Are Foxes Cats Or Dogs – Know The Answer Here

Foxes have something in common with both dogs and cats. Thus, it is not so simple to answer, “Are foxes cats or dogs?’ Many people wonder whether foxes are dogs or cats when they come across one. This is quite fair to wonder because a fox looks and acts a lot like they would fit well into either family.

So, are foxes actually a part of the canine family or the feline family? Why do they look similar to dogs and cats when biologically they belong to one of these? Now, let’s find out what’s the truth!


Is A Fox A Cat Or A Dog?

are foxes cats or dogs

Biologically speaking, the answer to ‘is a fox a cat or a dog’ is quite straightforward. Foxes belong to the family Canidae, which means that foxes are dogs. The term ‘canidae’ is derived from the Latin term ‘canis’, which literally means a dog.

This family of animals comprises domestic dogs, coyotes, wolves, jackals, dingoes, foxes, and other extinct and extant dog-like mammals. The young of foxes are called pups, cubs, or kits. Males are called reynards or tods, whereas females are known as vixens.

Are you still confused? Figured foxes used to belong to the cat family and cannot place a finger on why you actually thought so? There is actually a bit of overlap between cats and foxes, both in the way they behave and the way they appear. So, it is important to look at the physical similarities between cats and foxes. Also, you should have a look at their behavioral overlap.

Physical Similarities Between Cats and Foxes

So, is a fox cat or dog? To know this, you have to see whether foxes are more closely related to cats or dogs. Some of the overlapping physical features between the two are:

  • A fox has an optical structure that is similar to a cat. They have vertical pupils that narrow to slits. Also, they feature a reflective membrane at their eye’s back. Both adaptations enable incredible night and day vision.
  • A fox has partly retractable claws. These claws could be extended for helping them climb trees or for padding stealthily or quietly.
  • The whiskers of a fox are sensitive and long, just like cats.

Thus, if you take a look at a fox and figure out that there is something in them that reminds you about a cat, it is likely to be because of these similar features. These features include their eyes, particularly their pupils, feline-like whiskers, and retractable claws.

Behavioral Similarities Between Cats and Foxes

So, there are some behavioral similarities between cats and foxes. Have a look at some of them below:

  • A fox hunts like a cat rather than hunting like its cousins. A fox is a stealth hunter, where it pounces and stalks like cats and plays with its prey.
  • A fox hunts the same prey as of cats.
  • A fox hunts in a private manner just like cats, which is quite opposed to the other canids’ group hunting techniques.
  • A fox kills its prey in a cat-like manner. Many canids clutch and wobble their prey. However, foxes use their slender, long canines for biting to kill.
  • The posturing method of a fox is quite similar to the posturing method of a cat, which is back arched, fur raised, batting pounce, and stiff-legged prance.

The manner in which foxes hunt and what they actually hunt, they are solitary animals as compared to many canines. Also, their posturing method is a bit more like a cat. So, foxes do not just physically resemble cats, but they even appear as cats in the way they stand and behave.

Also, watch this video to know who is stronger between a fox and a dog.

Frequently Asked Questions 

When you see a fox, you may often find yourself thinking “Is a fox a cat or a dog?” If so, it is time to figure out this thing. Here are some frequently asked questions that come to our minds:

Who does a fox look like?

This is an obvious thing to watch out for when looking for an answer to whether a fox is a cat or a dog. A fox has eyes like cats. Also, foxes are more active during the night, unlike domesticated big cats. Gray foxes are like cats because they have retractable claws that help them to climb trees. Also, they have sensitive and long whiskers like cats. Not to mention, they have slender bodies like cats.

How does a fox hunt?

So, foxes hunt like a cat. Foxes are stealthy creatures, who love to pounce, stalk, and play with their prey. Also, they hunt alone rather than going in packs as dogs do.

How does a fox sound?

When it comes to studying whether foxes are cats or dogs, this is an important aspect. Foxes kind of bark like a dog. They even yell like people being murdered. Thus, the sounds produced by them maybe a bit like cats.

What family does a fox belong to?

Foxes belong to the ‘Canidae’ family and the ‘canid’ species, just like domesticated dogs, coyotes, jackals, and wolves. So, this just shows that a fox is definitely not a cat if you are wondering whether foxes are cats or dogs. However, the weird thing that you probably do not know about dogs is that a fox is a dog.

Do foxes bark like a dog?

A fox has been known for making high pitched barking noises. These noises are quite similar to those made by dogs. Usually, these sounds are not as deep sounding.

Do foxes hiss?

A fox makes lots of noises. They are known even to purr. However, foxes do no usually hiss like a cat.

Is a fox part cat?

No, a fox is not a part cat. Foxes are associated with dogs and not cats. They are canine.

Do foxes attack dogs or cats?

It is quite a rare occasion for foxes to attack cats. This might seem odd because cats are the right size for the fox’s meal. Most dogs and foxes get along. Also, it is even rare for foxes to attack dogs unless they are defending themselves. Many domestic dogs won’t attack foxes and, in many cases, they get along when they are kept as pets.

Can cats and foxes breed?

The answer is no. Cats and foxes cannot breed. Foxes do not belong to the same family as cats. Also, they do not have the chromosomes for breeding with felines.


So, are foxes cats or dogs? Now, you know the answer to this question. Biologically, cats belong to the dog’s family. They are not associated with cats biologically. However, there are various similarities between cats and foxes in terms of the way they hunt and climb. If you are still confused about whether foxes are cats or dogs, post your query in the comment section below. We would love to answer!

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