Best Flea Collar For Cats of 2020 – The Ultimate Guide

Regularly bathing a cat is the most suggested tip to divest yourself of fleas inside your cat’s fur. It is already common knowledge that cats can be a tad difficult during their bath times. Some cats tend to get even aggressive during bath times. It is for such reason that some cat parents ultimately turn to more practical methods to keep their pets and homes clean by using the best flea collar for cats.

With my pet cat, Kitt, fleas came to be an evident problem after he had found a way to play outdoors. Since Kitt was vehemently against taking regular baths and the problem of allergy and ticks only kept increasing in the household, the option of using a flea collar was the only viable way to keep him clean. The flea-collar same to be a miracle solution in eliminating the fleas and ticks and I have recommended this to all cat parents that I know personally. In this article, I am giving you the best flea collar for cats, to keep your house clean and sanitary.


Are Fleas Harmful To Humans?

best flea collar for cats

Below are some of the distinct ways by which cat fleas can cause trouble in the body.

  • Plague: Fleas host bacteria called Yersinia pestis, which can contaminate cats. This is mostly derived from consumption of infected rodents or from rodent fleas that get transported to cats. Such fleas tend to bite human beings and pass on the disease when they’re brought inside the home.
  • Murine Typhus: This is formed by a bacterium transported by infected fleas via rodents to humans or cats. It is acquired from bites by infected fleas when your cat comes in touch with their feces. The symptoms are nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, and an exceedingly high fever, which lasts for more than a week. This is rarely incurable and is more common in the summer months.
  • Allergic Reactions: Reactions from flea droppings and flea bites are very common caused by cat fleas biting people. These flea bites occur often on the ankles, legs, and feet and cause itchy, red welts. Symptoms of allergic reactions like extensive itching, swelling, and hives can be cured with treatment, depending on the reaction severity.
  • Tapeworms: These can be transmitted to you if fleas are ingested accidentally. Tapeworm infection symptoms are often similar to that of other diseases, such as appetite loss, mysterious weight loss, weakness, nausea, and diarrhea. Prescription medication can be required to relieve the human body of the tapeworms. Fortunately, these flea bites do not transmit. If your cat is infected with worms, try these cat dewormers for best results.

What Are The Symptoms Of Cat Flea Infestation?

best flea collar for cats

Fleas are minute insects that feed and bite on a pet’s blood. The bites are uncomfortable and can pass grave ailments into the bloodstream. If the flea problem has been persistent in your cat for long, they can be visible too. They’re generally dark brown or lighter. Symptoms are:

  • Extreme scratching, particularly around the ears.
  • Undue licking.
  • Bump sand redness on the skin.
  • Restlessness.

What Is A Flea Collar?

Flea collars generally hold insecticide drugs that are gradually absorbed into your cat’s skin. This insecticide spreads out from the neck region to whole of the body. A flea is poisoned and dies by this insecticide after biting.

Different flea collars brands make use of different insecticide types. Some are helpful against ticks as well. The employment of cat flea collars is one of the very popular and easy to get flea management option. If you come in contact with a flea collar, it is prudent that you wash the hands immediately after.

How Do Flea Collars Work For Cats?

The flea collars designs differ depending on their insecticide formulation. There are 2 main types –liquid and solid.

  • Liquid: The fluid insecticide preparation discharges as gas, for repelling the existing fleas, but doesn’t kill them. This method can be very ineffective as only fleas, which are close to the flea collar will get affected.
  • Solid: In case of solid types, resin and insecticide are blended so that the insecticide discharges in due course from rubbing against the cat’s fur and skin. It may either disperse across the cat’s skin or absorb into its top layers, depending on the particular insecticide used. For the dispersion type, it only requires the flea to get into contact with the insecticide for it to take effect. For the absorption type, the flea needs to bite the skin. This way is more safe and efficient to use. Although you require a prescription from the vet doctor for using it.

One factor that can diminish the efficacy of a collar is wetting it numerous times a week. Most of these collars are scheduled as “waterproof”. A monthly bath can be passable, yet too many of them can wear off the insecticide.

It is important to pay due attention to the products labels to verify if they are operative on killing eggs, larvae, adults, and pupae. The products that have “Repels fleas” written on them are most likely not effective in eliminating the existing fleas. Above all, no matter what cat flea collar kind you are planning to buy for your pet, make sure that it is 100% free of chemicals.

Review of The 4 Best Flea Collars For Cats

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best flea collar for cats

Via: Amazon.com

This is the best product with the greatest quality to deal with flea issues at the fastest pace. This flea kitty collar incorporates two energetic ingredient-imidacloprid and flumethrin. They offer double action against fleas and ticks. This sustained launch know-how offers unvarying safety over 8 months.

