Best Type of Cat Clothing – How to Make Your Furball Cool And Cute

Your little kitty is a valued member of your family just like any other family member. You share a special bond with your cat and they're like a fur child to you. Lots of cat owners want their kitties in 'haute couture' style with different outfits. After all, they didn't call it the 'catwalk' for nothing. But buying cat clothing items for your pet friend isn't always just about looking cool or cute. Often times there are serious reasons behind it. Some of these reasons could be the following.


Things to Consider Before Purchasing Best Cat Clothing

1. Very cold climate

Yes, their fur protects them, but not every cat is furry. Hairless breeds, like the Sphynx can chill quicker and that little bit of added protection as in a sweater will keep the breed warmer without getting too hot.

cat clothing

2. Self-harm

Sometimes it happens that your cat really licks, chews or pulls at its fur like mad. This could be due to several reasons, and it leads to the loss of fur or the stripping of its fur. So, clothing for cats protects them from overdoing this type of behavior.

3. Post-operation

cat clothing

If your cat has to undergo any type of surgery, they will have their fur shaven off. Or even without a surgery, they will go in for their regular grooming session. At that point, even a vet could recommend that your cat wear a sweater or t-shirt after grooming to keep them warmer.

4. Decorative motifs

The custom embroidered patches are created with the aim of hiding the imperfections on the clothes. Besides, with shapes that are considered diverse and many designs, the embroidered patches are increasingly used by cat owners to decorate their cat clothing to enhance their cat's individuality. You can also use the famous cat eyes embroidered patches on your cat clothing to help your pet cat look cool and cute.

Tips On How To Wear Clothing For Cats

If you want or need to dress up your furry babe, here are some pointers to keep in mind, because we certainly don't want to upset them!

1. Don't rush the kitty

cat clothing

Pet Clever shop at, which has a huge selection of the most adorable cat clothes, also recommends to take your time and introduce the cat to a garment at a slow pace if your cat is new to this. They might feel uncomfortable at the beginning with something new on their body. They might start clawing at the new threads, so just take it easy. By the same token, some cats just might love it!

2. Size matters

Don't buy outfits too big, small, tight or loose. You don't want to impede on your kitty's movements. They should be easily able to breathe, move, jump, and just generally play in a garment as without a garment on. If you see or sense any signs of distress, remove the garment. Clothes need to be a good fit because your cat will just wiggle its way out of a loose garment, and if it's too tight, they will want to get out of it.

cat clothing

3. Don't leave your cats unattended

When kitty is at home alone, don't keep outfits on them, at least any outfit that is not necessary. You never know what they can get tangled up in.

4. Associate playtime

Because she's been such a good kitty, award her with something she loves, a favorite food or toy, while she's dressed. That way she'll realize that dressing up is fun and won't affect what she likes to do. Start early if you want your cat dressed for an occasion, so she can have time to get used to clothes. When she's comfortable, you'll have a diva cat!

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