How to Take the Headache Out of Charlotte Pet Boarding?

How does Charlotte Pet Boarding come? Two words that should be music to your dog’s ears, when you must leave for that business trip again or need a few days off to go on holiday by yourself is – Pet Boarding. Charlotte is one of those popular places where pet sitters are a dome a dozen. Because the city has such a fast-paced lifestyle, a lot of owners have adopted this notion of hiring a pet sitter for their dogs or cats.

Unfortunately, those two words aren’t always music to the dog’s ears and some have been known to have diverse effects when left with pet sitters who were probably inexperienced or did not have the proper facilities to care for any furry friend. Animals have been known to suffer from separation anxiety when their owners leave them alone in the house for long periods. Sometimes it can get serious and have negative mental problems for him or her which will could lead to long-term treatments of many sorts, only doing more harm than good to your companion, because of a simple reason that you did not have the time to be with him.


Charlotte Pet Boarding - What to Look for In a Pet Sitting Facility

To avoid this from happening, the first thing to do is to get an animal sitter or drop your dog off at one, to look after him for the time being. The second and most important thing to do is to make sure you find the right one.

Essentially what a dog boarding service does is to provide a personalized service of looking after your dog within the care of their own home, although the more high-quality ones have well-established ready builds or pet-hotels, specifically made to look after people’s poochies, as opposed to using their own homes.

Of course, if your four-legged companion is a puppy, dropping him off at the sitter's may not be the best idea. In any case, the standard licensing conditions that are set by the local councils in many states do not allow puppies of younger than six months to be boarded, especially with other dogs.

Once you have established that your dog is in a suitable position to be left for a few hours (or days), at the boarders, the second thing to check is that the service you are planning on booking with is fully licensed. You can do this by either asking them to show you their certificate or by checking with the local council if it is. The council is responsible for checking the facilities of the animal home boarders to make sure everything is in place before issuing them with a license, so they would have this information.

Learn more about dog boarding licensing here:

charlotte pet boarding

There are also a few things that you should ask these services before leaving your pet in their hands. Some of the important questions are:

  • What experience does the sitter have?
  • Have they got proper safety equipment in the home?
  • Do they have a medical kit for incase of any injuries?
  • Will there be other dogs there too? And if so, how many in total?
  • What are the dogs' sleeping arrangements like?
  • Do they have any references from previous users of their facilities?
  • Do they have any exercise options for the four-legged furies and what are they?

To name a few.

Ask any other questions or queries you may have. After all, you are leaving your precious possession in their hands and need to have peace of mind when you walk out that door.

You can also do some personal checks of the house itself while you’re at it, to check if it is a well-kept house, and if it is clean and securely fenced, and void of any potential hazards. If there are any issues now would be the time to bring them up.

Even though the idea of boarding can be a headache for some owners, once you have a good one, by doing all the necessary checks and being happy with them. You can leave your dogs or cats with them more frequently, knowing that they will look after it and he or she will not have any negative side-effects while your away.

A lot of animals tend to become fond of their sitters very quickly if they are good at their job and treat their companions right and you could probably tell by the way your canine responds to them after the first few drop-offs. If your sitter is not very good at their job, that could be obvious too. Read about some signs to look out for here.

The initial search can seem like a hassle but once it’s done it will be worth your while, and your fury companion will thank you for it!

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