How To Litter Train A Stray Kitten? Is It Really Difficult For Cat Parents?

If you're wondering about how to litter train a stray kitten, then read on as I show you the 9 simple steps to do this work!

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Is your stray kitten having problems in adjusting to its excreting habits? Are you looking for good ways to litter train your stray kitten? If these are the general questions you are struggling with, you must look no further as I have presented the best advices on how to litter train a stray kitten in some easy and efficient methods.


how to litter train a stray kitten

This topic of interest is quite close to my heart as I have personally dealt with such circumstances and still use such methods whenever I decide to bring a new stray kitten into my home. I really like stray kittens and giving them a home is what I love to do. Of course, I cannot provide for each and every semi-feral kitten, so I feed some of them on the street only whenever I can.

Nonetheless, when talking about the ones in my home, I have bumped into those kitten littering problems a lot of times, like when I used to come home I used to find their excrement at 2-3 places around my home and so on. However, now I have learnt how to cope with it and so I am here to illuminate you guys about it.

To reassure you, there are indeed some very good and easy ways that can you can take up in such a task. This blog post has efficient and easy-to-use solutions for all ailurophiles out there through comprehensive instructions.

Why Do You Need To Litter Train Your Stray Kitten?

Adopting a stray kitten can be quite a task to some cat parents as the kitten is not accustomed to the living habits of the family members. Though you may feel sorry for your stray kitten, it is very imperative that you train it to use the cat litter early on so that you may avoid messiness and dirt around the house.

how to litter train a stray kitten

If the kitten leaves behind its poop all over the house, it may be a significant source of risk to you and your family. When the parasites in the poop are transferred to you, they can cause grave diseases like toxoplasmosis, which gives way to symptoms of flu and muscular pains and can last for an entire month or more.

How To Litter Train A Stray Kitten?

One fantastic trait in all stray or domesticated kittens is the minimum effort and ease needed in fully training them. Their small furry balls are similar to sponges in the sense that they speedily absorb what is being taught.

Hence, training a stray kitten to use a litter box should be an easy business to handle through the means of the correct tools and utilizing some good ''feline psychology."

Things Required To Litter-Train A Stray Kitten

  • Dirt
  • A litter cleaning scooper
  • Fragrance-free cat litter
  • A tiny shoe box

There are a number of products that you can use otherwise for better help in fulfilling your litter training task. Some of them are:

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how to litter train a stray kitten


This is a good product for extra poop clumping conveniences and softness. Its texture is pretty different from the regular kitten litter and is especially suitable for your kitten’s sensitive and tiny paws. This is purely natural and is made out of reused wood particles.

how to litter train a stray kitten


This kitten litter product is specially designed with pellets, which will serve to take out and absorb the dirt particles on your kitty’s long hair. This is effective for those kittens with longer hair so that there is better absorbing capacity and the excretion is not dragged around your home, thus leaving lesser clutter and a cleaner environment.

Additional Tips

  • You must remember that your stray kitten will produce lesser amounts of stool when it starts consuming food of better quality.
  • If your stray kitten is exhibiting signs of diarrhea, then it may be a sign of a parasitic crisis, for instance, worms.

  • If your stray kitten is bigger than eight months old and turns out to be a male, you must proceed to neuter it as soon as possible to lessen the risks of spraying to mark its territory. This behavior often begins to show at around the age of 10 months.
how to litter train a stray kitten
  • If your adopted semi-feral kitten refuses to use the litter box despite previous attempts, you must get it checked by a vet.
  • If your stray kitten is devoid of a tail, for instance, the Manx or other breeds, he or she may time and again have troubles in controlling the bowels, leading to extra complexity with their litter training.
  • If you have any more doubts and need a visual reference on how to litter train a stray kitten, you can refer to this helpful video:

Step By Step Instructions

The key differentiation between litter training a domesticated and a stray kitten is that you will need to use dirt in dealing with the former type. Semi-feral kittens are habituated to make use of dirt as their potty.

This is why when you utilize dirt particles in the assigned litter box, the scent of the dirt should draw your little kitten to the litter box. This is, however, only a passing phase. Follow the below-mentioned instructions on how to litter train a stray kitten:

You must firstly pour a small amount of dirt into the assigned shoe box. If your stray kitten is incredibly small and only five to six weeks old, it may face difficulty in climbing into the shoe box. In this case, you can use the lid of the shoe box to give it some support.

how to litter train a stray kitten

When you have filled the shoe box with dirt, you must now proceed to keep it in any small room inside your house. Your bathroom space is good to go, in particular, if it contains tiles; thus making it easier to clean up the messes.

Your stray kitten should be kept within the allotted room for its initial period. The ground behind this is that a kitten is an extremely small creature, which can simply get lost in any regular sized homes.

When it is unable to locate its tracks back to your bathroom, the kitten may urinate or poop at any standing point.

Your bathroom must have your kitten’s litter shoe box in a corner, and at the same time have a suitable corner for a food or water bowl. The motive behind placing the litter shoe boxes in a corner is due to the fact that kittens are inclined to search for corners for pooping and urinating.

how to litter train a stray kitten

Also, your kitten will not defecate at the place where its water and food is kept. Hence, this technique stops your kitten from excreting in two different corners of an allotted room. The remaining corners can be blocked to your kitten by using a piece of furniture or material to camouflage it altogether.

Kittens usually tend to poop after about half an hour after an eating period. Hence, you must carefully watch over your stray kitten after its meals. You can look out for signs that it may produce to indicate its excreting needs like looking around, meowing, or floor scratching.

If this takes place, then you should put your kitten inside its litter box right away. When your kitten is done, you can pet and praise it as a positive reaction.

Top 3 best litter boxes for kittens

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In case your kitten is unable to poop in its litter box, you must not scold it. This will simply serve to scare the kitten. Rather, you should just scoop the wastes and put them inside the litter box so that your kitty can understand the assigned space.

how to litter train a stray kitten

You must continue to watch over your kitty after each meal and replicate the order of picking and placing it in its assigned shoe litter box.

In some days, your stray kitten should be able to comprehend this process. However, you must make certain that you keep the shoe litter box perfectly cleaned.

how to litter train a stray kitten

By and by, you can gradually start adding up some fragrance-free litter products, such as Arm & Hammer Super Scoop Clumping Litter, to the previous dirt. In a single week, the litter must entirely substitute the dirt. From this point, your stray kitten should develop a good grip on its litter box exercise.


The above step by step advisory is the soundest way to bring a stray kitten on track. This was pretty helpful to my personal crisis of adopting a stray kitty a few years back where I had to go through every step to successfully litter train my kitty. My little kitten has now grown up and is living a full potty-trained life.

Hopefully, now you can implement all these steps on how to litter train a stray kitten. If you have enjoyed my advisory, then you are free to share it with your friends and put in your comments or any further queries if you have on the subject.

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