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If you have a cat who loves to play with water more than drinking it, then a no spill cat water bowl is all that you may need right now which can be the solution to all the mess. Cats do really weird things and one of them includes pawing at their water bowl. Now, if this matter needs to be or not dealt with seriously will be explained by us to you followed by how a spill proof cat water bowl is going to be a great help in the process.


Explaining the cats’ behavior of pawing at water

no spill cat water bowl

Firstly, not every cat does that as some of them just simply drink water out of their bowls by reaching out and ducking in their faces. At the same time, the mischievous ones would dip their paws into the water first, make waves in it, swirl it, and then take in the sips. This pawing at the water is also accompanied by various other actions like scratching the surface, kneading at the surface, splashing water with the paws, etc.

This might seem like a crazy behavior to you but in the feline world, it is very natural and common. Pawing at water belongs to a set of instinctual urges in cats and they do without meaning any harm to anyone. Here are some of the common reasons why they do so:

  • Due to their primal instincts of only drinking moving water
  • Natural perception of moving water as fresh
  • Solely for fun and stimulation
  • Saving whiskers from getting soaked
  • Checking the level of water
  • Getting secured about the surroundings first

Major types of cat water bowls

Depending upon the behavior that cats exhibit around water, different types of no spill cat water bowl have been designed to meet the particular needs of every cat when it comes to drinking water from dishes meant for it and discourage them from having it from anywhere else. Let’s see the options available for you:

Classic water bowls

These are the most commonly available plain water bowls that have been used by most cat owners for a long time to give water to their cats. These bowls have quite simple designs without any exciting features but are preferable because they can be handled and cleaned with much ease. You can get them at super affordable prices but just make sure that they are of good quality.

Dispenser or Gravity water bowls

These cat water bowls are the best choice for people who can’t keep up with refilling water into their cat’s bowls. These bowls are fitted with automatic dispensers that do the job of topping up the bowl with water from time to time by draining the water slowly into the dish as the cat sips some of it so that the water is back to the same level. The water isn’t as fresh as running one but still better than the one sitting in the bowl.

Water fountains

This ultra-technical spill proof cat water bowl is for those jazzy felines who just can’t settle with simplicity in anything and even want their drinking water to be stimulating. Cat water fountains are bowls fitted with electric motors operated by a battery that keeps whirring the water in a circular motion that has several benefits like- keep water fresh, prevent germ build-up, cool the water, and excite the cat. The special filters attached in some of the fountains give added benefits.

Wide mouth water bowls

This is a separate category of water bowls for those cats who simply don’t like their whiskers getting disturbed by anything or suffer from whisker fatigue essentially. Thus, any water bowl with a wider mouth is good for them as they can then easily save their whiskers from getting wet with water as well as be safe from getting chin rashes.

Raised water bowls

These are just a modified form of the classic as well as dispenser water bowls for cats which involve the water bowls being fitted in trays that are elevated up to a certain height. These water bowls have been put in a separate category because they are aimed to meet the drinking needs of a certain type of cats that are facing any health issues like joint pain or are elder. Elevated bowls make drinking from bowls easier for cats by removing the need to sink and facilitate better digestion.

Water cooling bowls

A lot of cats prefer drinking cool water because they realize that warm water can contain bacteria and they are mostly used to having cooler water like the one in natural streams. You can look for a no spill cat water bowl with a freezing base if your kitty loves the cool water. These bases can be chilled separately and then simply attached to the bowl that will keep the water cool for several hours till you can re-chill it.

Hanging water bowls

Yet another new set of water bowls, these are especially for the newborn or young kittens that are prone to falling into the water bowl. These bowls are similar to the bird feeder bowls that keep hanging from a small mount and have a very shallow base.

Choosing the right water bowl for your cat

no spill cat water bowl

Now that we have seen the type of water bowls, you can choose any of them by checking for the following quality factors.


Cat water bowls are available in different materials, each having its pros and cons, and you can choose the one that suits your needs best. Here are the major options:

  • Plastic- Bowls made of plastic are very affordable but they make water odorous and also degrade over time causing the release of harmful chemicals in the water. Thus, you must choose the BPA free plastic material.
  • Metal- Stainless Steel is the most common choice when it comes to buying metal no spill cat water bowl as they can be cleaned very easily, keep water odor-free, cool, and lightweight.
  • Ceramic- Glass or ceramic bowls are also a popular choice because they remain sturdy, keep the water cool, can be cleaned easily, and are also affordable.


You can choose the size of the water bowl by keeping in mind the water requirements of your cat so that you don’t need to re-fill often. On average, cats require 3-6 ounces of water for every 5-pound body weight. Generally, choose a bowl as bigger as your cat is.


It again depends upon how much water your cat drinks, need of re-filling, and personal preference of the cat. After that, you can either a shallow or deep water bowl. Also, if you have more cats in the house, you might need a deeper bowl to keep more water available.


You can get a bowl of round, rectangular, spaniel, or wider angled shape depending upon your cat liking its whiskers or coat to touch the bowl or not while drinking.

Preference of the cat

Observe the likes and dislikes of your cat when it comes to drinking water that which source she prefers more for her water and depending on that, get a water bowl that matches all its qualities. A spill proof cat water bowl can be the best for you in all terms as it can’t be knocked off easily due to weight and sturdiness.

Tips on making water drinking better for cat

Giving water in a good bowl to the cat can prove to be a great thing if accompanies by these useful tips that will promote your cat to drinking more water:

  • Keep the water bowls clean always.
  • Choose silent spots for the placement of water bowls.
  • Make sure that the area is clean or your cat won’t go near the bowl at all.
  • Keep the bowls at the ground preferably to make them easily accessible.
  • Put multiple water bowls to make water available anywhere and for as many numbers of cats.
  • Change water in the bowls 2-3 times in a day but even once a day is good if you can manage to keep the water healthy otherwise.


A good water bowl is, thus, very important for making your cat drink water more as felines can remain thirsty for very long but not drink water if they don’t like the way it is served. Getting the best no spill cat water bowl must not remain a hassle for you now as we have helped you will all the important markers that will help you decide with the purchase.

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