Exploring the world of Tiger cat- know about Tiger cat breed

A lot of you must have been confusing a Tiger cat to be a chanced progeny of any Tiger specie. However, that is a big myth that needs to be busted and the truth is that they are nothing but a color pattern that commonly occurs in all types of cats. Astounded enough?

Read on as we spill out all the necessary information and facts about the Tiger cat breed. We will also be introducing the Tiger cats with popular color patterns.


Some basic info about the Tiger cat

Tiger cat

This specie of cats is also called the Oncilla and Leopardus tigrinus in the faunal kingdom. This feline is known for its rich coat that has rosette-like black spots and is believed to be the native of the tropical rainforests. This cat is considered unique for its coat has a somewhat close resemblance with that of the Tigers; well, cats and Tigers belong to the same animal family.

The following common yet distinctive physical features are seen in these cats:

  • A 15-23 inches long body
  • The average weight of 1.5-3 kg
  • A long coat that is soft and thick
  • Numerous colors of the coat
  • Wide variety of patterns
  • Short jaws

The following are the major personality traits of the Tiger cats:

  • The main essence of their personality is very ‘Tabby’. We mean that all the behavioral traits of these cats have something in common always with the tabby cat’s personality.
  • More than their color and pattern, their mysterious behavior is also a matter of charm sometimes.
  • These cats like solitude and often act whimsically.
  • Their personality traits can also have elements that can be found similar to many other purebred, mixed bred, exotic breeds, or usual house cats too.

Fact check about the Tiger cats

Tiger cat

Were you thinking that Tiger cats are something like a miniature version of Tigers? If so, then pop that bubble of thought immediately. These cats are no longer close to the magnanimous Tigers and this is why we are going to present some facts about this animal to you so that you see it in the right light.

To begin with, the Tiger kitties are not any particular breed of animals; they just have a distinctive color pattern. These cats mostly have grey, brown, and red color coats with the pattern being always the same that are strips. This pattern can occur in any domestic cat too, so again, don’t mistake it with any particular pure breeding.

No Tiger cat breed displays the exact color and pattern scheme of the real Tigers. The two major styles seen in these cats are:

  • Beige or brown color with brown or black stripes
  • Orange or red color with darker shade stripes

Let’s take a tour of some of the Tiger cat facts quickly:

  • The tabby cats that have stripes on their coat came down to being the first visual instance of Tiger cats.
  • The term cat in the name of these cats holds more weight due to their heavily cattish personality.
  • Even the cats that are pure-bred, like Sphynx and Persians, can have the Tiger stripe pattern.
  • Remember Garfield? That was the most famous Tiger kitty character of all the time and represented the Tabby cat breed.

Tabby cats

The closest resemblance that any cat ever had with the Tigers is the Tabby cat with an orange color coat and striped patterns on the fur. Again, these cats are not a specific breed; it’s just the fur pattern that is responsible for the uniqueness. Tabbies can have other patterns too which means every Tiger cat is a Tabby cat which is not true vice versa.

The mackerel tabby is believed to be the official Tiger pattern holder because of the thin stripes that go all over their body and make rings around the tail, limbs, and neck.

The persona of the Tiger cats’ kittens

The Tiger kittens look almost like the adult Tiger cats but some of the species are born without the pattern or color and that development is seen as they grow up. Here are some informative facts about them:

  • They can be one of the many color varieties depending on their parent.
  • They grow at an average maturity rate that reaches a peak in about six months. They grow fully after one year with right nutrition.
  • These little animals remain very active and tend to show interest in adventurous activities. See this fun video.
  • They are usually strong decision-makers and learn their limits by pushing them as much as they can.
  • You may mostly find them in difficult situations as they are careless enough to create them for themselves.

Some popular Tiger cat breeds

As we have already discussed that any Tiger cat breed is mainly just a color of the cat, we are now going to introduce some of the majorly popular color Tiger cats.

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Grey color Tiger cat

There is no doubt about the fact that a grey Tiger cat has the sharpest and charming appearance with the distinctive M mark crowing their forehead. This striped motif is seen in a lot of cat breeds including the Scottish Fold and Domestic shorthair exotic cats too.

These cats can have many colors of the eye and the paws of some of them even have grey or red pads. This feline variety can make a great pet with its beautiful soul, friendly behavior, and fun camouflaging abilities. They are even good hunters.

Orange color Tiger cat

Another variety of the tabbies, the orange Tiger cat is another great coat pattern that receives the bright or pale color from a unique pigment called Pheomelanin. You can find the cat breeds like Persians, American Bobtails, Maine coons, Munchkins, and others having this color pattern. Many of these cats also come with white underbelly and legs that look extremely adorable.

You may also find tiny black spots on the bodies of many species of this cat, mostly at furless places. There are usually 5 coat patterns found in this variety of cats:

  • Classic
  • Spotted
  • Ticked
  • Patched
  • Mackerel

Black color Tiger cat

This is one of the rarest color patterns to be found among the Tiger cats. Usually, you will find the stripes to be of a faint black shade but the pure black color is very uncommon. The tabby black Tiger cat can have very faint stripes on them in different shades which is mainly a result of misplaced genes or coat rusting.

Breeds like the Bombay look much similar to the panthers and have a sleek appearance with the midnight black colored coat.

White color Tiger cat

The white Tiger cat breed is a part of the multi-color pattern group of tabby cats where the tabby patches are mostly seen to be appearing on a pure white coated cat. This is another rare genetic mutation that you may happen to see in some of the exotic species too like Siamese, Egyptian Mau, etc.


So this was all about the very mysterious and appealing feline called the Tiger cat. Since this color pattern is found among a range of cat species, it can be inferred that most of these tabbies can be petted. You just need to do a little research about the Tiger cat breed you want and get home a unique furry friend.

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