When Do Kittens Calm Down? How To Instantly Release Your Kitten’s Energy

Having your very own pet is a dream that most of the people want to make a reality. A little pet that is your companion and best friend is something that most people want to experience. Cats and dogs are the two most popular types of household pets that people like to keep. When people do bring home such pets they prefer them to be young so they can adjust and adapt well.


when do kittens calm down

Kittens make beautiful and lovely pets to children and adults alike. If you have owned a kitten in the past or plan to own one, then you may notice many different moods of a kitten. For me, it really helped that I had read up on basic information regarding kittens. It allowed me to care better for the little fur-baby and understand her needs as well. Questions like “Is my kitten hyper?’ or “ When do kittens calm down?” will be answered in this article.

When Do Kittens Calm Down?

When I first got my pet kitten, I was completely in love. My whole day revolved around her and we were inseparable. Although I loved every bit of her, I often found myself wondering when she would start to be calmer and more mature. She was very hyper at times and I couldn’t help but wonder if that was just the way she was or whether something else was up.

when do kittens calm down

Upon doing some research, I found that kittens at around the age of 8 weeks start to be playful. They slowly start to mature and become pretty mature by their first birthday. You will also notice that they will be much calmer in nature. So, if your little kitten is being too playful or hyper, he or she is most likely to calm down in the next few months.

The Energy Level Of A Kitten

Having a little kitten in your house is similar to having a little baby. You feed it, play with it, and take care of it. Also, like little infants can’t talk, you can’t understand the meaning behind a cat’s meows either. For babies, experienced parents or grandparents step in to help with the responsibilities. For your kitten, we will play the role of that experienced parent.

when do kittens calm down

A cat has different moods like we do. Two of its most prominent moods are that of being playful and hyper, quiet, or secluded. You might notice that your pet kitten is being hyper sometimes. At around 11 weeks, they tend to start being playful with other cats and even humans as their locomotive skills and balance improve.

Experts say that when cats reach the age of 3 months, they enter the “Endless energy phase”. Your feline develops a big appetite and is always hungry. It also has a little too much energy. You will observe how your pet kitten is always energetic and ready to play.

It is completely natural for kittens under one year to be hyper. They sometimes even playfully attack people. General hyperactivity includes running around and knocking things over. You will also notice that your feline will tear and destroy things around the household. While this is normal for young kittens, destroying or breaking things could even hurt the pet.

when do kittens calm down

But, around their first birthday, you will start to notice a change in their behaviors they will become much calmer in nature.  However, some cats are just hyperactive in nature and will continue to be like that.

Is Your Cat Still More Hyperactive Than Others?

Do you feel that your kitten or cat is much more hyperactive than your friend’s and you don’t know what to do about it? Well, being a pet owner is a difficult job and you are never quite done learning. There can be many reasons why your kitten is still hyperactive. Sometimes, the simplest of answers are true to the situation.

when do kittens calm down

It is natural for cats their age to show voyeurism and chase animals that are smaller in size. They will also run behind insects and light beams are their absolute favorite. Enthusiastic parents or environmental factors might also be the reason for your kitten’s hyperactivity. You will notice that cats in general also become active around midnight. Since cats are natural predators, it is normal for them to run around and chase behind things.

Hyperactive features of felines are generally hereditary. They may be vivacious because of the positive environment around them. Felines are hyperactive, particularly during the midnight hours. Every feline is unique in its own way. There are some who develop their hyperactive trait. On the other hand, there are some felines who begin to calm down.

But, there is nothing to worry about as there are activities that could help to calm down your pet and have their energy released in a natural and calming manner.

How To Help Your Kitten Calm Down?

If you feel that your cat is being too hyper and that it is unlike their behavior, then there are tips that will help you calm them down.

1. Create high spaces

when do kittens calm down

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Cats love to get on high spaces from where they can look down. Moreover, high spaces give your cat more room to play and explore, and if required a place to escape. Therefore, you need to give your cat high places that it can climb on and rest. You can buy a cat condo or tower. Make sure that the cat condo has scratching areas, wide shelves, and a hiding or covered area. The cat tree should be located at the right place in your house and it should be stable so that the cat doesn’t fall off.

