Of course, yes. However, farting in dogs is more common than in cats. Cat farts happen when your kitty's intestines or stomach are filled up with gas. It is not a thing to worry if normal. If your kitty shows illness symptoms with continuous farting, you should contact your vet.

Some of the common reasons for flatulence in cats include the following:

  • Furballs
  • Dairy products
  • Poor food absorption
  • Food allergies
  • Overeating
  • Spoiled foods
  • Diets comprising of wheat, corn, soybean, or fiber
  • Intestinal parasites

To avoid flatulence, you need to write down everything your kitty eats and find out the real cause. If you own multiple cats, try to feed them separately. Feed smaller but frequent meals to your farting cat. Avoid giving them spoiled food and ensure your cat gets sufficient exercise. If these things did not work out, contact your veterinarian and ask for low-fiber food recommendations.

Also, you should contact the vet if gas continues or smells really foul. If you notice other illness signs like vomiting, drooling, diarrhea, bloated abdomen, bloody bowel movements, and decreased appetite, you should seek veterinarian's advice.


To clear some airs, dogs and cats do fart sometimes. It smells foul or even causes embarrassment. Once the smell has aired out, it is important to recall that they are still your adorable buddies.  They will always be true and loyal to their pet owners. If it is normal, there is nothing to worry about. In case, you notice it be more frequent or observe any kind of illness symptom, then look for the real cause or seek the vet's advice.

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