Best Probiotics For Cats of 2020 – The Secret to Helping Your Furry Friend Healthy Every Day

Just like human beings, the immunity of the felines is dependent on their digestive health. The probiotics consist of microorganisms which help in the treatment of diseases and illness, which are particularly related to the intestine. When my cat started having gastrointestinal issues, I started giving her best probiotics for cats. If your cat is also going through some digestive problems, then you should also give her the best probiotics for cats.


What Are Probiotics?

What Are Probiotics

Probiotics are nothing but a medication that you give to your feline friends. They are the powders or capsules that contain good bacteria. They help in maintaining a balance of bacteria in the gut of a feline. The bacteria that is already there in the intestine helps in digestion and absorption of food.

Probiotics contain microorganisms like Bacillus strains, Bifidobacteria, and Enterococcus. Probiotics help in the production of vitamins and digestive enzyme as that are important for the gut health of cats. Basically, probiotics improve the digestive health of the felines.

Why Is It Important To Give Probiotics To Felines?

Probiotics are necessary for cats as they perform various vital functions for improving the gut health of the feline. They aid in synthesizing some particular vitamins. Additionally, they are responsible for the production of fatty acids. Certain research studies have also mentioned that the bacterias that are present in the probiotics help in managing some specific disorders that are associated with your pet’s nervous system. Feeding probiotics to felines ensure optimum gut health. They are important for maintaining a balance of unhealthy and healthy microorganisms.

best probiotics for cats

Imbalance in your feline’s digestive tract can be spotted very easily. If any of the below-mentioned manifestations are displayed by your dear cat, then there is a very high possibility that your pet friend is going through some gastrointestinal issues. These include:

If your pussy is going through any of these problems, then giving a probiotic to her can help her get rid of these problems. This is the major reason why a cat should be fed pet probiotics of good quality. This video will tell you how important it is to give probiotics to your furry friend.

Benefits of Giving Probiotics To Felines

best probiotics for cats

We all are aware that probiotics are important for reestablishing the balance of microbes in a cat’s intestine. Some of its benefits are:

1. Helps in managing and preventing feline diarrhea

There are numerous reasons for cats to suffer from diarrhea. This generally happens when cats take antibiotic therapy. These antibiotics don’t only kill bacteria, which can lead to infection but it kills the good bacteria as well. Giving probiotics helps in restoration of good bacteria in the digestive tract, which will help in fighting diarrhea.

2. Reduces skin and food allergies in felines

Research studies have shown a strong correlation between giving probiotics and reduction of food and skin allergies in pets. Probiotics are not a permanent cure for allergies but it can minimize the symptoms of allergies in dogs and cats.

3. Lessens the disorder of gastrointestinal system

Inflammatory bowel issues are very prominent in felines. It can lead to various other health problems in cats, which include diarrhea and vomiting. Probiotics can not only cure these diseases but can also bring down the severity of issues that are associated with the digestive tract.

4. Improves the working of your feline’s immune system

There are innumerable ways in which probiotics can accelerate the performance of the immune system. Initially, it prevents the development of pathogenic bacteria in cats. Secondly, it boosts up the ability of the killer cells. Probiotics have the preternatural capabilities of warding off the infections.

5. Reduces obesity

If your cat has gained excessive weight, then you can give her probiotics so that she hats back to her original weight. The microorganisms present in the probiotics helps in preventing fat absorption in your feline’s intestine. Also, there are probiotics that are responsible for increasing the synthesis of hormones, which are responsible for burning fat.

Review of the 6 Best Probiotics For Cats

Below is the review of the 6 best probiotics for felines:

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If you are looking for absolute beneficial bacteria, then Pet Ultimates Probiotics for Cats is the one that you should buy for your feline friend. This product consists of 20 different bacterial species. It has around 5 billion colony forming units in its every scoop. Additionally, it has the alpha galactosidase enzyme and beta glucan. This one is considered as the best probiotic for cats. It does not have any artificial ingredients. Plus, the providers of this product offer 2 weeks refund guarantee.

