Can a tabby cat have a Siamese kitten?

Seeing the various cat breeds around and admiring their beauty, you must have wondered that can a tabby cat have a Siamese kitten or can a black cat have a Siamese kitten for these offsprings would definitely look sensational. Well, to see if it’s possible or not, you will have to read on as we are going to answer all the questions that you have.


About the tabby and Siamese cats

can a tabby cat have a Siamese kitten

If you have been wondering that is it possible that a tabby cat can give birth to a Siamese kitten or if can a black cat have a Siamese kitten, then let us begin answering with some basics about the tabby and Siamese cats. This will help you to understand the functioning of genetics in cats better.

Siamese cats belong to the purebred category while the tabby cats are the usual domestic cats; in fact, tabbies aren’t even a particular breed. Tabby is the name of the coat and color pattern that occurs in cats and it can emerge in the kitten of any cat breed like Abyssinian, Maine Coon, Egyptian Mau, and many others. The genetic ancestry of tabby cats has many characters with only the agouti gene playing the common characteristic role which means that tabby cats can have various breeds as their parent.

On the other hand, Siamese cats have distinctive characteristics that come from the same breed parents and this is why they are considered as a pure-breed. All of them share the same traits and have a unique physical appearance in common.

Dynamics of the tabby, black, and Siamese genetic intermingling

Now, having set the pretext, we will come to address the question can a tabby cat or black cat have a Siamese kitten and the answer is yes. However, it is not to mean that tabbies or black cats can have Siamese kittens naturally and the reasons we explained above. A tabby Siamese or black Siamese can only occur with cross-breeding and the progeny won’t be considered a pure breed.

At the same time, we cannot rule out the possibility of a Siamese kitten being born from a tabby cat naturally. This is because the accidental mating of a Siamese cat with a tabby cat anywhere in the family tree is possible and the genes might just show up. Also, it is not a guarantee that the cross-breeding will surely result in a Siamese cat.

When it comes to black Siamese cats, they don’t exist naturally. If you come across a pure black cat, major chances are that it must be belonging to any oriental breed which can easily confuse you into identifying it as a Siamese cat due to their similar physique. You can get a black Siamese kitten only after mating a black oriental cat with the Siamese breed.

The concluding remark here is that neither tabby nor black Siamese cat exists occur naturally and both of them can only result from cross-breeding. Let us now learn more about these cats separately.

Tabby Siamese cats

As is evident from the name, these cats are the cross-breed progeny of the tabby and Siamese cats. Their looks have a striking resemblance with the Wild Lynx cat breed and are also known with the term Lynx point Siamese cats or tabby point Siamese cats. The very first tabby point Siamese cat resulted from an accidental pairing but it gave way to the recognition of this cross-breed mating because of the immense attention that the first progeny received.

It has been a recent trend where some of the features of the Siamese cats like their kinked tail and crossed eyes are being bred out purposely. On that note, a tabby Siamese cat can be a very unique progeny with features of two very amazing and ancient cats.

Physical traits of the tabby point Siamese

Other than the distinctive tabby markings, these cats have physical characteristics much similar to the traditional Siamese cats. However, the occasional occurrence of physical traits of the other breed is also a possibility. These cats look extremely elegant and elegant with a mix of strikingly unique features derived from two exceptional parents.

  • Tabby point Siamese can be found in many colors like a seal, chocolate, lilac, blue, red, cinnamon, etc.
  • The eyes and ears of the cats are like Siamese cats, blue eyes, and triangular ears.
  • The unique M tabby mark is present on their forehead.
  • The tabby stripes occur around different body parts like cheeks, eyes, and legs.
  • These cats are born with a light color coat that darkens with their growth and the stripes become more visible.
  • The tail of these cats is long and has distinctive colored rings that are found all along the tail.

Black Siamese cats

If you have been wondering that can a black cat have a Siamese kitten, let us tell you that it is very much possible with the breeding being done between any black cat and a Siamese cat.  The best pair that can give birth to a black Siamese cat is that of an oriental black cat and Siamese cat. Both of them give their best features to the progeny that looks beautifully sharp and dark.

The closest relative of a black Siamese cat is the Lynx point Siamese which has darker markings on some parts of its body due to the unique Himalaya gene. It is solely responsible for the distinctive point coloration of the Siamese coat and stops the black color from covering the entire coat. Thus, to get an all-black Siamese, this gene has to be made less dominant by introducing another parent.

Physical traits of the black Siamese cats

The traits of Oriental and Siamese cats are very similar which is why it can be very confusing to identify black Siamese cats at once and you might think of it as either of them solely. You can differentiate between the two with their eye color that is a result of the distinctive Himalayan gene of Siamese cats. Most of their physical characteristics are very same.

  • The eyes of black Siamese cats are blue with the shape being almond round, just like both of their parents.
  • They have a slender body mostly.
  • The fur of these cats is a pure black and very shiny one that gives them their distinctive look.
  • No pointed markings are visible as the Himalayan gene is not that dominant in these cats.

Fun facts about the hybrid Siamese cats

Having answered can a tabby cat have a Siamese kitten and if there exist black Siamese cats, here are some fun facts about these Siamese mix cats to understand if they will make a great pet for you or not.

  • It’s more likely that the hybrid Siamese kitten will display behavioral traits of the parent Siamese cat.
  • These cats are mostly highly vocal and noisy too.
  • They get easily bored and demand stimulation all day long with interactive toys or partners.
  • They are generally considered very intelligent. 
  • Mixed Siamese also loves to cuddle and get petted.
  • These cats are not hypoallergenic mostly, especially the Siamese and oriental breeds.
  • These cats are fast learners and create fun for themselves. Thus, provide them with cat scratch posts so that they don’t harm your things around.
  • They also love it outdoors.
  • These cats can have health issues like feline asthma, progressive retinal atrophy, hip dysplasia, etc and you must take care of them accordingly.
  • Regular grooming and care is a must.


Now that you know that can a tabby cat have a Siamese kitten and if a black Siamese kitten exists or not, you can go ahead with the hybrid Siamese pet of your choice. You will most likely get a Siamese mix cat with dominant behavioral traits of the Siamese parent and that is, in a way, a plus point as Siamese cats make the best pets.

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