The energetic elements are built into the plastic matrix of Seresto. Low doses of these ingredients are commenced from the matrix. This is absorbed through the fatty layer of your cat’s skin and hair and dispersed throughout for all-around protection against fleas and ticks.

This flea collar of 15 inches is most suitable for the felines having a weight of not more than 17.6 pounds. This is the most efficient and the quickest tick and flea collar. Many of the cat owners have stated that this collar starts taking care of the ticks and fleas immediately after your feline wears it. This flea collar is considered as the best choice because it is odorless.

Bayer Seresto Flea and Tick Collar for Cat is designed in such a manner that it can immediately release your four-legged friend if his or her collar gets attached to something that gives her a feeling of being trapped or stuck.


  • Impedes and kills ticks and fleas quickly
  • Lasts for an incredibly long time
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Great for felines which are suffering from allergies.
  • It is lightweight.
  • Odorless


  • Effective only while wearing
  • Not appropriate for frequent water exposure
  • Not very helpful for animals having thick coats
best flea collar for cats

Via: Amazon.com

It is the Runner-Up product that has been chosen after the editor’s pick. In case the top brand is not available for you, then this product can serve as an excellent substitute for use against flea infestation on your cat’s hair and fur.

It is a safe product, whose active ingredients are extremely potent against fleas and tick. These ingredients are spread continuously across your pet's body for an eight month’s protection. It is suitable to the playful nature of cats and dogs as the collar is literally water-resistant and easy to wear. Also, it has a user-friendly design and activates itself automatically to coat the pet with active ingredients continuously, thus freeing the owner from using monthly treatments on their pets.

It kills and prevents your pet's bugs within twenty-four hours of use and prevents further infestations. It is moreover, odor-free and non-greasy and carries a cash-back guarantee as well!


  • Cash-back guarantee
  • Non-greasy
  • Not removable by cats
  • Keeps off fleas
  • Water-proof


  • Can produce strong smell
  • Can cause reaction in some cats
best flea collar for cats

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This is the editor’s Budget Pick product. It is the most viable choice in the limited budget range for cat flea collars.

The Red Dingo collar comes with both strength and style. It has an abrasion resistant ribbon and high-quality nylon webbing that guarantees a long-lasting comfort. In addition, the smart looking collar features an efficient safety release clip and a bell for wildlife protection.

The product is extremely ideal for long lasting durability and comfort. What’s more, this cat flea collar has a stainless steel K-Ring, to which you can affix an ID tag. The color is also adjustable according to the cat size.


  • Machine washable
  • Easy to use
  • Durable


  • Can be detached from the cat
  • Not like by many cats
  • Not appropriate for outdoor cats
best flea collar for cats

Via: Amazon.com

This is also a great product to have around your home if your cat has recently started exhibiting signs of carrying fleas and ticks in their hair and skin.

With the use of this PETinice collar product, you can easily divest yourself of pests like fleas and lice. On wearing this efficient collar, you can help your cat to keep away from pests without any harmful effects. This lengthy flea collar has an easy to use adjustable design with a 12 inches size adjustable fit that can be used for any cat or dog.

What’s more, this cat flea collar can give your cat an eight-month long assurance against flea and ticks. This method is, in fact, more economical and easy than the liquid shampoo that you otherwise invest in, on a monthly basis. The collar has an effective waterproof design as well, to make it more adjustable to your cat’s playful needs. In addition, this cat flea collar is allergy-free and is helpful in protecting your cat's fur and skin.


  • Can be used after cutting the collar as well
  • Can be used for kittens
  • Fights fleas effectively


  • Some cats can have a reaction to its after wearing
  • Some reviewers mentioned that it is stinky.

How To Choose The Best Flea Collar For Cats?

best flea collar for cats

Given below are some factors to adhere to, for choosing the best flea collar for cats:

Capable Flea Killer- It is important that the flea collar that you are looking to buy for your cat must be effective firstly in getting rid of all the existing fleas. With the help of an efficient flea killing collar, you can do away with all the persisting hygiene issues around your home within one hour of having your pet wear it.

Age of Your Cat- Even if flea collars are not oral treatments as such, your cat can still overdose. Flea collars product must specify an age or weight for a safe use. Do not make use of a medicated flea collar on a kitten when it’s actually intended for the adult cats. The similar thing applies to the elderly cats that are more so sensitive to the low doses.

