How Often Do Cats Pee? Know If Your Cat Pee Like Waterfall Or Nomad In Desert

Have you ever wondered how often do cats pee? Well, that may sound a bit strange but isn’t equally interesting to find out? Usually, most of the cat owners don’t really have much of a guide. But because cats are your all time companions as well as your responsibility, it becomes mandatory to be aware of such seemingly trifle facts about their health.


This guide is made for the purpose of helping every cat owner who is fumbling with the queries and doubts regarding their cats.

So, how many times a day cats pee? This question can mark a huge number of bells in our head. We may see cats peeing (and their leftovers), but how often?

When the topic revolving around “How Often Do Cats Pee A day?” hits our mind, we become inquisitive about a lot of other things linked to it. But among them, some can make us go into a trance.

how often do cats pee

To explore many factors about the cats (and pull you out of the trance), we have dedicated our time (that we don’t utilize much) on reading and gathering information that you may like. Check them out.

How Often Do Cats Pee?

The answer to “How Often Do Cats Pee?” depends on various factors ranging from the type of food he/she is consuming (dry or wet), what amount of water is being consumed by them etc. Firstly, we will consider the unusual symptoms below:

Does Your Cat Pee A Little Too Much Than Expected?

how often do cats pee

To start with, cats often pee two to four times a day, but there is no bingo book on it.

If she (or he) is peeing less than usual, kidney failure, urinary blockage, and dehydration might be the possible reasons. Whereas, if it is little too much than expected, it might be due to diabetes or other psychological problems.

Apart from that, there are also other contributing diseases like elevated blood calcium level, liver disease, pituitary gland dysfunction, hyperthyroidism and also uterine infection, etc.

To provide a proper diet for your cat, you can check out the balanced meal by Whiskas, Meo, etc., recommended for the diseased cats.

Cat Medications and Issues

how often do cats pee

After the diseases, come medications. If your kitty is under a new drug, the chances are that she might also have a new drinking habit. The logic behind that is simple. If the medication is a little too much to digest, she will automatically drink more and pee more.

As cats don’t have a medical school to attend, they rely completely on their natural reflexes to sort their issues out. The good thing is, you and your kitty are safe, and the peeing is a proof that the medicine is working.

    Apart from the medications, do not forget to maintain a healthy and clean ambiance around your cat. You may look online for a cat litter box and an odor controlling cat litter like Purina Tidy Cats’, ‘Dr. Elsey's’, 'Arm & Hammerand Okocat.
how often do cats pee

How Long Can Cats Go Without Peeing?

Cats don’t have a ‘cat rights commission’ and they are free to go as they please. But if your cat is a real life version of Garfield, then you might have a problem. Cats are usually very lazy, but active creatures. If she (or he) is not peeing, then she must be in some sort of issue.

Again the factor of the disease is a big problem. They can go up to a period of 24 to 48 hours. But then again, why should they? Irregular peeing is a sign of kidney issues. So, the first thing that you should do is to get her kidneys checked. It can also result in diabetes, blockage in the urinary tract and other contributing diseases.

According to the "ASPCA Complete Cat Guide" if the urinary tract is blocked, the cat will live for only 48 to 72 hours. The cause can also be fatal and may end up claiming her life.

How Many Times A Day Cats Should Pee?

how often do cats pee

The best thing about kitties is that they can pee a whole lot. Usually, as mentioned earlier, the regular peeing rate is not more than four times a day. But in some seasons, the rate may vary.

All the cat keepers need to pay a little attention towards maintaining a comfortable zone for the pet. Unfavorable weather conditions like lack of moisture, dryness, etc., can be the reason behind increased pee rate.

But even so, 6 to 7 times a day is not actually the kind of thing that you should consider to be normal. And if the weather is rainy, then she is definitely in some sort of problem. Before assuming anything, you should consider taking her to a good vet. Confirmation is the key.

how often do cats pee

There are a few more things that you should consider, which are as follow:


Like we human, cats are also different when it comes to their breeds. Each breed has a hereditary link-up with the place they are supposed to be. You cannot expect a cat that has her backlinks in Egypt to be okay in Alaska.

The climates vary a lot. And though they seem to cope up with it rapidly, the changes may result in many initial or even dysfunctions. Water can also be a significant factor here. So, if she is drinking more and peeing more, she might be adapting to certain new things.

Food Habits

how often do cats pee

A lot of us know this and understand it entirely. Food is one of the most important things that you can consider working on. Not every one of us can afford to have a proper cat food based diet. We also have a lot of stray cats that we bring home.

But feeding them with the food that we consider for ourselves and the food that they are supposed to eat is different. In that case, you may find a situation where you end up comparing your cat with a cat having not so similar food habits. As different foods (dry or wet) have different water levels, the peeing habits may also differ.


how often do cats pee

Like it or not, but there is a difference between stray cats and cats who like to ‘stay at home’ cats. So, if your cat is a stray one, she is the kind of eater who leaves nothing. In that case, you might have a reason to worry. But in most of the cases, stray cats are a lot stronger (and unhygienic) than the ones staying at home.


After a detailed analysis of all the facts above, we can conclude that the irregular peeing habit is something that you should take seriously. If peeing is not according to the way that it is supposed to, you might actually have a problem. The worst part is that you may have a dead end for your cat before you know it. So, the best possible solution here is to get her to a vet and have her checked.

You can also have a better grip on your kitty’s health if you take her to the vet periodicall​​y. Some diseases are very quick to react to. In that case, the last thing that you want is to arrange a grand funeral for your kitty.

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