Ten Most Fascinating Black And White Cat Breeds

The black and white cat breeds are mostly known for their white fur mixed with other colors, black in this case. They are known by various names like Bicolor, Tuxedo, Piebald, etc. If you have also fallen in love with their color and charm, let us help you meet ten adorable black and white cats from which you can choose to get one for yourself.


Fact check

Before we move on to see the types, let’s take a quick round over some astonishing black white cat facts:

  • Bicolor cats aren’t strictly a breed, it’s just a distinctive color pattern.
  • The black-white pattern was a result of faulty genes.
  • There is actually a political party for the Tuxedo cats called Tuxedo Party.
  • These cats can have an attitude.
  • Tuxedos are very loyal cats.

Color patterns in white and black cats

There can be many variants of the pattern in the black and white cat breeds like:

  • Tuxedo
  • Locket
  • Bicolored
  • Vans
  • Saddle and cap
  • Magpie
  • Harlequin

Ten amazing breeds of white and black cats

Here is a list of some of the best cats with a black-white coat pattern.

Maine Coon

black and white cat breeds

These cats have one of the biggest population groups in the black and white fluffy cat breed category. They are popular for their lustrous coat, mesmerizing eyes, uniquely charming appearance, huge color varieties in the coat, distinctive color patterns, and very affectionate behavior towards the other pets. These cats don’t demand much attention and all they want is regular grooming.

Their expert hunting capabilities for rats may make them a great addition to the family where rodents are despised.

British shorthair

black and white cat breeds

This breed has the most cat-like features with a very classical round shape body, short legs, fuller cheeks, and bright eyes. They have a heavily shedding but dense and small coat that looks extremely adorable in the white and black color pattern. These cats love solitude; they appear very thoughtful and prefer peaceful environments as they display lesser activeness but quick learning skills.

These dignified and mellow cats can be the best part of busy families.

Cornish Rex

black and white cat breeds

The sharp and sleek appearance of the Cornish Rex makes it stand out in the group of tuxedo cats. The features of this breed are super striking that include curly and tight fur-rows, big ears that widely set, sharp cheekbones, and a slim physique. The cats of this breed usually prefer being in a company due to their social and energetic behavior.

Also called the Greyhound of felines, Cornish Rex is smart enough to be taught amazing tricks and also can be your therapeutic support pet.


black and white cat breeds

This breed is a close and very popular version of the black and white longhaired cat and the striking feature of them is that they are mostly tailless. The ones with a tail stump are known as Stumpies while the ones who are absolutely tailless are called Rumpies. This absence of tail resulted from a situation of genetic mutation where it became a necessity to accommodate in the original breeding environment.

They love toys and people to play with and want good attention.


If you love royal looking cats, then the Persian cats are the best catch that is known for their photogenic features and high prices. The flat faces, coat color varieties, thick-fluffy coats, vivid eyes, and snuggly looks can easily lure anyone into liking them the most. Persians are usually inactive, laid back cats who like to remain snuggled up in their mats.

Their coat requires daily combing and the maintenance needs of this cat are high.


Also referred to as the Dachshund of Felines, they are one of the genetically mutated versions of the short leg cats. Other than being black and white primarily, their coat can have multiple colors and patterns. These cats have stubby legs which are the main attraction factor about them and they are mostly up for playing.

Munchkins are very cheeky and possessive. They might also annoy you by stealing your stuff.


black and white cat breeds

This forest cat is another breed of the black and white fluffy cat group that has a superbly luscious, triple-layer, and fluffy coat that has the best level of softness. Their name itself makes it evident that they love the outdoors and it is true as they spend a lot of time exploring outside rather than chilling indoors. They are also big and have huge paws that give them a slight rouge look.

Scottish Fold

black and white cat breeds

The ‘Fold’ term that has been included in the name takes after the tiny and folded ears of this cat that look extremely adorable along with the impish looks. They display a very affectionate and friendly behavior to the other pets and don’t need high attention. Their coat can be of various color combinations and needs regular grooming due to the potent risk of furballs.

Turkish Angora

This breed is supposed to have only the white color cats initially but they do have the cats black and white pattern too. They have a long-hair coat that looks super elegant and charming. The Angora cats are known to be great pets for the households that can give them constant attention.

These cats are very affectionate and social. You may have to keep them engaged to not let them become mischievous.

Japanese Bobtail

Now, these are considered to be luck-bringing cats back in Japan which is also their homeland. The pattern including white, black, and red is most common in these cats but the white and black combination looks equally charming. The long back legs and a fluffy ball-like tail is their main attraction.

It is their unique appearance that made them a centerpiece of Japanese art for centuries.


So, these were the ten black and white cat breeds that are most popular around the world for their distinctively charming appearance as well as personality. Almost all of these cats make up to be great pets and it is only for the super exotic ones that you need to provide extra attention and care. Get yourself one cat this Christmas!

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