Curly Haired Cat breeds- The Special To Be Ignored Felines

People are going bananas over the curly haired cat breeds and this madness would seem worth once you will look at these adorable cats and know about them. The curly hair cat breeds became people’s favorite recently after their pictures started going viral. Also, a curly coated cat has unique genes that make it even more special a choice among the cat lovers who desire to own an extraordinary kitty.


Profile of the curly hair cats

Just like curls are the trend in hairstyles of women, they have gained traction in the cat style world too. The curly locks of these cats look extremely attractive and they are also deemed as very good pets in the kitty world. They make great companions that boast the star personality upfront.

The special breeds in the curly hair category are bred with special efforts and a great time which gives them a special effect. You can thus expect these breeds to be pricier too.

Physical characteristics

Here are the basic physical features of the curly haired cat:

  • Any regular cat has three layers of hair called the outermost guard, middle awn, and innermost down. One of these layers remains missing or exists in an altered form in the coat of the curly hair cats.
  • The coat in these cats sheds the least and doesn’t shed at all sometimes.
  • You may happen to find some of the cats of this breed with eyebrows as well as curly whiskers.
  • They post the least threat of allergies to the owners.

Magic of the ‘Curl’ DNA

The curls in this breed are a result of a specific type of genetic mutation that is seen in various mammals too like dogs, horses, etc. This genetic variation is called the Rex Mutation that caused the softening and curling of the fur in felines. It does so by altering the hair structure groups as well as individual hair cross-sections.

The coat of the curly haired cat breeds is known as a Rexed coat. This mutation is not singular and can happen across genes in different ways causing a lot of unique types of curling patterns. The gene coding in these breeds is variable and very complex too.

Breeds of the curly hair cats

This type of coat was tried to be bred across different cat breeds but only four out of them got standard recognition. Due to the different types of Rex Mutations in each of them, they exhibit greatly different appearances too. Let’s know them closely.

curly haired cat breeds

Cornish Rex

Active rexed mutation: " r "

This cat has one of the most unusually curly coats that exhibit an extraordinarily superior finesse and softness in the down coat. They also lack the middle or outer coat layers. This breed doesn’t shed at all.

However, due to the thin coat, these cats also become much prone to weather and temperature changes. They cannot handle sudden heat and need extra care for their safety and health. Such vulnerabilities also make them an indoor cat.

These cats also face a risk of hair loss but it even out by the development of a thin undercoat that keeps getting slightly bald at different times and different areas.

They can be the best pet you will ever have as they will charm you with their super active personality. They are wonderful athletes and you can enjoy some fun tricks with them.

Devon Rex

Active rexed mutation: '' re ''

This curly coated cat breed has the most outstandingly mysterious appearance of a pixie due to the ears that appear too huge for the body they have. The eyes of these cats are also protruding with beautiful colors. They have the curly down undercoat with the guard hairs putting a thin covering over it; overall the coat appears similar to the one of the Cornish.

The Devon cats are brilliant and carry out their activities meticulously. They crave attention which makes them very friendly and attracted to humans. They love to be in action almost all the time.

They shed very little.

Selkirk Rex

Active rexed mutation: '' Se ''

This is one of the curly hair cat breeds that has a wooly coat with extremely wavy and long hair fur and makes them look somewhat like a teddy bear. These cats are large with a fuller body and big bones. The head of the cats is completely round that looks so adorable and the sturdy limbs make them strong.

The breed has both short as well as long-haired cats. The coat is the densest, fuller, and plushier among all the curly hair cats.

The personality of this breed is different from its counterparts as they are lazy usually and love solitude. They like to remain in their bed and don’t love playing around much.


Active rexed mutation: '' Lp ''

Last but the most sensational, this cat with curly hair has the most adorable and vibrant personality. Although the coat looks matted and roughly tangled, it is very smooth in touch and can surely turn heads with the wavier waves.

The most unique thing about their coat is that there is a mixture of different textures in different portions of the coat. The hairs in the guard layer feel springy and bit coarse. The curls feel very pompous that grow after phases of hair loss in the kittens.

The first sight of these coats may give the impression of wildness due to the long and untamed coat, but you will fall in love with them as you know them closely. These cats have the sweetest behavior and display a hearty affection along with loyalty towards their owners. This breed has both short as well as long hair cats.

You can find some other rexed breeds that have to become popular yet -

  • Ural Rex
  • German rex
  • Tasman rex
  • Skookum rex
  • Oregon Rex

You may even find some of the curly coated cat hair variants in cat breeds like Persian, Maine Coon, and other domestic cats too.

Tips on caring for these cats

Curly furs need more care and here are some ways you can do that:

  • Regularly groom the coat of your cat. Use the right hairbrushes for the curly coats.
  • Take care of the skin against being exposed to harsh conditions.
  • Moisturize the bald areas nicely.
  • Bath them on time to remove the oil build-up.
  • Keep a close eye on any infection, matting, allergies, etc.
  • Do all the above care as per the needs of your breed.


The curly haired cat breeds are storming the internet massively and hitting the soft-sports in the hearts of cat lovers rightly. They might their extra attention and care, but tell us the truth, can you resist them? Go ahead with getting a cat with curly hair and stay assured, you will get the best pet ever.

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