Best Non Tracking Cat Litter of 2018: The Ways To Keep Your Home Hygienic

Cat litter tracking is among the most widespread complaints that cat parents have. Regardless of where one keeps their cat litter box, by hook or by crook cat litter tends to end up everywhere in the house, be it on the floors, the shoes, or on the bed. There is no emotion quite as similar as being forced to brush off litter fragments off the bases of your foot before putting on the socks.

Cat litter tracking is attributable to tales of cat litter attached to a cat’s fur and paws after it has done its business in the cat litter box. Scores of cats also like to dig into their boxes, by which they tend to kick and throw litter all around the area, which is spread around your home when they walk through it and spread to every corner. If these problems come close to the situations you are facing at home, then I have an effective and appreciated solution with best non tracking cat litter.


What Is Non-Tracking Cat Litter?

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Typically, non-tracking cat litter is constructed out of absorbent pellets or clay, used for helping secure a cat's excretes and keep them all, from secretion itself to smell, inside its litter box. It aids in minimizing the cleanup and helps train cats in doing their deed in a specific area only.

This litter needs to be added this to litter boxes so that cats associate doing their business there. In most times, you would only have to throw away the litter product and replace with a fresh set. This is especially without worrying that he or she would create marks on your floor subsequent to stepping on its litter.

How to Choose the Best Non Tracking Cat Litter?

The following are some primary considerations to deem when choosing the best non tracking cat litter.

1. Weight or Appearance of the Litter:

Best non tracking cat litter

Generally, lightweight cat litters are more liable to tracking against the heavier granules. As they are light, it tends to easily stick to cat’s fur and paws. This then goes on to leaving and scattering granules all across your home after your cats completed its deeds.

2. Scent:

Odors tend to be a major cause of irritant around some home. There are cat owners, who are additionally sensitive to the smell around their homes and especially when the cat litter is scented heavily, it can be bothersome or worse, instigate allergic reactions. There are some cat litters, which are ineffective against dissuading bad odors.

If litter smells are the biggest concerns at your home, it is crucial to pick one, which prevents scented odors. Check reviews of product users and try it out at home, for making your right pick.

3. Dustiness:

Best non tracking cat litter

In case of non-tracking cat litter, you also have to ensure that it does not scatter dust around your home. Dust is as exasperating as odors, as it can impel allergic reactions and induce more cleanup tasks.

There are a few non-tracking cat litter products, which claim nil dust residues, but you still have to check reviews or inquire recommendation from friends. There is no apt dustiness level for non-tracking cat litter and this would entirely depend on your comfort with the use of a particular non-tracking cat litter.

4. Preference of cats:

Cats tend to be finicky creatures. If you need them to employ their litter box, you’ll have to ensure that they are taking to your cat litter. If a cat does not favor your chosen non-tracking cat litter, it can refuse to exercise the given litter box and just poop outside the box. Hence, you have to verify that your kitty approves pooping inside it, or else it is useless to purchase it at all.

What Are The Best Non Tracking Cat Litters?

I have thus made a few long list of the 4 top non-tracking products, which you can make use of for the cat litter box. These products are low in dust formation, which serves avoiding dust allergy in households, as well as clumps extremely well. Owing to their clumping properties, your cat will not get the litter stuck to its fur and paws, and you can be worry-free about your pet dragging dirt and dust all over your home.

Precious Cat Ultra Premium Clumping Cat Litter is the Editor’s Pick and the finest Product among the sea of other available products in the market. This is mainly owing to its reasonable cost and advanced qualities in non-tracking cat litter properties. In addition, it is hypo-allergenic, i.e., comprises of nil plant proteins.

This ideal product is 99.9% free from dust and makes use of heavy-weight, non-tracking litter granules for a lesser mess. Moreover, it is perfect for mechanical or sifting litter boxes.

Think again if you are you are on the verge of giving up on the gloomy and bothersome dust clouds around your home, emanating from your cat’s litter box. This efficient product is capable of solving all your dust-related problems in a safe and long lasting manner.

This product comes in 3 diverse sizes, i.e. 18 pounds, 40 pounds and 80 pound carriers.


  • Great for older cats or problem cats
  • Hypo-allergenic
  • Moderate cost
  • Clumps very nicely
  • Nil dust
  • check-circle-o
    Controls odor
  • check-circle-o
    Exhibits a herbal scent
  • check-circle-o
    Ideal for mechanical or sifting cat litter boxes


  • Comes in a plastic bag
  • Inconvenient openings in the bag

Pine Original Litter is the Runner-Up pick of the editor, owing to its superior quality among non-tracking cat litters. Moreover, it does not contain any plant proteins and makes use of heavy-weight, non-tracking litter granules for a less mess.

This product is an apt go-to in case of unavailability of Precious Cat Ultra Premium Clumping Cat Litter.

The Pine Original Litter product is made out of 100% natural pine properties and is extremely pet-friendly. This remarkable product is capable of destroying odors devoid of additives, messy dust clouds, or perfumes. It is the smart pick for the wellbeing of a cat and the home.

The package weight of the Pine Original Litter is 40.1 lbs and is entirely chemical-free, and fragrance-free. Its fast absorbing formula offers a long-lasting and instantaneous odor control. Its pellets are compressed by means of high pressure, high heat, steam and the natural occurring lining in the pine wood. For the best non-tracking results, do away with soiled litter every day and replace completely as needed. Also, you can use 2" of pellets inside the cat litter box for best odor control and fast absorption.


