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Siamese cats are admired for their outgoing personality. Active, talkative, and bonded to humans, these long-admired felines belong to a coveted family. However, Siamese cats are classified into various types, dictated by breeding and color. One such variety of these cats is Flame Point Siamese cat. Breed a Siamese cat with an orange or red tabby American shorthair and what you get is called the rare Red Point or Flame Point Siamese cat.

As these cats are so rare, you may have some questions in your mind regarding Flame Point Siamese cat. The first thing that comes to everyone’s mind is how these cats behave. These rare Flame Point Siamese cats tend to have great personality traits of the orange or red tabby variety of the American shorthair and Siamese.

Flame Point cats are funny, sweet, adaptable, and loving personalities. Some cats have unusual behaviors and traits but still tend to be adoring, good pets. However, Siamese cars are not perfect for everyone because of their need for continuous attention and love of exercise.

Flame Point cats are a treasure but not a perfect match for all. Here, learn everything you need to know about these rare cats.


The Personality of Flame Point Siamese Cats

flame point Siamese cat

Both red or orange tabby American shorthairs and Siamese are known for their active and sweet personalities. No one knows why these cats are friendly in nature. For Siamese cats, it could be due to the tremendous attention and admiration they have received and for tabbies, it may be because of the red gene, the early genetic mutations for domesticated felines.

So, whatever be the reason, owners of these cat varieties have often claimed that their cats are a sweetheart and quite a kook. Therefore, the unique personality is doubled in Flame Points.

Flame Point Siamese cat personality retains most of the unique characteristics of a Siamese cat, including being always active, very vocal, and require a lot of attention. This can be super fun if you sign up for it. However, it could be quite overwhelming for people who are not yet prepared. Flame Points require your undivided attention for exercising and playing for a significant time period in a day.

These cats love to pounce and jump. Also, you could find these cats caught in blinds, stuck between cushions, or other unwarranted situations because of their intense curiosity. As Flame Points are usually male, several sex-specific traits apply to these cats, especially from the Siamese side. While the male Siamese cats are much more laid back, females are more temperamental. This is even true of red or orange tabby American shorthair males. Thus, Flame Points are always up for anything and like to explore.

The owners of Flame Point talk about several weird behaviors, such as obsessive needs for specific kinds of petting, attacking the owner’s feet, featuring dominant personality traits among all, running into things, obeying commands, extreme cuddliness, very loud and constant meows for getting the humans’ attention, and desire for playing with other feline friends.

American shorthair and Siamese cats tend to retain their personalities as they become older. So, if you have a friendly Flame Point, then you can cherish many years of meows, love, and goofy mischief’s.

Now, watch here a video of a cute Flame Point Siamese cat.

How to Take Care of a Flame Point Siamese Cat

Caring for a Flame Point is much like caring for other short-haired cats with some exceptions. These cats do not to be brushed because of their short coats. They have open nostrils and ears that are simple to clean with a damp, soft cloth. It is significant to maintain their dental health. In addition to basics, you have to bear in mind other things for keeping your cat happy and healthy.

Proper Diet

Feeding your cat a nutritionally balanced, healthy diet is of utmost significance. The perfect diet for them could be anything that comes from whole foods. It is best to make healthy cat foods on your own by choosing anything other than canned ones. Consult your veterinarian or other breeders about the perfect foods for a Siamese cat.


Your Flame Point cat should have access to clean, freshwater all the time. It is better to keep a water dish in all the rooms that your cat frequents. Thus, your cat will have fresh water available at all times. Since Flame Points are active cats, they will get thirsty frequently. Plus, they require lots of water for maintaining good kidney health.


These cats have a reputation of being nasty with all except their owners. Thus, these cats are exceptionally loyal pets. However, they can even be very loving with others if they socialize properly. It is significant to begin socializing Siamese cats with others when they are very young. So, they get used to having strangers around.

Pet Interaction

Siamese cats do not always get along with other pets. However, this is not usually an issue if you introduce your cat to other pets when they are still young. If you like to have a dog or another cat, it is better to get it at the same time that you have the Siamese cat. Therefore, they both can grow up together.

Agility Training

These Siamese cats are always loaded with energy and are agile. Also, they are highly intelligent. So, they would excel if they go for agile training. It is a nice idea to teach your cat some basic commands. Not just that, but it will give them the exercise they require for staying healthy and slim.

Keep Your Cat Indoors

Unless you take your cat out for some shows, it is better to keep your cat strictly indoors. In this way, they would not risk all the bad things that could happen to them, from fighting with other animals to being hit by vehicles to picking up parasites and diseases. Indoor cats are safe, happy, and healthy cats.

Do Flame Point Siamese Cats Have Any Special Health Considerations?

Flame Point Siamese cats retain most of the health and physical traits of the Siamese variety. They have Siamese blue eyes. Due to which, they could be subjected to retinal atrophy when they get older. These cats are prone to PICA, which is a compulsive disease. When they have PICA, they are prone to eating or licking strange things and fabrics. Also, because of their high activity level, Flame Points may suffer from hip dysplasia, hyperesthesia, and arthritis.

Generally, cats should consume a high protein diet. However, Flame Point Siamese cat should go for a well-balanced diet between animal fats and proteins for keeping up with their elevated activity level. 

As these cats age, Flame Point cats are prone to common cat problems due to their orange/red tabby American shorthair genes, including dental issues and urinary problems. It is essential to visit your veterinarian regularly for catching issues early and treat them.


There are some cats that are as loving and loyal as the Siamese. Do not listen to stories about cats being hateful and temperamental. So, if you are looking for an adorable cat with personality, then a Flame Point Siamese cat is the perfect option for you.

These rare cats have some great personal attributes. The breeding of the cuddly orange or red tabby American shorthair and the loving Siamese combines lots of love into just one cat. Ensure that if you get this adorable cat, you have all the energy and time to give them love back!

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