Top Best Interactive Pet Toys For Your Cat Or Dog

Indoor or outdoor cats and dogs love to play and getting interactive pet toys acts as a way of providing a fun means for your pet to play. Besides, these interactive toys provide your pets with physical and mental stimulation. Mostly, this enables your pet to use their inborn hunting instincts. There are many best interactive pet toys, but we will list the top interactive and suitable toys for your cat or dog. To come up with this list, we looked at some features like if they are operated manually or using a battery, whether they contain catnip for cats among others.


Top Best Interactive Pet Toys For Your Cat Or Dog

1. Trixie toy

Trixie toy for dogs

The interactive toy was developed by Helena Dblay to keep your pet entertained for several hours. You only need to stick some kibble inside the toy and leave your cat to think of ways on how to get the food. It works best for a kitty that is driven by food as they will end up rolling, pawing and sweating. The toy which is tailored is surprisingly heavy as it’s well-constructed and keeps your cat safe and occupied.

2. Pawaboo electronic toy

Pawaboo electronic toy

This toy keeps your cat interested throughout. Often, this is because it is made up by a battery powered mouse that dash in and out of the holes as your cat tries to chase the mouse. The toy is amusing and on top of that, you can make it more interesting by adjusting the speed of the mouse. Besides, the internal motor is not loud, and the toy keeps the cat occupied for quite some time. However, you do not need to worry about continually purchasing batteries as the toy does not drain its batteries quickly.

Similarly to keep your dog entertained for hours instead of using a mouse, you can use the milo activation ball. It is an interactive toy that not only entertains your dog but also stimulates the senses of your dog. It keeps your dog active and prevents your dog from engaging in any mischievous activities like destroying household equipment.

3. Petsafe Funkitty egg cersizer

interactive pet toys

This toy is suitable for cats that eat their food too fast that they end up choking as it’s of help to them. Using the toy is easy as it only requires you to fill the plastic egg with some kibble. You will notice that your cat will move the plastic egg around in an attempt to get the food out of the small holes. Often, this assists pets that tend to eat fast to slow down. Besides your pet will exercise a little which is excellent, especially for overweight cats. 

Additionally, the size of the holes can be adjusted when you eventually become aware of how to get the food quicker. In the end, your cat will enjoy every bit of the food which is in possible if they eat quickly.

4. Easyology toy

Easyology toy

It is affordable and can be used by multiple cats at once. Hence it is suitable for people with many pets at home. This toy is designed in a manner that you can watch your cat willow around the balls that fill the three-level towers. It is also enjoyable for you as the owner to watch as your pet pop in and out of the tracks. 

Additionally, since it has non-skid pads, your cats cannot triple. Something to note is that it is lightweight and hence moves a bit during play, but you don’t have to worry as your pets will enjoy the movement.

5. Munchiecat Sushi toys

Despite this interactive toy being expensive, it is gorgeous and worth its price. The toy has a mock-Bento box and some eight pieces of detailed, hand-sewn “sushi.” Each of the pieces of sushi and have in mind, it’s not the actual seafood is filled with tiny bells or catnip to ensure that your pet is entertained.

Munchiecat Sushi toys

Additionally, the toy does not produce loud noise; hence it is not a source of distractions. Generally, the interactive toy is well-made and attractive that it looks like a piece of decoration when your pet is not playing with it.

6. YOUTHINK collapsible cardboard scratcher toy

YOUTHINK collapsible cardboard scratcher toy

It is a well-known toy that acts as a simple scratcher for your cat. It acts as a standard approach that helps you safeguard your furniture, especially if you don’t want your hyperactive cat to scratch them. This interactive toy has a ring design that keeps your kitty intrigued throughout as it plays.

The work of the collapsible honeycomb paper is to allow you as the owner to tailor the shape for multiple modes of play. Besides, you should ensure that it breaks down for purposes of storage. The material that is used in the toy is strong, hence can support your pet. Also, your cat will enjoy sleeping as much as they enjoy scratching the toy. This is also an ideal sleeping place for your pet cat and keeps it away from your bed.

7. Pioneer pet SmartCat peek-a-prize toy box

Pioneer pet SmartCat peek-a-prize toy box

Cats have a natural desire to hunt, and often you can catch your cat staring out captivated by the birds. Notably, this toy that is designed by Pioneer pet aims at satisfying your cats hunting instincts. You only need to hide some of their favorite treats in the holes in the toy that are paw-sized. You will find out that your cat will spend time trying to dig out the treats from the toy.

The interactive toy has two balls that are in use. However, you may decide to hide the food in the box to keep your cat motivated. The toy is safe, but is not suitable for kittens as their heads may be caught in the holes. This toy will keep inquisitive cats who like a challenge, entirely entertained.

8. SmartyKat skitter critters toy

SmartyKat skitter critters toy

SmartyKat is packaged with a set of three plush mice that have catnip which keeps your cat occupied trying to attack the mice. You will enjoy watching your cat go wild trying to attack. Also, you can leave your cat in the house as the toy will keep them occupied.


It is crucial to have your pets play as that plays a positive impact on their growth. On top of that, the interactive pet toys are affordable and keep your pets entertained for a long time. Also, you will not be worried about your pet feeling lonely throughout as it will be busy playing.

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