  • check
    Eliminates Tough Odors
  • check
    100% Natural Pine
  • check
    Highly Absorbent
  • check
    Reasonable price
  • check
  • check
    99.9% free from dust
  • check
    Ideal for sifting/mechanical litter boxes


  • Low clumping
  • Somewhat sticky

Purina Yesterday's News Unscented Cat Litter has been selected as the editor’s Budget Pick, for the reason of its cheap price, accompanied by fine quality, as well as some distinct cons.

The Purina’s Yesterdays News Cat Litter is prepared from compressed litter pellets of used newspapers. It is an environmentally friendly item, as it is biodegradable. Yesterday's News also has high absorbing properties. This product is mostly suggested by veterinarians for application by cats that have recently undergone surgery.

This product will not stick to your cat’s fur or paws unlike the clay-based clumping litters and further products in the market. Your cat litter would viably be contained within an adequate litter box itself.


  • check
  • check
    Extra tender for sensitive paws
  • check
    3 times more absorbent in comparison to clay
  • check
  • check
    Especially apt for cats after a surgery


  • Needs regular scooping for odor control
  • Does not clump like clay
  • exclamation-circle
    Can be hard for scooping out of a non-sifting cat litter box
  • exclamation-circle
    Not liked by some cats

The Purina Tidy Cats Breeze Litter System Cat Pellet Refills has a unique formula that can be used as one of the first go-to options when one is searching for non-tracking cat litter products.

As opposed to traditional clay litters, the BreezeTidy Cats Litter product makes use of a specially made, litter pellet, which is cat-friendly, and is completely free from dust and does not track, outside of your cat’s litter box.

Purina Tidy Cats is our Upgrade Pick as it dehydrates the solid waste materials of your cat for preventing any sort of tracking around your home and has a 99.9% dust-free formula. These cat litter pellets let pee to go through, whilst leaving behind the solid waste materials at the top for a quick and easy removal. This urine is then swiftly absorbed by its odor controlling pad.


  • check
    Controls odor
  • check
    Long lasting pellets
  • check
    Brilliant clumping properties
  • check
    Easy to clean
  • check
    Anti-Tracking Pellets
  • check
    99.9% dust-free formula


  • Comparatively pricey
  • Small size of cat litter

Here are some further guidelines on the best cat litter tracking and scattering control ways, which you can make, use of, for your further knowledge.

Five Tips And Tricks For Managing Cat Litter Scattering And Tracking

A.     Getting the best non-tracking cat litter

Some cat litter products tend to track more so than the others. From my own non-scientific experience, I have discovered that the lightweight cat litters tend to track more so than the heavier ones. What's more, the newspaper pellets do not look like they track at all.

You can start by getting your cat used to a particular non-tracking cat litter product, from above ones so that your cat does not drag dust and litter particles all around your home, and, you can maintain your house seamlessly.

B.      Using the  vacuum and broom to a great extent

A regular clean up of cat litter box vicinities can go a long way in maintaining the cat litter scattering and tracking. Such area particular cleaning would keep it from spreading further.

You can face less of an issue, provided that you sweep more than a few times in a day. I personally, keep a dustpan and broom kept ready, near the cat litter box, along with a vacuum nearby. A non-electric roller vacuum would do a fantastic job also.

Best non tracking cat litter

C.      Containing the cat’s litter box

The shower stall or tub is an apt place for keeping the litter box if there is a spacious bathroom in the home. This is not entirely suitable for an older or arthritic cat or kitten but is worth trying.

Place the cat litter box in the tab without water, so that the cats can scratch or kick litter to their heart’s content that will ultimately stay confined inside the tub. When the cat hops from the pool, a good deal of the litter will fall off her or her paw on its way out.

Another option is taking a big storage container with elevated sides and cutting an entry or exit hole on one side. Ensure to sand in the edges of the hole so the cat does not cut itself hopping in and out. Set the cat litter box in the storage container so that, once your cat is done with its litter box, it still has to make a few strides to make prior to the cat heading out to the main floors.

D.     Rethinking the litter box of your cat

You can opt for the high sided cat litter boxes, which aid greatly with a litter scatter problem. As a self-help option, you can utilize the high-sided, deep, plastic container and pour out the cat litter as a functioning litter box.

Litter boxes with top entries can aid in eliminating the scattering issue on top of the tracking concern. Your cat can resort to picking up as much litter as it wishes, and then jump out from the top, thus leaving a good number of the cat litter in the box itself.

E.      Employing mats and rugs for helping impede litter tracking

You can avail a large variety and choice of mats and rugs, specifically designed for catching the litter caught to the paws of your cat when he or she exits its litter box. There are ample options from rugs to rubber mats, carpet remnants, rugs, etc. standard, as a tool for trapping litter crumbs. After selecting a mat size, have the cat walk it after using the litter box. Also, lay the carpet runner about 3 feet away from your cat’s litter box.

This is a useful video, which you can refer, for further information.


Among the cat litter brands listed, the editor’s pick for best non tracking cat litter product is the Precious Cat Ultra Premium Clumping Cat Litter product. This cat litter has excellent clumping properties and thus makes it easier for the cat owners to experience an easy clean up of their cat’s litter boxes. This product is particularly great for the older cats or problem cats, in relation to other products, and is more affordable as well! The product has extremely viable clumping properties, which can be used for both poop and urine. Moreover, it is apt both for mechanical or sifting cat litter boxes.

You now have a better preview of the best non tracking cat litter to buy for your home. You can bear the above points in mind for the next time, your cat starts to dig around and scrape in his or her litter box. Keeping a broom or vacuum is always a prudent thing to do in a cat-owning household.

This product bears all the qualities that we have discussed in the essential qualities of cat litter products. If you have any more questions for us, related to our topic, you are welcome to comment below. Also, share our post, as well.

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