Pet Ultimates Probiotics for Cats contains protective microorganisms, which prevents the feline from infections by toxic bacteria and yeast. It offers various other benefits such as firmer stools, reduced shedding, less smell from the litter box. Moreover, it suppresses symptoms like hot spot, scratching, and itching. It has maximum CFU which is why it is considered as the best product.


  • It has beta-glucan
  • It also has a 14 days refund guarantee
  • It does not have any artificial ingredient


  • Some felines don’t like its taste
  • The powder has a plastic smell


Premo Probiotic PROBIOTICS FOR CATS is a well-known brand for probiotics but this one has limited colony forming units. The quantity of powder in this brand is less in comparison to various other brands as they contain one billion CFU’s per serving. This product has received GMP as well as NPA certification because of it quality and state-of-the-art production facility, which is why this product is the best alternative.

This product is extremely effective in enhancing the gut health and brings down the ailments that are related to gastrointestinal issues. The best thing about this product is that it comes with 60 days money-back guarantee. If you have never bought a probiotic before for your kitty, then this one is the best choice for the first time as it has very less CFUs. This product is recommended by the vet as it is wheat-free, dairy-free, gluten-free, and has many amazing features.


  • It has essential bacteria
  • It also has probiotic inulin
  • It has professional certification


  • The powder is tasteless


The great thing about this probiotic is that it has been made by using the time-release technology, which is also called BIO-tract. Because of this the probiotics remain released for a span of 10 hours, which helps in avoiding the gastric juices. Hence, it improves the ability of the good microorganisms in the intestine to work successfully.

Experts have recommended that this product is a lot more effective in comparison to other products. This product is cheaper than every other product, therefore, PRO-Pets Probiotics for Dogs and Cats is the budget pick.


  • A single tablet has 3 million CFUs
  • Guaranteed CFUs at the time of expiry are 1 billion
  • Does not have any artificial ingredients


  • Not useful for the dogs
  • Reacts to the skin


This supplement has been prominently known as one of the best probiotics available in the market. This is especially good for the cats that are going through the problem of irritable bowel disease. This supplement consists of enterococcus, which is great for fighting against messy stools. It has very limited number of CFUs.

Nevertheless, this probiotic helps in promoting the nutrition for your feline. Additionally, this probiotic is rich in taurine, Vitamin C and E. Plus, it is good for maintaining intestinal stability and fitness. This is why Purina Fortiflora Nutritional Supplement for Cats is an upgrade pick.


  • Rich in vitamins
  • Can be mixed in food easily
  • Good for weight gain
  • Improves gut health
  • Helps felines with CRI


  • Quite expensive
  • Not considered as dedicated probiotic


This product is also great because it has provided numerous benefits to the feline community. It has a great combination of prebiotic molecules and probiotic organisms. Easy to administer, this product is available in powder form. One scoop of it has 2 billion CFUs. Additionally, there is a guarantee of 3 months.


  • Can be mixed in water or food
  • Guarantee of 3 months


  • This product is particularly for cats
  • Per scoop CFU count is less


This product brings a lot of vitality as well as energy in the cats. It makes the immune system stronger and gives a healthy skin and teeth to your feline friend. Additionally, this probiotic gives a shiny appearance to the coat of your furry friend.

This product is particularly recommended for those cats, which are suffering from diarrhea. It also gives a relief against scratching and itching fur. This product is easy to feed your cat friends. All you have to do is to mix it in your cat’s food. True to its name, Probiotics for Dogs and Cats with Prebiotic is an Advanced Probiotic Formula for both cats and dogs.


  • Easy to feed
  • Has 3 million CFUs
  • Brings quick improvement in the gut health
  • Made in the United States


  • Does not work for some cats
  • Do not include a scoop

How To Choose The Best Probiotics For Cats

Select dry powder supplements- It is recommended because it has the highest amount of healthy bacteria. They are more demanded in comparison to treats, pastes, tablets. This form of supplements can be given in small scoops. It has viable microorganisms that can survive for more than a year if the powder is stored in appropriate conditions.