No Allergy for Cats- Importantly, pay due attention to your cat after putting on the flea collar initially. Check for rashes on skin or evidence of undue scratching. On noticing unusual symptoms, immediately take out the collar and ask for advice from the vet. This can occur with even with the “safest” brands and does not automatically refer that the collar is not safe.

No Malicious Smell- You may sometimes come upon such flea collar product units that emanate a nasty smell on account of certain involved ingredients. Make sure to buy a flea collar that is completely without odor.

Size of The Flea Collar- In case the flea collar isn’t correctly fitted or when the kitty is particularly mischievous, the collar may be bitten or torn into during their play time. Flea collars are, of course, not intended to be consumed and there is a higher danger of side effects when used in this way with a few brands. What’s more, leaving on the flea collar on your cat for a very long period can increase the threat of dangerous side effects as well.

Long-time Protection- With a protective cat flea collar, you can fight off fleas effectively and defend your pet from the development of fleas and ticks for a very long period of time. This can mean months without having to even contact the cat's collar for any reason.

Made with Safe Chemicals- Make sure to choose a cat collar that is actually made with safe chemicals. Also, check to see any potential side effects and buy one that suits your cat.

Safety Release Mechanism- While buying a cat flea collar, make sure that the entailed product has a safety release mechanism incorporated in it. This is to avoid any potential strangulation concerns while wearing the collar. A cat flea collar with a safety catch or breakaway feature easily allows the cat to break away with the body weight of the cat in case it becomes entangled. Such kind of collars let the kitty escape sticky situations where it can get stuck on a pole, branch, or any pointed object while playing outdoors and thus will minimize choking risks.

Why Should You Use Flea Collars For Cats?

best flea collar for cats

There are various advantages that you can get in flea treatments by using flea collars for cat.

  • These flea collars are better in comparison to flea medications as the cat does not need to consume anything.
  • They are less expensive as compared to on the spot treatments.
  • As your feline wears a flea collar throughout the day, the protection provided against the fleas is long lasting and immediate.
  • These flea collars can be used for a long period whereas spot-on lasts for a month only.
  • These flea collars are tied around the neck of your feline. The area around the ear and neck is the area where a number of ticks and fleas reside. So, this is the most wonderful benefit associated with these flea collars as it improves killing effectiveness.

How To Use A Flea Collar For Cats?

Given below are some ways for which the flea collar can come to use:

  • You can bring it into play as a precautionary measure if your pet is playing out-of-doors and is prone to fleas. Such environments can usually include grassy regions.
  • If your pet has flea infestations, you can bind the collar in the region of its neck. Nevertheless, do not leave the collar on all day, as it may over-medicate your cat. Check with a vet for the recommended time for keeping on the collar.
  • Such collars can assist if you’re recovering from a flea infestation. Just set the flea collar in the vacuum bag while vacuuming. This will exterminate the whole remaining flea and the larvae.
  • You can check out this helpful YouTube video to know more about how to attach the cat flea collar on your four-legged friend:

Are Flea Collars Safe For Cats And Humans?

There is no doubt that these flea collars are indeed effective in killing the unwanted fleas and their diseases, but their safety concern is another to be considered. According to studies, some of the major worrying concerns regarding cat flea collars are:

  • Some cat flea collars hold high organophosphate chemical levels that are hazardous to both humans and animals, e.g. propoxur and tetrachlorvinphos.
  • Some cat flea collars give out chemical residues that exceed suitable levels on the fur of your pet for weeks following usage. This can turn dangerous for children when they contact the cat and subsequently put the fingers in their mouths.
  • Some cat flea collars tend to contaminate the household air with such chemicals.

You cannot leave your cat with fleas as it can make his or her life terrible and can also lead to severe health issues. Therefore, it is advisable for you to visit a vet doctor and get to know about the various ways through which you can protect your family and cat.


All in all, you now have a better idea of what it takes to keep your pets and family from the danger of fleas. These are dangerous for all and some are even transmittable. Using a cat collar can help you tremendously in keeping your home and family clean and safe.

Among all the listed products, the Bayer Seresto Flea and Tick Collar is the most effective and has been chosen as the Editor’s choice. It is the most effective product that one can use at an immediate notice on detection of any fleas or ticks.

best flea collar for cats

Via: Amazon.com

Their active ingredient gives your cat an eight-month guarantee against any sort of pest infiltration. It has all the must-have requirements that we have mentioned as important in a cat flea collar; such as affectivity, being odor-free, chemical-free and having a safety release mechanism and a long-time security. You can choose this product without any doubt to tackle the flea situation at home and relieve your cat’s troubles.

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