What Your Cat’s Appetite Is Saying About Their Health

The health of your cat is very important. When your cat is not healthy, you will not have the pleasure of enjoying that great company offered by your pet. Sincerely speaking, nobody wants to have a boring pet around. This means it is important you make sure that the health of your cat is intact. First, you need to know how to notice if your cat’s health is in jeopardy. One of the reasons for this may be related to cat appetite. There are a wide variety of signs you can depend on to come up with a conclusion that your cat is not feeling well.


Signs of Change to Cat Health That You Need to Pay Attention?

Cat Appetite

Below are some of the things to look out for:

1. Appearance changes

These changes come in different forms. You will notice some hair loss, dry or coarse fur, dull coat, and weight loss. Those are significant changes in appearance that will confirm to you that indeed your cat is sick. You need to take drastic treatment measures so that your cat can regain its amazing and exceptional appearance. Though some of the changes might be due to advancing age. However, those which are abnormal will raise your eyebrows and notify you that your cat is unhealthy.

2. Behavioral changes

Definitely, you will start noticing some abnormal changes of behavior in your cat. The changes should prompt you to find out what is wrong with your cat. Some of the behavioral changes include drinking water more often which is a sign of kidney problems or early stages of diabetes. When these signs come, it is important to start paying attention to your cat, to see if those signs persist or worsen. You can then notify your veterinarian to come and offer the necessary treatment.

3. Changes in appetite

Cats are very choosy when it comes to eating. They will selectively pick on which foods they want to eat. But when your cat stops eating certain food, then it might be a clear sign that sickness has crept in. You need to have a veterinarian to intervene.

Relevance and Effects of The Cat Appetite to Their Health

Cat Appetite

The food eaten by your cat has a significant impact on your pet's health. Remember, you don't want your cat to be sickly. You can avoid this by providing your cat with a balanced diet. First, ensure that you feed them treats from healthy and yummy cat food brands. Always check if the food you're buying has all the essential nutrients your cat needs.

Your cat’s appetite is very important. In fact, you need to always check on it quite often. There is a way it affects the health of your cat. This means you need to pay attention to your cat’s feeding habits. You have to notice when your cat stops eating as usual or starts eating too much than expected. There are a number of things that affect the cat appetite.

Some of the things that will notify you that your cat is experiencing appetite issues include the following:

1. Dental problems

Dental issues are very stressful in the first place. They will deny you the comfort of eating your favorite food with ease. This is the same case in cats. Dental problems tend to bring difficulty in chewing. As you know chewing is a very important exercise in digestion. This difficulty will prevent your cat from eating. You just have to deal with the dental problem and your cat will start eating again. Visit a professional doctor that deals with pets and the problem will be dealt with very well.

2. Diseases

cat appetite diseases

Diseases like chronic kidney or liver disease tend to bring about lose appetite. There is a way you can deal with these diseases. For instance, in the instance of kidney diseases, you just have to start giving your cat food with low protein concentration. Also, start practicing some tricks that might lead to your cat eating some food.

3. Excessive appetite

This condition is characterized by the ability of your cat too much food than expected. It is a condition that a cat owner should not be pleased with. Excessive appetite puts your cat’s health at stake. It risks exposing your cat to some diseases that would have been avoided. Your cat might suffer from obesity, which will put his/her health in jeopardy. With immediate effect, you need to take necessary precaution to deal with your cat’s obesity as soon as possible.

It even becomes a serious problem when your cat does not gain weight or surprisingly loses weight after eating a lot. This might be as a result of diabetes or intestinal condition, whereby there is food going into the digestive system but no nutrients are being absorbed. These conditions are bound to be very dramatic. Your cat will go to an extent of stealing food as a result of the high appetite. You have to deal with that limitation in your cat as soon as possible, by treating the cause of the high appetite. By doing so, the cat appetite will get back to normal.

Excessive appetite

4. Poor appetite

This is a sign that your cat is sick. Some diseases, including infectious diseases, infected by worms, respiratory, digestive, diarrhea, endocrine and neurological diseases, will stop an animal from eating. In case you have many cats and a few of them feel sickly it will be better if you separated them. This practice is important in ensuring the disease does not affect all the cats, which might turn out to be very expensive.

Poor appetite will make your cat shy away from eating. It is very dangerous if your cat stops eating for a long time. The loss of cat appetite can cause your feline to lose weight, shedding, or even seriously affect the internal organs. Your cat will miss out on some important body nutrients which are significant in making your cat healthy. Your act risks losing a lot of weight. The immune system will be jeopardized hence making it easy for your cat to be affected by many diseases. You need to put up your cat for treatment as soon as possible. Additionally, the deworming and fattening for cats is very important to ensure your cat stay healthy.


There is a lot that goes into ensuring your cat has a reasonable appetite. Cat appetite is very key in making your feline healthy. The cat will have to eat on a balanced diet that supplies all the necessary nutrients. There are many signs that will notify you that your cat has an abnormal appetite. Check out on those signs and take the necessary treatment measures to bring back the normal appetite.

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