Is it wise to get a shaved tabby cat?

At times, it is important to shave your cat. If the hair gets too long, your tabby cat may start shedding its hairs all over your furniture and room. However, shaving the hair of your cat can seem like an ideal solution. However, is a shaved tabby cat the answer to this problem?

The answer is no. You should avoid shaving your feline friend’s fur. The coat of a cat contains protective hairs that help regulate their temperatures. Additionally, the entire process of shaving can cause extreme fear and pain in cats.

Even if you want to shave off tangled and matted hairs, it is important that you do not do it on your own; always opt for a professional groomer. If you happen to shave your cat right, it will help to deal with problems like flea issues.


Why do cats shed their hair?

shaved tabby cat

All cats shed hair, whether they are tabby or not. While it might seem unhealthy or annoying, it is actually a good thing. It is a natural process that every cat goes through. However, excess shedding can become a problem and is an indication that something is seriously wrong.

Some reasons why your cat may be shedding its fur excessively are:

Low-quality food

If your cat does not get a balanced diet, your cat may start shedding its coat. Always feed your cat with high-quality and nutritious food that promotes a healthy fur coat and skin.

Health issues

Losing hair profusely may be an indication of an underlying health problem, according to research. The ASPCA (the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) states that parasites and allergies may cause hair loss. Alternatively, it could also mean excess scaling or itchiness.

Have a word with a vet about this problem. If your cat is shedding its fur excessively, it is important that you make an appointment to rule out any health issue.

Time of the year

Even the healthiest cats lose hair all year long. However, the shedding frequency increases when the season changes from winters to spring. They lose their thick winter coats during this time. To lessen the amount of hair in your home, spend a few minutes brushing your cat daily.


Cats tend to shed more when they are stressed out, like nervous or scared. To know whether stress is the reason why your feline friend is shedding its fur, you need to look for signs. If your can is trembling or hiding, it could mean your cat is scared/stressed, which may lead to fur shedding.

Old age

Older cats may not be able to groom themselves as they once were able to do, thereby resulting in increased shedding or matted fur. You should brush your cat daily to keep their coat soft and sleek.

Overall, all cats shed and there is nothing much you can do about it. However, it is possible to regulate how much they shed. Shaving might seem like a logical solution but can cause a lot of problems. Hence, you should always opt to groom your cat to maintain their healthy fur coat.

What are some benefits of shaved tabby cat?

While shaving your cats can cause some issues, there are some very logical reasons why shaving can be beneficial for your tabby cat. Here are some advantages of shaving your cat:

Reduces shedding

If you have questions like ‘can I shave my cat to stop shedding’, you are not alone. Almost every cat in the world shed their hair. Eventually, it all depends on genetics. Alternatively, your cat might be stressed out and can only react by shedding.

If your cat has a poor diet or has poor health, they may shed their fur more frequently than others. Under certain conditions, seasonal temperatures can also cause your cat to shed more.

So, how do you combat all these problems? Easy! Shave your feline friend until there is no hair to fall in the first place. Also, it is recommended that you let a professional handle this job. Pet groomers know how to shave a cat’s hair, without causing them discomfort or pain.

The groomers are also very careful so that they do not get too close to the skin and cut it in an even way. This way, the hair grows back clean and even.

Getting rid of annoying parasites and pests

If your hair of your furry tabby cat becomes matted, it can attract parasites that are invisible to the naked eye. Hence, not shaving your cat is actually a mistake. If you notice that your cat has started erratically, there might be some medical reasons behind it.

Most of the common parasites tend to thrive within the hair follicles. In the case of external parasites, they are be removed easily by shaving. Some pests that you may discover include:

  • Sarcoptic mites
  • Ticks
  • Ear mites
  • Fleas

For cats, these pests can cause a lot of discomfort and annoyance. Fleas, for instance, will feast on your cat’s blood. If your cat was already having a shedding problem, it might be because of fleas. Cats tend to scratch to get rid of these pests.

Keeps them clean

Unless the hair of your cat is long naturally, chances are that they suffer from matting, especially if you are not consistent with their grooming habits. Matting can cause other problems like hairballs and keep your feline friend very dirty.

In this case, shaving is considered the best option if you want to keep your cat clean. Shaving will clear several layers of matting.

What are the disadvantages of shaving your cat?

While there are benefits of shaving your cat, there are also some drawbacks.

Does not cool your cat

It is a very common misunderstanding that shaving helps to keep your cat cool. However, the less amount of hair on their body could lead to much worse conditions under the hot sun. Nature has made them in such a way that having fur over their body does not make them hot.

Instead, shaving your cat can lead to:

  • Sensitive skin and scars
  • Patches
  • Sunburns
  • Removes natural oils from the skin

Natural oils are produced on your cat’s skin that protects them against elements like parasites, bacteria, UV rays, etc. When you shave their fur off, it could ruin this entire balance. In some cases, natural oils can shift the balance and cause irritations and allergies.

Additionally, when the pores of their skin get clogged, it can lead to cat acne. You will see black materials forming over the swells and the skins. Apart from looking very non-pleasing, it can also cause irritation to the cat.

What is the best way to shave your cat?

Before you start shaving your cat, there are some important things that you need to have like:

While it is recommended that you take your cat to a groomer for a nice and professional shave, you can choose to do this on your own as well. Before beginning the process, you need to clip its claws so that it does not scratch you while shaving.

Ensure that you hold the pliable skin of your cat taut while shaving. Use clippers for the job. Hold down the skin firmly while shaving. Hold your cat gently and work your way from the head to the body. Avoid the tail because it takes a long time for the hair to grow back in this area.

You can watch this video to clearly understand how to shave your cat.


While there are no problems with shaving your cat, it is recommended that you avoid doing so. A shaved tabby cat might look neater and cleaner but gets more exposed to climatic risks. Even if you decide to give them a trim, do not go for a clean shaved tabby cat.

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