Different Types of Siamese Cats: Know Your Cat

Siamese cats are an awesome breed of cats, which originated in the early kingdom of Siam. Now, this kingdom is called Thailand. These cats have emerged into diverse kinds, based on their body composition, size, and color.In total, there are nine types of Siamese cats.

These types can be broadly classified into major groups that further split into small variations. So, the two broad categories are the Modern Siamese and Traditional Siamese. The small subcategories are conformed by standards and distinguishing coloration by the Cat Fancier’s Association (CFA).

If you have a Siamese cat or are thinking of adopting one, you should have an idea which kind ofplayful and brilliant feline is great for you. Here, we are going to discuss each of these variations and understand the main difference in all of them. After reading this, you will be an expert on Siamese cat types!


Different Types of Siamese Cats

types of Siamese cats

First, it is worth mentioning that when you research the different types of Siamese cats, you will come across just two. They are not wrong there but the differences are more based on their facial features and color rather than the personality of stature.

So, there is no lie that there are just two Siamese type cats. Here, we are going to look at a detailed overview of the official standards set by the CFA regarding this breed.

Here are the two primary and more recognized types of Siamese:

Modern Siamese:This category can be divided into Light-colored points, Dark-colored points, and Wedgies.

Traditional Siamese:This type can be further subcategorized into Classic Siamese, Applehead, and Old-style that are potentially cross-eyed and more Thai.

Here, we are going to discuss the subcategories of each of these two major Siamese cat variations!

Traditional Siamese

The roots of this category trace back to ancient times. These three Siamese variations of Classic Siamese, Applehead, and Old-Style have more Thai-look as compared to the subcategories of the Modern Siamese. Now, let’s have a look at each subcategory below:

Applehead: The Applehead Siamese is a bit looker having longer fluffier fur as compared to other Siamese cats. Plus, they have a sturdy round face. Some owners report that this kind is pretty quieter in comparison with other Siamese cats.

If you have an idea about Siamese, you know better that these cats are not quiet. However, Appleheads are considered to be less vocal and pretty more peaceful than other varieties. These cats are also called ‘big-boned’ having unique apple-shaped skulls. Also, there is an appealing dip on the cat’s nose when looked at from a profile angle and ears might be pretty small.

Under this category, males weigh around 18 pounds and they usually have long legs with sporty forms. The tails are a bit long but not longer than the other two categories of the Traditional Siamese.

Classic: The traditional style of the Classic Siamese is pretty lighter with long tails and bodies. They are not exactly lean but they usually have a non-visible nose dip and larger ears. Like the Old-style and Applehead, these cats represent Thai genetics. Also, they reflect the historical background when it comes to their appearance.

Classic Siamese was recognized by the International Cat Association and CFA in 2007. By 2009, this subcategory moved to ‘Advanced New Breed’ from ‘Preliminary New Breed’ despite being freshly considered.

These cats are even referred to as natural athletes. Put a classic Siamese on a leash and take them on a wild trip. Do not forget to take their kitty sunblock as this Siamese breed is vulnerable to skin-cancer when exposed to UV rays for a long time.

Old-Style: It is common to be mistaken by the meow of the Old-Style Siamese for a crying baby. These cats are very athletic and medium-bodied in build. They have extended facial structure as compared to the Classic and Applehead Siamese. Perhaps, they will be the most Oriental or Thai with better almond-shaped eyes. Also, the nose and ears tend to be larger.

To people who join National Cat Showcases and International Cat Association, the Thai style will be called CFF or TICA and be in the cabinet with the Modern Siamese too. 

Modern Siamese Cats

Now, let’s discuss the variations among the second dominant category of this cat breed, the Modern Siamese. The category is packed with the diverse Siamese breeds you would most likely acknowledge. They will be pretty slimmer, nevertheless, all Siamese breeds can weigh between 5 and 15 pounds.

Modern cats are whiter, nevertheless, the Siam individuals wrote regarding their breed’s preference due to their bright coloration being stunning to them. To the Siam individuals, white was a holy color. The felines’ crème color was a quality that the Siam mentioned largely so this argument is up for discussion on Modern Siamese.

Later on, we are going to talk about varying coloration. However, the categories of the Modern Siamese you should be aware of:

Wedge Siamese:Typically known as the Wedgie! This kind can have the foremost extended and extreme kind of all the categories. Their term comes from their wedge-shaped head that will be triangular. Ears are going to be set lower on the top and a lot towards the face in comparison with the Traditional that have ears set any back.

Wedge Siamese are known to have the loudest meow of the Siamese. Also, they have a low tone as compared to others, where large babies are more like bobcats or Bengal tigers. The Wedge could be normal in National Cat shows, which becomes very prevalent in the late 1980s.

In this variation, the breeding is worth stating as there are several issues with breeding this kind. They are at an amplified risk of heart problems or kidney failure developing. When kept on a healthy cat diet and adequately cared for, Wedge Siamese ought to live happy and long lives.

The nose has no dip and is pretty wider as compared to other Siamese. Eyes are going to be somewhat slanted into their triangular faces. So, these cats are the funniest cat to look at. Search an image and try not to feel fuzzy and warm inside.

The modern and new evolution of Siamese cats has left lots of alterations for entering the Siamese’s DNA. There are even 3-4 variations in each of the next two subcategories. Here, we are going to review these categories!

Light-Colored Siamese: This category could be further classified into:

  • Cream Points – As the term suggests, Siamese cats are light in color and do not develop as dark spots. Commonly found and beautiful but remember that the color darkens progressively when they age.
  • Lilac Points – These light grey colored Siamese cats are bluer and brown tones in their fur. Search for pictures and you will recognize these cats upon sighting them. Soft tones of warm and pink lilac are in the shades of the coat of this variant.
  • Chocolate Points – Though you would think this group to be under the dark-colored category, chocolate points are a light brown shade. They are very intelligent and popular as these kitties will be on your side all day and night.

Dark-Colored Siamese: This category could be further classified into:

  • Seal Points – Called as the darkest Siamese cats, they are called seals. The term comes from the seals’ dark coloration, ranging from dark brown to brownish-black. They are like Chocolate in shading except that these ones are darker-hued, while Chocolate will be lighter-toned and warmer.
  • Blue Points – Dark-colored Siamese cats will be documented by slightly blue-steal shades of grey. Due to their piercing blue eyes, they can be spotted from miles away. They are very special compared to other cats. You will recognize that they are Blue Points while you see it.
  • Red Points – Red Points are the last variation we will cover, which has crimson, orange, and dark umber shades to their fur. It is an unusual coloration and you would not often see this kind of Siamese.

Watch this video to know more facts about Siamese cats.


So, these are the different types of Siamese cats. It is quite difficult to find Siamese owners who do not claim that they are smitten with their kittens. In case, you are thinking of adopting one, it is best to go to a local shelter and avoid a breeder. This is because they do not need your money but genuinely want your help. Most importantly, you will save a lot of money by not paying a cat breeder. Also, those homeless kitties will find a nice home!

Being the ancient one with a rich history and great genetic makeup, these feline beings are sure to captivate you. If you love nature, get a pet-friendly backpack to take a stroll with your Siamese cat in the forest. Though, they will even prefer moving with a leash on at your side. Be careful while taking them outdoors but this outdoor time will bring out a perfect specimen of what a Siamese cat truly is!

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