The Ultimate Guide to Getting a Purebred Cat

If you’re just considering or already have decided about getting a purebred cat, there still are incredibly important aspects to take into account before the pet appears at your place. Not only you’re going to need particular equipment but also appropriate knowledge to make your cat a truly happy family member!


Things To Consider Before Getting a Purebred Cat

What’s Your Motivation?

The reason why you want to get a purebred cat does matter. Your motivation affects the way you’ll perceive and treat the animal. Either you’re finally buying a Ragdoll or Maine Coon because you’ve always adored long hair cat breeds, your kids fell in love with Persian cats while watching Stuart the Little, or you’re allergic to cats but there are breeds that don’t sensitise you, you really need to figure out your eventual motivation before bringing the cat to your home permanently.

You’re going to be responsible for a living creature probably for the rest of its life. We wish that being fully aware of this fact was an obvious thing. Unfortunately, many people (both old and young) still think of animals as interactive mascots.

A Purebred Cat Isn’t an Investment!

Sadly, it’s not uncommon to hear at a vet’s office that people bringing their ill purebred cats say to the vet How much is it gonna be? I already paid $1000 for this cat or Do something, I paid too much for this cat to let it die now. Just as if the animal was nothing but a pointless investment for them or an unnecessary household expense. Animals suffer and need help and warmth just as much as we do — regardless of the breed and price.

Saving on a Cat Is Like a Crime

Looking for the cheapest possible cat breeders’ offers is an awful mistake. The puppy mill issue, even though for a smaller scale, concerns cat breeding, as well. Saving on a cat means saving on its well-being and supporting irresponsibility and cruelty at the same time.

If you’re sure you want to get a purebred cat, check for the most reliable breeders. You can pay them a visit before making the deal — if they won’t agree they probably have something to hide. Remember — if you’ll see something suspicious about a breeder, don’t hesitate to contact Animal Control or an animal rescue group to take a look at the business. It’s better to be too cautious than indifferent.

Consider Adoption

getting a purebred cat

If you’ve decided on a particular breed of a cat already but you know you can’t afford it or you’re sceptical about the idea of buying living creatures, it’s a great opportunity for considering a cat’s adoption!

You can either try at an animal shelter or search on the Internet. For instance, there are facebook groups dedicated to animals of particular breeds waiting for the adoption or private gumtree ads put up by people who have to give their animals away.

Educate Yourself

Read specialised books, watch YouTube videos dedicated to raising cats, and talk to befriended cats owners!

You can’t assume that cats aren’t as complicated and troublesome as dogs and neglect educating yourself about them. Cats may require less attention than dogs but it doesn’t mean you can just get a cat, feed it every day, and expect that would be enough.

Cats have particular behaviours that you’ll have to be able to decode and understand their origins, e.g., why your cat is hiding under the bed when there’s someone in the room or why it keeps peeing on your sofa from time to time. Getting to know your pet is a complex process but it’s crucial to stay caring, attentive, and engaged in order to create a safe and peaceful coexistence!

Also, keep in mind that each breed requires different living standards, grooming, food, and may have different boundaries.

Organise a Family Council

A family meeting before getting a cat is a must! Your whole household has to understand the severity of the situation. It doesn’t matter if you’re going to buy or adopt the pet — the animal is going to become a part of your gang and all the family members have to be fully aware of this responsibility.

During the meeting, it’s going to be necessary to present all the worst-case scenarios, especially to the kids. Telling how the cat is going to be scared and hiding in the closets, that it can take months before the pet will let them touch itself or pick it up, that there’s a possibility the cat will mark the territory or will try to escape from home through doors and windows, and so on.

Assure them that the difficulties will only take place at the beginning of getting used to the new apartment and each other but that you all have to be deeply understanding and patient. Let your children feel the importance and how crucial their role in raising the new family member is.

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Don’t Panic!

We know the amount of information might be overwhelming but try to take the event slowly, step by step. It’s important to get prepared properly (also mentally) but it’s not really that challenging as it may sound! Arm your family and yourself in unconditional love towards animals and loads of patience.

The experience of having your own pet is irreplaceable. If you have the opportunity of getting a cat, don’t postpone it any longer. Your efforts will pay back with endless calming purring and priceless cat’s love. We’re sure that with best intentions and the sense of obligation, you’ll make a great cat parent!

Luna Tran

My name is Luna and I am a great cat lover and a cat owner of three lovely cats. I have owned many cats till now and have dedicated many years to nurturing and caring cats. Through this blog, I am here to share my knowledge and experience about cats.