Numerous strains should not be there- When the bacteria reach the intestine, the living microorganisms combat with one another for dominating the gastrointestinal tract and there are some species that live in harmony. Only a selected number of species have been found beneficial for the felines. So, select the supplement that has 6 or less than 6 species.

Search for prebiotics- There are a number of materials which are used as prebiotic like, acacia gum, inulin fiber, and FOS. Their major purpose is to improve the activity of probiotics, which are natural. A prebiotic must be present in a probiotic supplement.

Dead or live? You wish to get those probiotics for your cats that has microbial strains, which are healthy and live. It helps in making sure that your cat is given the probiotics that have maximum health benefits. Although there are dead bacteria as well, which can help in improving the gut health of your feline but they are not as good as live bacteria.

Pure microbial strains- It is better for you to purchase those probiotics that have live microorganisms. These products generally contain prebiotics or digestive enzymes. This is great as both of them work synergistically with probiotics for improving the gut health of your furry friend. It is necessary for you to ensure that it does not contain any other supplements as it can affect the functioning of the probiotics.

Containing digestive enzymes- Probiotic must contain prebiotics and digestive enzymes as it helps in improving the ability of the healthy microorganisms. Make sure that the probiotics you choose does not contain any artificial preservatives. As there are certain probiotics that have animal digest added to it for enhancing the flavor.

When Should I Give My Cat Probiotics?

When Should I Give My Cat Probiotics
1) Digestive disorders

Digestive disorders make cats weak. Because of these disorders the ability of the felines to break down the food and soak them up reduces. So, you must give your cat probiotics so that her digestion capacity boosts up.

2) Weak immune system

Probiotics improve the functioning of the immune system and support digestion. It is necessary to buy a nutrition supplement for your cat if she is not taking a proper diet. In case of humans, a means to prevent them from disease is to improve their health through consumption of nutritional supplements and taking a healthy diet.

3) Infections

If your feline’s immune system is strong and healthy, then she will easily be able to combat infections. If you prevent your cats from parasites by giving them probiotics, then you will have nothing to be bothered about. A good regimen has a lot of things like flea control, heartworm check, and protection against different parasites.

How Should You Give Probiotics To Your Feline?

There are some vet doctors who recommend that probiotics should be given only once. On the other hand, there are some who say that it must be a part of their daily routine. It is safer to give these supplements on a regular basis in order to prevent the growth of gut problems. Healthy gut flora gets negatively affected by antibiotics, therefore a daily dose of probiotics is a necessity. It is advisable for the cat owners to start giving a dose of probiotics to their feline friends at the time when they give antibiotics to her.

In order to administer the dose that you need to give, you must carefully read the instructions that are given on the package. If your furry friend refuses to eat a capsule, then you can try out concealing it in the treat that you feed her. Prior to giving any supplements or probiotics to your cat, you must consult your vet to make sure that you give a proper dose to your cat friend.

Probiotics which are in powdered form can easily get mixed in the food that you feed to your cat. Most of these powdered probiotics don’t have flavors added to them. Plus, they don’t change the taste of the food that you offer your pussy. Probiotics are also available in capsule or tablet form.

You can give tablets to your cats by hiding them in the treat you offer them. You can either give capsules as a whole like tablets or break it into pieces. Capsules that are broken apart to release the granules and can easily get mixed in the cat food. Moreover, probiotics can also be fed to cats in a liquid form. The liquid form can be used in a manner similar to the powdered formulations.

Can Human Probiotics Be Given To Felines?

There are no studies currently available, which says that giving human probiotics to a pet is harmful. Although veterinarians recommend that probiotics, which are specially made for the cats should be given to them and not the human ones.

The microflora that is present in large and small intestine of a feline is distinct as compared to the one that is present in human beings. It is better to take a caution rather than going for the curative measures. The microorganisms present in probiotics are important for the health of the felines. Therefore it is advisable to use diligence while choosing probiotics for cats.


So, this was the review about the best probiotics for cats. Each and every product is amazing but the best one out of all the above-mentioned products is Pet Ultimates Probiotics for Cats as it has the maximum CFCs that is 5 billion and also has beta-glucan. So, it is the best out of all.


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