Taking A Look At The Katzenkratzbaum And Its Successful Test

Do you know about Katzenkratzbaum? Something as simple as sitting on the sofa in the afternoon sun as its rays cascade in through the window and highlight all the best parts of the living room, steaming hot cup of tea in your hands, feet wrapped in a cozy throw, and your kitten is in its world playing, jumping and enjoying life with its ‘obstacle course’ equipment.

Life could not be more serene and if our pets had any inclination of how busy it can all get, they might not be as carefree as they are, hence all the power to them. It looks like they have everything they need, and if you think about it they do, but adding to their lives in any way that you can for the better is always a plus in my book.


We have taken on the responsibility of being the guardian over another’s life, what happens to them is on our watch, and we need to be invested 100% for the best outcome.

Taking care of someone doesn’t need to be complicated or having luxury ‘thrown’ around all over the place, love first of all beats any material items and secondly being there for them is high on the priority list. So how do we best care for our pets, and even more so our feline family members that come and go as they please?

Well, let’s start at the beginning, you’re looking for a cat.

Not sure about what suits you or your family dynamics, or you have no idea there were any other kinds besides brown, black, and white? Check out this handy guide https://petpedia.co/most-popular-cat-breeds/ on the various breeds around the globe, their features, and see which best compliments your personality.

Choosing The Right Cat For You

Taking A Look At The Katzenkratzbaum And Its Successful Test

You may think it is as easy as seeing the one that looks the prettiest and taking them home, and I wish it was, but there are characteristics to consider before diving right in. Are you buying a pedigree or adopting a mixed breed shelter cat? Do you want an indoor or outdoor cat or kitten, and then the health care that comes with its ‘breed?’

Choosing which fits into your work or life schedule also plays a key factor in the final decision, some cats are needy and don’t do well in say a traveling business owner who isn’t around to provide the attention to fulfill its needs.

Others are independent and look for a cuddle when they feel they need it, not something suited to a family with kids who love animals in my opinion, so your options need to be practical as well as logical in terms of family values. Understanding the reason for wanting this pet and is it the right time, or an easy fix to a moaning child.

Katzenkratzbaum Test - 5 Factors To Think About When Taking Care of A Pet Cat/Kitten.

As someone living in a European country, and I always joke with my husband that the national animal is the stray dog and cat, I have seen my fair share of types of cats. Yes, the government neuters and tags them to live out their life without creating an epidemic, but if my son had anything to do with it we would have a house with 100 cats in it by the end of the week.

What he doesn’t realize is the up-keep that goes along with wanting an animal, and thus his frustration continues till he is older.

  • Nutrition. This may be obvious to some, but people have mentioned that ‘cats feed themselves’ as if all the films we have seen where cats fend for their food ring true in each case? No, we need to provide a well-balanced diet with fresh water daily.
  • Accommodation. A comfortable bed with access to outside for bathroom necessities, and an area or equipment for entertainment.

No, cats are not clowns and have endless hours of self-entertaining, giving them a toy or gladiator run will keep them physically and mentally fit. Take a look at the Katzenkratzbaum Test 2020 website for inspiration and a better understanding of the subject and product ranges, your cat will love you for it, trust me.

  • Grooming. With any animal ‘maintenance’ comes standard, regular check-ups at the vets’, brushing especially for long-haired breeds and vaccinations which are completely necessary but seem to be the bane in everyone’s side.
  • Companionship. If this comes naturally to you then it is a no-brainer, but my friend who’s had her rescue cat for 3 years now was told by the shelter it deteriorated due to loneliness, and I can believe it. No-one wants to be by themselves day in and day out. Be sure you are ready to share your love.
  • Insurance. Vet bills can add up, having them covered in the event something did happen will keep you from selling your house to pay for the medical. Microchips are becoming the norm too and some companies require this for being covered by insurance. Don’t wait for an accident to happen before opening your wallet.
Taking A Look At The Katzenkratzbaum And Its Successful Test

Cat Versus Kitten

While having a kitty has its advantages of cuteness and smallness, like with all living things, they grow up, and quickly.

Kittens are almost double their size within 6 months and fully grown within a year, if cuteness is what you’re after, maybe rethinking the reason for adopting or buying a cat would be wise. See what others have to say in this link and if anything rings true to how you’re feeling.

You do however get to mold and tweak its characteristics to be in symbiosis with yours and your family’s, you teach them your way of life from birth instead of trying to break old habits found in older felines.

Then there are the early injections and neutering if you choose which can be costly, so ultimately if you are happy to take these on I say go for it and give a lucky cat a great home.

Luna Tran

My name is Luna and I am a great cat lover and a cat owner of three lovely cats. I have owned many cats till now and have dedicated many years to nurturing and caring cats. Through this blog, I am here to share my knowledge and experience about cats.