Cat Throwing Up Clear Liquid- Causes And Treatment

Almost all of you cat owners for once would have ignored the incidence of your cat throwing up clear liquid by thinking of it as water. However, as easy as it might be to not take cat clear vomit seriously, it might not always be the normal case. Read on to know the possible reasons why is your cat vomiting clear liquid and how to stop that.


Types of cat vomiting

The episodes of cat vomiting clear liquid can be seen in two different ways:

  • Chronic Vomiting: This type involves continuous vomiting for days and occurs with other symptoms too.
  • Acute Vomiting: This involves sudden vomiting that can happen for the next one or two days and doesn’t come up with any other symptoms.

If your cat is vomiting repeatedly and is showing other symptoms or worst, blood in the vomit, then you should reach out to the vet.

Examining the liquid vomited by the cat

A cat clear vomit is mostly an indication of the digestive tract fluids of the cat, also called stomach juices, coming out of the body. What makes this vomit liquid distinctive from other types of vomit is the sticky texture due to the presence of the esophagus tract mucus in the stomach fluid. People tend to confuse it with the water thrown up by the cat upon drinking too much of it which is also quite common a case.

This liquid also looks like white foam which is usually free of any type of solid items like hair, fur, or food.

Possible reasons for a cat vomiting clear liquid

Here is a sum-up of all the possibilities.

cat throwing up clear liquid

Cat swallowed hairballs

Cats love to remain clean and they do most of the grooming all by themselves. While cleaning the coat with their tongue, the dead or loose hairs tend to get stuck in the tongue and reach the abdomen. Most of them are flushed out easily but some remain inside and form a hairball.

Cats usually throw up clear liquid before the formation of hairball and it is not much of a concern.

Changes in the usual diet of the cat

If you try to introduce any new food item in the cat diet or miss out on any feeding time, you may see the occurrence of cat clear vomit. This also happens when you change the diet plan for the cat too quickly.

Wrong food intake habits of the cat

Some cats have the habit of munching up on food too fast and this may choke them into vomiting clear liquid with some food in it too. Intestinal sensitivities in cats can also lead to such situations as the rapid intake of food doesn’t get that easily digested and ultimately makes it's way out through the vomit.

Indigestion issues

This is another very common problem found in cats just like in the case of humans as the process of production of juices and acids for food digestion is similar. Different gastric juices and hydrochloric acid digest the food in the cat’s stomach and they work properly with proper food intake. Upon the occurrence of irregularities in food consumption, these juices accumulate in the stomach into causing irritation and vomit.

Gastric issues

This condition mostly happens when the cat consumes something forbidden and that results in inflammation in the stomach and gastric build-up. The affected feline vomits clear liquid mostly in these cases but you may also see some blood or bile in the vomit. This is accompanied by appetite loss, dehydration, and tiredness in the cat.

Ingestion of foreign or toxic objects

Any sort of item that is inedible or stated poison can cause a cat vomiting clear liquid or a foamy liquid.  Any substance poisonous to the felines like detergent, cleaners, plants, etc may get licked off the floor by the cat accidentally and this leads to acute vomiting. This may also result in the blockage of the stomach, more thirst, confusion, seizures, diarrhea, and lethargy.

Cat swallowed yarn or strings

The situation of items like this causing the clear liquid vomit is just like the hairball cause. These things get stuck in teeth and then accumulate into causing conditions like the hairballs. However, it gets more dangerous if reaches the intestine as it can damage the intestinal walls.

Parasites in the cat’s body

Internal worms like tapeworms and roundworms may also be the cause of the vomiting as they cause gut inflammation and impactions. These worms are a common thing with scavengers as they eat other small animals that may themselves be infested.

Usual thyroid problems in the cat

It is difficult to point out the issue of thyroid in any cat as the symptoms are not exact, but clear vomit can be one sign of it. The vomit will come along with the excessive secretion of thyroid hormone, oily skin, acne, greasy hair, and too much salivation.

A cat suffering from hyperthyroidism

This can be one of the serious causes of the clear liquid being thrown up by your cat. Hyperthyroidism is a condition to be found in cats of more than 12 years of age along with some younger cats too. If you see acute clear vomiting accompanied by weight loss, excessive thirst and hunger, hair loss, diarrhea, and hyperactivity, then its time you run to the vet.

Severe issues like cancer or tumors

If you see symptoms like severe weight loss, bad appetite, diarrhea, the occasional occurrence of blood in the cat clear vomit, then it can be cancer or tumor. If the vomiting is acute and very weird, then it’s better to get the cat diagnosed without any delay.

Watch out for the symptoms carefully and run to the vet if you see anything unusual as there is nothing much you can do regarding the treatment.

Treatment of a cat throwing up clear liquid

To prevent such a situation is possible with certain steps that you can take care about. Here are some tips on it:

  • Always pay attention to the grooming needs of your cat and follow a schedule for it.  Clean fur will automatically decrease the need for cat self-grooming and prevent hairballs.
  • Different forms of dietary supplements are also available to prevent the sticking of hairballs.
  • Be careful about the dietary habits of your cat and introducing any change gradually.
  • If the cat doesn’t happen to like any food, immediately give up on it.
  • If even a special diet doesn’t work well with the cat, you can try a protein-rich hydrolyzed strict diet.
  • Try food puzzles for the cat that helps in the improvement of its foraging and predatory habits. These games also help in slowing down the chewing in cats.
  • For getting rid of indigestion, feed small and regular meal portions to the cat for easy digestion.

In cases where the symptoms are severe along with cat throwing up clear liquid, the vet takes over the treatment and this may include various treatments depending upon the situation. It might involve medications, special diet, therapies, diagnostic tests, or even surgery in the worst cases.

Final words

This was all about a cat throwing up clear liquid and what can be the major causes of it. Prevention is always better and proper caution can help save your cat from any serious mishap. Be attentive to your feline’s daily routine and never ignore any unusual change.

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