2. Give them appropriate things for scratching

Cats or kittens love to scratch in order to sharpen their claws, release their energy, and mark their territory. Thus, you must provide your cat with various places to claw, which can be in the form of cat houses and climbing trees with scratching areas, catnip, cat toys, etc.

when do kittens calm down

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3. Make an assessment of your feline’s vocalization

A cat’s vocalization is its way of communicating with us. Extensive studies have shown that orient breed of cats is more vocal than the others. Excessive vocalization can also mean that your feline wants your attention. The attention can mean that it wants food or wants to play with you. You should try and reward your cat when it stays silent for 5-10 seconds.

4. Bring her a partner

Cats behave better when they have a companion. Introduce your cat to another one. It is better if both cat’s energy level is similar. Make sure that you introduce the new cat gradually and take baby steps so that your pet doesn’t feel abandoned or replaced. Having another cat around will also help your cat be calmer and more responsible as well.

when do kittens calm down

5. Play with her

Frequently play with your pet. It will also help to release some of the pent-up kitten energy. A fishing pole is a good example of this. It should be very exciting for your pet so make sure to give them some time to cool down. You could change the direction of the fishing pole and its speed to give the impression of a prey that the cat could chase.

6. Mimic the Hunt

One trick that has proven to be very helpful in this particular matter is “Mimic the hunt” trick. It is where you prompt the cat to act naturally by providing them with an object that they can chase around and catch. There are many toys that are easily available in the market that can serve this purpose. You can see in this video how the cat is busy chasing the toy mouse.

7. Pay attention as appropriate

One other factor is that you should pay the right amount of attention to your kitten. As hard as it may be, don’t spend all your time with your pet. Let them roam around and play. They will come back to you eventually. However, make sure that the pet gets at least 15-20 minutes of playtime with you twice a day. This will not only help you to bond with your pet but it would also help the pet to feel safer and better while releasing their energy in a natural manner.

Don’t let your kitten or cat play with yarns or stringed objects. They can swallow it, which can lead to serious intestinal complications later on.

when do kittens calm down

8. Play the right way

Although there is no wrong way to play with your kitten, there are ways, which have been proven to be more helpful in calming and relaxing the kitten for longer periods of time. Don’t let your pet use your body as a toy. Don’t let it nibble or bite your fingers, instead give them toys to chew on.

You could encourage your pets to run around and fetch balls. This will avoid you having to touch the kitten, which only arouses and excites them more. Make sure you give enough cool down time or the feline will not understand that playtime is over when you suddenly stop. In case they playfully go around your hands or feet then you could make an “eek” sound. It will startle them and they will leave you alone.

when do kittens calm down

Give your kitten enough space and toys to play with. It is completely normal for your pet to play by themselves. Make a little section in your house and put down some of the cat toys that they could scratch and play around with. 

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9. Make your cat work to get her meals

Don’t leave food for your pet around the house. It is better for your pet if you make them work for food like they would in the wild. Place their dry food in treat balls. In order for the pet to get the food out of the ball, he or she will have to roll the ball around. It will give the cat a good work-out as well and will also give the pet a good appetite.

10. Use cat pheromones

Another thing that is pretty helpful in calming down kittens is cat pheromones. They are hormones that cats naturally produce available in the form of sprays, wipes, or even diffusers. They help to naturally calm down your kitten. It is a very easy but highly effective way.

when do kittens calm down

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11. Disciplining your feline

Certain behaviors that your kitten adopts in the first few months or years stays with them forever. While it is good to encourage some behaviors, it is also important that you discourage negative behaviors.

It is difficult to calmly discipline your pet cat when they scratch you with their claws or bite your feet. But, they respond the best to calm discipline, which is done consistently. If your cat does something wrong then you immediately have to tell her “NO” and take her to a separate room where she will be for the next 5-10 minutes. They will be confused if you don’t do this regularly and instantly.

There are also sprays available that push out compressed air. Using this to communicate with your pet when they behave incorrectly will help them understand what type of behaviors isn’t allowed. You could also give them a 10-minute time-out immediately after they misbehave. 

  • Watch this video to see how the release of compressed air discourages the cat from climbing on the kitchen counter:


when do kittens calm down

I hope these tips help you to understand your feline’s behavior and help to calm them down. Knowing these little tricks can help you to train your pet better. Over time, it will prove to be very beneficial and you will be able to spend time with your best friend without any problems.

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